Pokewars! Fanart by Jose Solano

Trent Retwin

Trent Retwin poses with his dark and menacing Sandslash before he lost his right arm.

The New, Darker Trent Retwin

After losing his right arm and having his face scarred when the S. S. Anne sank, Trent Retwin is much angrier than he used to be. Sandslash, who was also scarred, stands with him in this picture.

Trent and Katherine Jennings

This is the ghost of Katherine, warning Trent of his future. His evil ways have already reserved him a spot in hell, and he still has some time to redeem himself before he is past the point of no return.

Trent and Ashura as Kids

This is what Trent and Ashura looked like when they were younger.


This is the Pikachu that rules over a certain part of PW! Hell - the part that Trent Retwin was sent to when he died!

Hand-Drawn Trent Retwin

Note from the artist: Heh, a hand-drawn pic, for once.

The Newest Trent Retwin with Ashura

This is what Trent Retwin and Ashura, his Sandslash, currently look like.


A new rendition of Minax, the persona Marcia adopted during her time in Team Rocket.

Mike Smith

A depiction of Mike Smith, the head of ComComCom's Goldenrod Branch.

Andrew O'Reilly

This is Jose's rendition of Andrew O'Reilly, Newton Haights' character.

Celadon Tribune, Thursday Edition

Some interesting trivia: this very newspaper was used as part of the short-lived Paperboy Rebellion. Two middle-aged men were injured, but otherwise, it was a complete failure.


A depiction of Dreadite.

Spectre Hitkage

A depiction of Spectre Hitkage.

The Fifth Anniversary Cast Picture

Completed after six months of laziness, this is only a sample of the diverse characters Pokewars! has given birth to. All were happy to pose for this picture, whether they liked it or not, whether their appearance made sense or not. No characters were financially compensated for their appearance. Two other versions of this picture are available at the PW! Pavilion - a less compressed PNG version and a very large JPG version.

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