Pokéwars Fan Art!

If you're an active member of the Pokewars and would like to submit your Pokewars-related art to this website, please send it to me at: robfrompw@yahoo.com. Be sure to include the name of your PokéWars character and a brief description of the drawing. If you cannot send file attatchments through e-mail, upload the image to a website and tell me the URL of the website where it is located.

Art From/For Current PW! Members:

Bandraptor's Art (aka Beth's Art)

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Chet "Tech" Weaver's Art

Lynkeru with Indi

Here's PW's favorite Gerudo, Lynkeru, and her fairy, Indi.

Closeup of Lynkeru

Another picture of Lynkeru. This pictures makes Lynkeru older than I intend her to be. She's supposed to be ten, but here she looks about thirteen.

Dreadite's Art


Here's an image of Dreadite, a high ranking officer in Team Rocket. In this picture he is wearing his cape and his folded back wings are visible behind it!


Icy, the Pikachu, is standing on a tree stump and his Caterpie are playing around him! A mysterious Articuno is seen behind him.

Dreadite - In Living Color!

This is a colorized close-up of Dreadite's face. His evil blue and red eyes peer deep into your soul!

Dr. Thinker's Art


Jutta exploring a cave somewhere in the Pokemon world. She is looking for clues to the lost Altantis crystals (see Jutta's WG for more information) as well as planning her next route through the Gym Leagues (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn).

Jose Solano's Art

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MechaGojira's Art

Dan Ando

A picture of reporter Dan Ando of the Celadon Xpoze newspaper.


A picture of Dynamask, detective Goro Serizawa's alter ego.

Newton Haights' Art


When Karnivax's character, Kyle Richter, was told that Espio, his ivory Charizard, was dead, he dropped his Pokeballs due to the shock. This fan art NewHaights created captures this dramatic moment from an interesting perspective.


When Sarah, Rob's character, was Thundershocked by accident by Barbie, her Mareep, NewHaights was inspired to draw what he thinks she must've looked like right after this shocking turn of events.

Andrew O' Reilly

Note from the artist: Hey! Only half as crappy this time! =-D

Blaze and Beej

Beej And Blaze in "I'm Not Bish, I'm Just Drawn That Way". Beej was depicted by Talen and the inking was also done by Talen.


Here Yuugi is depicted as an anthropomorphic Bulbasaur.

Nori Mizuke

A rendition of Nori Mizuke, accompanied by a great deal of boilerplate.

Andrew with his Pokemon

A drawing of Andrew O'Reilly hanging out with his Pokemon - Snicker the Pikachu, Blaze the Growlithe, Yuugi the Bulbasaur, David the Abra, David the Kadabra, and MC2 the Mankey.

Trent Retwin

A rendition of Trent Retwin and Ashura featuring their names in kanji. Excuse the upside down TO.

Cappie encountered a Lugia.

Nothing exciting happened.

Rob's Art


Robert stands tall and proud of himself. In this picture, he is posing with his Haunter, his un-blinking Slowbro, his very goofy Farfetch'd, and his easily angered girly Pikachu!

Jeremy and Bambi

Jeremy is Robert's rival in the PokéWars. He can be seen here posing with his muscular Machoke. Bambi, his girlfriend, is posing next to him with her very tall and slender Jynx.

The Underwater Kiss

When Robert and Rilli went to the Safari Zone, Robert captured a Dratini that was swimming inside a pool. The Safari Ball sank to the bottom of the pool, so Robert jumped in after it! Since Safari Balls have a tendancy to break open, the one containing Dratini did, and the furious Dratini Wrapped itself around Robert while still underwater! Mithril-rama, concerned for Robert's safety, jumped into the pool after him and gave him some much needed air before breaking a rock over the Dratini's head and escaping to the surface with Robert!

Relaxing at the Cinnabar Beach Party

Robert sits on the sand and watches as Mithril-rama and her Horsea bathe in the sea!

Time To Get Dirty!

This is a picture of Damian Fox, Runt Cloverwood, Christine Flye, and Sarah Jane (in that order from left to right) digging up fossils in Grandpa Canyon. Damian is using a pick to remove the rubble from a blast his Dragonite, Drake, created. His Magnemite is secretly assisting him in the endeavor. Runt is drinking some water to refresh himself, Christy is taking a break on a rock, and Sarah Jane is watching her Nidoran play in the distance.

Marvin the Magnificent

Marvin the magician poses inside his multi-colored caravan. The Ditto sisters are next to him. Xerox, the purple Ditto, is reading a novel on Marvin's bed. Famifax, the pink Ditto, is pretending to be a rollerskate-clad teenage girl. Inside the caravan, you can see one of Marvin's boxes for sawing women in half, the costume rack that Famifax often uses, and various other decorations!

Ewww... Nido Kisses...

Damian Fox has aged five years and now has some new gadgets he obtained from working at Silph Co. He was recently reunited with his old pal and traveling companion, Sarah Jane. In this picture, set in the Azalea Town Pokemon Center, Spunky, Sarah Jane's Nidoking, happy to see Damian after such a long time, has just licked his face! Bulletproof, Damian's Magneton, is slowly floating towards Sarah Jane, who is scolding Spunky for coming out of his Pokeball without being called. Hito, a seemingly emotionless red-haired girl they met in Goldenrod City, watches the scene with Lokon, her beloved Vulpix, resting on her head.

The Silver Conference

This is a group portrait I made of characters who entered the Pokewars!'s Silver Conference. This picture was taken during the Silver Conference's Opening Ceremonies. From left to right: P-Masta J, Bo "SHAKK-master" Harakune, Doppler as his daughter Aerie, Alexandria Masters, Surtur the Combusken, Sarah the shepherdess, Barbie the Flaaffy, Robert with his Murkrow, Blaze the Growlithe, Andrew O'Reilly, Shaft the Quagsire with Roxie, Chan the Medicham with Derek Fisher, Evir Apocalypse, Ben with his attached Mawile, Barbara, Nori with Set the Natu, Carol as Karen, Ashura the Sandslash, Trent Retwin, Shuriken the Starmie, and Adam "Smasher" Samson. I made a graphical flow chart of the results of the Silver Conference using the art from this picture.

Ryujin's Art For William Rendfeld

Alexandria Masters

Note from William Rendfeld: Here's a drawing of Alex. Before anyone asks, no, I didn't draw it. I still can't draw my way out of a paper bag. Sculpting and photographing a way out, however, are entirely different matters.

Steffan Alun's Art

Karl Weiser

A depiction of Karl Weiser.

Art From/For Past PW! Members:

Amber Foxwing's Art

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Anonymous' Art


Jamie, from the Pokemon Detective Agency, poses with her Magnemite, Nidorino, and Caterpie.

Alyssa's Art

Alyssa Halver and Mars

This image is of Alyssa and a very angry Mars, her Abra, ready for action.

Mars, Alyssa's Abra

This is a picture of just Mars where he's complaining about how he doesn't trust Karasu.

AznExplosN's Art


Simon is standing on a beach with his Vaporeon, named Aqua, and his Sandshrew, named Spike!

Trent vs. Simon

Trent Retwin, the bounty hunter, attacks Simon for a cash reward. Simon's Sandslash, Spike, jumps in to protect Simon from Trent's own Sandslash. This image shows the moment when Spike is losing!

Pure Emotion - Simon's Dramatic Close Up

Note from the Artist: Here's some more fanart by me, this is a Dramatic close up of Simon's face. It's really emotional, and it took me a lot of time and concentration to convey such feeling into a picture. Please be patient as it loads, it has a lot of detail, every line, every color I chose, all had a purpose. Ok, here it is, my heart and soul.

Team Rocket - Suck it!

Simon and his Pokemon give clever subtle messages to convey how they feel about Team Rocket!

Simon vs. Car'tos

Simon watches in shock as Car'tos' Scyther, who has used Double Team, slices off the tip of Aqua's tail!

Bean 118's Art


Erin T. Greenway smiles for the camera while making a peace sign!

Corynn's Art


Karasu perched on her gigantic flying Gyarados.


Rumiko posing with Monaruku, her Butterfree.


Corynn's depiction of Seanish and his Eevee.

DreeElle1's Art

Aislynn Brandt

Aislynn poses with her playful group of Pokemon!

Foratog5's Art

Nick and Sarah

Nick putting his arm around Sarah.


A full-body picture of Marley.

Happy Marley

Marley smiling.


A line-art depiction of Jessie.


Kim wearing a Team Rocket shirt.

Holly Paige

Holly Paige, sister to DJ Mary and writer for the Goldenrod Journal.


Alex's (UndressingVenus') character, D'lesse.

Jason Heavensrun's Art For Time Lady

Sarah Jane

Note from Time Lady: A friend of mine did a pic of Sarah Jane, with Cuddles and Spunky.

Kalakseur's Art

Sean Silverton

Sean Silverton, or Silversean, striking a pose in his "WOW" T-shirt!

Karnivax's Art

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Marco262's Friend's Art

Darian and Liz

A pic of Darian and his new found "friend" Liz, soon after departing from Olivine hospital. I had a friend of mine draw this and, although she's a great artist, she knows nothing about pokemon. Hence, the giant Alakazam and Fearow off to the side. Oh well, at least Darian and Liz look really KA. ^_^

Maria Rocket's Art

Maria R.

Maria R. in the Viridian Forest, catching her Caterpie (later named Max). Slasher, her Meowth, can also be seen here!

Fire one!

Maria R. uses her patented Wigglytuff launcher! Slasher latches on to Maria's neck and Aura, Maria's Pikachu, cheers her on as the vile Wigglytuff is shot out at Maria's victim! Oh, the humanity!

The Green Jigglypuff!

When Maria R. visited Pokemon Island with Sneakers, a Meowth who became a trainer, she encountered a green Jigglypuff. After weakening the cute little Pokemon, Maria couldn't bring herself to catch the sad little creature!


Seth is the son of Maria R. and Mimic (they mated on the S. S. Anne when Mimic was pretending to be James). He came from an alternate dimension with his Persian, Slasher.

Seth, Aerie, Mimic, and Slasher

An excellent portrait of the big, happy, and at times dysfunctional, family!

The Definitive Dreadite

When asked for a caption, Sean Alexander (author of Dreadite) declared, "I just think it kicks ass."

The Life-giving Coffee Pot!

Seth seeks the meaning of life in his beloved coffee pot, while Baby Doppler chews on Slasher's head.

Mbwunchan's Art (aka Yuri's Art)

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Nendil's Art


No, she's not Hotaru, though I did base her appearance on her (and myself).


Okay, so she had a small Jolteon. I'm not one known for mastery of scale. ^^;;

A romantic moment...

Mithril-Rama (or Rilli, as her friends call her) with her boyfriend, Robert.

The Best Couple!

Mithril-rama made a Valentine's Day Card for Robert which was very similar to this Valentine's Day Card that Nendil made for Rob! (So that means art *does* imitate real life... or is it the other way around?)

Phonecall Home

About five PW! years after my first fanarts, an older Robert makes a frantic call to his girlfriend...

Nick -New and Improved-'s Art


Hito Shakaku, dressed in her school girl outfit.


Here's a close-up of Splash, the Insane Rocket.

PikaMew's Art


Car'tos, the evil blue alien fiend, showing off his power by having green flames coming from his hands.

Queen Bess-O-Rama's Art

Wind Fireblade

In this picture, Wind is using telekinesis to lift a branch.

San Bar's Art

T. Rex

Here is a picture of T. Rex with his vicious Pokemon, some of the members of Team Cold Blood.

Shimarisu's Art


Note from the Artist: Um, I don't know what else to say really, except that I just did this as an example of what she looks like rather than a study of how she acts. I didn't put her Pokemon on it... probably should have - though Snorlax wouldn't have fit on the page. ;)

Murasaki and Kiniro, the Other Rocket Duo

Note from the Artist: I changed my art style a lot since the last pic I did of Murasaki! Anyway, here's a better one, of her and her partner Kiniro. Currently they're travelling with Sneakers... I didn't put him in the pic though as they'd look *too* much of a parody of our fave Rocket duo...

SilvrrSky's Art


This is a close of up Christy's face.

Christy's Perfect Body!

Here Christy is wearing her cheerleading outfit to accentuate her curvacious body!

Renee and Fry

This is an image of Renee standing with her Chansey named Fry.


Minax, the malicious Pokemon murderer, stands in a state of constant indifference, a Pidgey skull necklace hanging around her neck. Her Zubat, the only Pokemon she cares about, is flying around her.

Tim Degagne's Art for Skye108

John Laramie

This is a picture of John, Skye108's first ever character in the Pokéwars. It was drawn in the comic book style by a good friend of his named Tim Degagne.

Spawn's Art

The TR-Bot

The TR-Bot stands tall, sword in hand, ready to defeat enemies of Team Rocket (and sometimes Tauras).

Christine Flye (Photo Manipulation)

Christine Flye poses for the camera while taking a break from slaying vampires!

Maria Rocket (Photo Manipulation)

Maria Rocket, crossing her arms to show just how "tuff" she really is!

Minax (Photo Manipulation)

Minax is getting ready to strike with her skinning knife! (Or is she just filing her nails?)

Yosh1121's Art

Oz Grey

This is a picture from a bit back, of Oz and Sandshrew, arguing as usual. Charmy's hanging out in the foreground, sweatdropping.