Pokewars! Fanart by Mbwunchan (aka Yuri)


Renee: Posing with her pokemon, Taco (Tentacruel), Phil (Caterpie), and Bagel (Meowth), Renee is looking rather spaced-out. o.O;; Not how she acts on a regular basis, mind you.

Renee and Nori

Renee with Nori when Nori infiltrated the Rocket Base in Saffron.


Vincent: Trying to look intimidating, Vincent shows off his psychic powers by levitating his pokeball which contains an Abra.

Christy - Cheerleader Extraordinare!

Note from the artist: Silver Sky was nice enough to let me draw her character, Christy. Here she is, lounging around with her Eevee perched on her knee.

Jeff Karani

Note from the artist: Here's a kawaii little pic of Jeff, Charmy, and Caspian! Thanks to Jeff's writer for letting me draw this! It was loads of fun!

Renee - Revisisted

Renee poses in full Rocket garb, complete with a Rocket Ball.

Taco and Blizzard

Taco the Tentacruel interacting with Blizzard the Persian.

Andrew O'Reilly

Yuri's depiction of Andrew O'Reilly, Newton Haights' character.

Chibi Andrew

A chibi version of Andrew O'Reilly.


A cute drawing of Blaze, Andrew's Growlithe.

Newer Renee

Renee is hugging Bagel the Meowth in this picture.

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