Pokewars! Fanart by Karnivax

Kyle Richter

This is a picture of Kyle Richter, flanked by his six Pokémon: Thanatos (the shadowy Gengar), Grendel (the Aerodactyl who looks like he's about to eat Kyle's Pokéball), Fenris (the vigilant Arcanine), Ares (the Machamp who's dressed up decidedly like The Rock), Leviathan (the oh-so menacing-looking Dragonite), and the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Torrasque (the Scyther who's trying on Kyle's hat).

Well, 'ello, 'ello, 'ello! (David vs. Minax)

Here we see native Australian member of Team Rocket, David Bradley, with his Golem companion Goliath at his side, confronting Minax - one of the three people David hates most in the world (the other two being Kyle Richter and Dreadite). David is trying to convince Minax to quit Team Rocket by pointing a (secretly unloaded) gun at her in an alley beneath Silph Co. Unfortunately for David, however, Minax is not so easily threatened.


After accidentally getting separated from her rival-turned-traveling-companion Kyle Richter, Jessica Sullivan is captured by the malicious cyber-raptor Panopticon. Jessica's Magmar - named Magus - is trying unsuccessfully to deal with Panopticon's shapeshifting C.O., Proteus the Ditto, who is seen here as a green Charmeleon.

Jessica Sullivan

Here's a pic of Jessica Sullivan, reclining alongside her six Pokémon: Tendril (Victreebel), Alkaline (Muk), Seaclamp (Cloyster), Ermac (Porygon), Gigawatt (Electabuzz), and Magus (Magmar).

David Bradley

Here's David Bradley showing off his guns, as well as his brand-new Walther PPK. Close by are his three Pokémon: Goliath the superintelligent Golem, who doubles as David's partner in Team Rocket; Clavicle the metalheaded Marowak, who wields the scythe of a Kabutops; and Rampage the bloodstained Rhydon, who's racked up more kills than Robocop.

The Breakfast of Champions

Espio the Charizard takes time out from journeying alongside Jessica and Kyle to discuss the finer points of Wild Cherry Pepsi, while Thanatos plays his restrung phantom guitar and Cathode the Pikachu wonders what on Earth Espio is babbling about.

The Lighter Side of Dreadite

I told a bunch of people I was going to do a group pic of all the active Team Rocket members in the PW!. The picture was penciled...but it was later destroyed by my older brother as vengeance for some ridiculous dispute. However, since I've recently obtained a modicum of talent, I started redrawing the pic...this time in parts. This here is the best part of the original IMO: Dreadite throttling Shard. Shard seems to want to cut Dread's hair with his Vileplume, Oddrey II. And if there's one thing Dread hates, it's people trying to mess with his hair. ^_^

Jessica Version 3.0

This would be the G-rated version of a pic I made about a month ago. ::grins:: It's Jessica in human and Scyther modes. I promise that this is the last time Jessica is going to be redesigned. ^_^;

Maria Rocket

Maria Rocket in an...odd...pose. I was planning to have Maria, Minax, and Murasaki together until I found out they're not exactly bosom buddies. ::dodges Wigglytuff launcher fire:: So I'm taking a systematic approach now. You can't tell from looking at it, but this single drawing was nearly burnt to cinders from all the erasing I did...

Vincenzo Larufa

He's a filthy-rich were-Scyther, a relentless stalker of Jessica, and an all-around pain-in-the-arse. He's Vincenzo (a.k.a. "Enzo" or "The Italian Stallion") Larufa! He's seen here with his egotistical Farfetch'd sidekick, Halberd. Try not to pay much attention to the poorly-drawn Autobot symbol on Enzo's shirt.

Minax From a Pokemon's Perspective

Minax doesn't appreciate being stared at.

Trent Retwin

Trent Retwin (sans Ashura!) in all his coarse, profane glory. I really should stop making everyone face off to the right like this...


Here's a really-not-so-good IMO rendition of Murasaki. I think I was in over my head on this one. But at least I've finally cleared up all my PW! fanart obligations for the time being.

The Wedding Picture

A pic that was destined for the cutting room floor, but was dusted off and restored.

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