Links To Pokewars! Websites

Amber Foxwing's Art Gallery
By: Amber
This website features a great deal of PW! artwork made by Amber Foxwing.

Dan's Archive
By: Dan
This archive lists stories written by Dan and the authors he interacted with in the PW! between April 1999 and September 2001.

The Clan Caterpie Archives
By: IcyPikachu
This is an archive of posts members of Clan Caterpie, a PW! group, made between January and May of 1999.

Nick's Archive
By: Nick
This archive contains stories written by Nick (formerly known as Ncnc123), as well as some posts written by other authors when their characters interacted with his. The posts span from 1999 to the present.

Pipian's Archive
By: Pipian
This website has stories written by Pipian and authors he interacted with in the PW! between May 1999 and March 2000 as well as some fan art.

By: Bandraptor (Beth)
This is a gallery of Bandraptor's Pokewars! art. Her art is also available at the PW! Pavilion's Fan Art section.

The Pokewars! Pavilion
By: Rob
You are here. To see what's currently available at the Pavilion as well as what's coming soon, click the above link.

Pokewars! Stories
By: skye108
This is an archive of PW! stories featuring skye108's two characters, John Laramie and Ben Cajava.

PW! Shiny Unown Quest List
By: Pipian
This website keeps track of which character has which Unown in the PW!'s ongoing shiny Unown quest.

Robert's Diversity Gym Website
By: Robert (Rob's character)
Here you can find information about Robert's Gym, the Diversity Gym in Lavender Town, and his club, the Slow Pokemon Appreciation Society.

South PWark
By: Newton Haights
This website features various Pokewars! characters depicted in South Park style art.

The First Pokewars! Awards Show
By: Jose Solano
This was the PW! Awards Show published on April 14, 1999. Various members of the Pokewars! contributed to this.

The Second Pokewars! Awards Show
By: Yoda
This PW! Awards Show was published in the AGNP Pokézine on August 8th of 1999. Most of it is missing, but here are segments that Jose Solano and I found.

The Third Pokewars! Awards Show
By: Rob
The Awards Show that was supposed to be published in 2000 but was published on February 28, 2002. Various members of the Pokewars! contributed to this.

The Fourth Pokewars! Awards Nominations
By: Rob
This page contains links to the characters and posts that were nominated for the Fourth Pokewars! Awards.

The Pokewars! Whirl Cup Website
By: Rob
This website was a supplement to the PW! Whirl Cup Competition of December 2002.