Pokewars! Groups, Present and Past

Groups in the Pokewars! brings characters together for extended interaction. Below is information about PW! groups, both active and inactive. If you would like to update or correct information about a group or add a group to this page, please let me know. This page was last updated on 6/6/04.

Active Pokewars! Groups

Group Name Goal Base Members First Post
Brotherhood of Evil Pokémon To elevate the status of wild Pokémon to that of their trained brethren, conquer the world, and make life miserable for stupid trainers who don't submit to their will! Also to collect donations. A Blastoise's Apartment in Goldenrod Blizzard the Persian (Leader), Sting the Tentacool, Avalanche the Tyranitar, and Cerberus the Dodrio First Post:
November 8, 2002
Legend of Yolei Lynkeru and Mamoru/Yuki wish to locate the shiny Unown that have not been returned to the Ruins of Alph and return them to get three wishes. None Lynkeru (Leader) and Mamoru/Yuki First Post:
December 18, 2000
Pokémon Resistance The Pokémon Resistance consists of many factions of Pokémon and humans that all share the belief that Pokeballs and Pokémon battling are a form of slavery that must be stopped. Saffron City (Near Silph) "Goldstein" (Leader), Doppler (aka Dee), Darwin the Eevee, Amanda Metz, Insanellama, Chaoticllama, Rei Nefar, Cinder the Charmeleon, Stan the Raticate (NPC), and Grey-robed NPCs (both human and Pokémon) First Post:
August 2, 1999
The Search Party For Smasher After Adam "Smasher" Samson was hit by a Hyper Beam that sent him to Hoenn during the Silver Conference, a group of people who attended the Conference agreed to search for him. Over time, others joined the group. The group's goal is to locate Smasher in Hoenn, whether he's living or dead. None Subgroup 1: Alexandria (Leader), Jeff, Ben, Nori, Carol, and John (Missing)
Subgroup 2: Cassandra (Leader), Aerie, Derek, and Kitsu & Keaton
Subgroup 3: Bob (Leader) and Mimic
First Post:
January 8, 2004
Slow Pokémon Appreciation Society (SPAS) This club was founded by Robert, the Diversity Gym Leader, to promote the use and appreciation of Slow Pokémon. The Diversity Gym Robert (Leader) and Mithril-rama First Post:
November 22, 2001
Team Aqua To increase the amount of water habitats in the land of Hoenn. A Water Cave Northeast of Lilycove City Archie (Leader, Game NPC), Matt (Game NPC), Shelly (Game NPC), Trent Retwin (currently in command), Sven & Peabody, Wanda (aka Elsa), Leif (Rendfeld's NPC), Sage the Grumpig (Rendfeld's NPC), Mariana (Rob's NPC), Jack (Rob's NPC), Sandra (Rob's NPC), and Various Aqua Grunts First Post:
October 13, 2003
Team Magma To increase the amount of available land in Hoenn. The Mountain Caves Around Hoenn's Desert Maxie (Leader, Game NPC), Tabitha (Game NPC), Courtney (Game NPC), Mace, Victor (Steffan's NPC), Blaithe (Amber's NPC), Kyle (Paul's NPC), Jill (Rob's NPC), Cad Avers (Tech's NPC), Penny Trate (Tech's NPC), Cher Raud (Tech's NPC), Jennifer (Tech's NPC), and Various Magma Grunts First Post:
October 16, 2003
Team Rocket (Active Members Only) To steal rare and valuable Pokémon. Secret Lair Below Mahogany Town Giovanni (Leader, Show NPC), Dreadite, Grey (aka Sapphire), Nori, Carol Ross, Lauren & Diego, Jessie & James & Meowth (Show NPCs), Butch & Cassidy (Show NPCs), Professor Nanba (Show NPC), Professor Sebastian (Show NPC), Tyson (Show NPC), Domino ("Mewtwo Returns" NPC), Allan (Bandraptor's NPC), Eric (Steffan's NPC), Howard the Psyduck (Rob's NPC), Purp (Rob's NPC), Billy & The Kid (Rob's NPCs), The Masked Rocket (Tech's NPC), Crash (Tech's NPC), Wing (Tech's NPC), and Various Rocket Grunts First Post:
January 1, 1999

Inactive Pokewars! Groups

Group Name Goal Base Members First Post and Last Post
Amber's Group Each member had his or her own individual goals, but many of the members were half-Pokémon and they supported each other. Breeding Center Near Goldenrod (Bob's House) Amber (Leader), Jason, Vixxen, Solo, Karl, Kitsu & Keaton, Bob Raiser, and Aerie First Posts:
July 28/29, 2001

The Group Splits Up: January 28, 2003

Anti Team Rocket (ATR) To destroy Team Rocket by any means necessary. Ivory Island Complex (Destroyed) Simon Locke (Leader), Raven, James G. Otsom, Drew, Saber, Gohan, Fox, Laura Dark, Derrick, Dai, Dernam, Leon, and Gibraltar First Post:
January 10, 1999

End of ATR:
September 25, 2000

Bomb Ball Bashers (BBB) To eliminate all Electrodes and Voltorbs in the world and save all Magnemites in the world. None Enimuram Yortsed (Leader) and Andy Renev First Post:
January 22, 2000

End of BBB:
April 6, 2002

Clan Caterpie Clan Caterpie was a group of trainers who loved Pokémon and wanted to become Pokémon Masters. Most, if not all, adored Caterpies. The group usually traveled together. Clan Caterpie was enemies with Team Rocket. Icy's Bug Gym Icy (Leader), Sara, Insanellama, Random, Lonewolf, Black Hole, Shadow, X, Dev, Christof, Tauras, Nova, Phoo, and Ron Airelson First Post:
January 26, 1999

Last Post:
November 19, 1999

Clan Caterpie 2000 (C2K) They hated Team Rocket and planned on its destruction. All of CC2000 loved Pokémon and cared for their Pokémon well. None Meeko (Leader), Mike Jones, Bridget, Nicky, Kelly, Lewis, and Trunks First Post:
December 30, 1999

Last Mentioned:
June 14, 2000

Mount Moon Crew In the past, the crew traveled together, attempting to earn Badges at all eight official Kanto League Gyms. In the present, Sarah Jane and Damian teamed up to explore the land of Johto. Rosetta Town Sarah Jane (Leader), Katrina, Jon, Damian, Drake, Runt, Christy, Felix, Kirsty, Dustin, Julia, and Purgatory First Post:
January 4th, 1999

Last Post:
February 13th, 2002

Pokémon Detective Agency (PODA) The group, formerly known as TAC, consisted of licensed dectectives who solved crimes. PODA HQ in Cerulean Tiki (Leader), Pipian, Jamie, Score, and John Laramie First Post:
September 18, 1999

Last Post:
March 3, 2000

Pokémon Pack This pack, which consisted of four intelligent Pokémon, two humans turned into Pokémon, and one human, travelled together through Kanto, each with his or her own individual goals. None White Blade the Clefairy (Leader), Draconi the Dragonite, Blizzard the Persian, Samuraichu the Raichu, Darwin the Eevee, Keri the Eevee, and Orion First Post:
August 12, 1999

Last Post:
July 22, 2000

The Anti-Mewtwo Crew (TAC) To hunt down and defeat Mewtwo. None Tiki (Leader), Pipian, Jamie, Score, Keri the Eevee, and John Laramie First Post:
June 6, 1999

The End of TAC:
September 15, 1999