Pokewars! Locations

For a PW! location to appear on this page, it has to have been mentioned by at least one author in at least one story post at some point in the past year. Locations that have a Writer's Guide but have not been visited or mentioned in the past year it will not appear here unless the author of the Writer's Guide is still an active Pokewars! member. PW! locations that have been mentioned but do not have a WG will appear here, but less information about them will be available. If I missed a PW! location that matches the above criteria, please let me know. This page was last updated on August 11, 2003.

Location Region Directions Description Author
Azure Heights Kanto Head north from Pewter City or east from Indigo Plateau. The Azure Heights retreat is a mountain getaway for the elite of the Pokemon world. It is fully sponsored by the Elite Four and it used as a getaway for the Elite Four, the Gym Leaders (Brock, Misty (none of her sisters), Lt. Surge, Erica, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni (none of his Rockets)), those who have defeated the Elite Four (such as Ash and Gary), and a select few who have made an highly impressive mark on the pokemon world. This last category consists of Bill and Professor Oak, as an esteemed thanks for all they research they've ever done. M.W.F.
Beach City Johto Sail southwest from Olivine City. Bikes are welcome. In Beach City, you can find the usual Poke-Marts and Poke-Centers, a sub restaurant called "Beachcombers", a camera shop called "Light Bugs", and a pool shop called "Pool House", but no Gym. There's also an underground water theme park on the island called Sinantla. Dr. Thinker
Brock's Diner Kanto Branches of Brock's Diner can be found in almost every City and Town in Kanto. The diner, dedicated to serving good food to people and humans alike, uses only the best recipes and ingredients, and the highest culinary technology, with specialized and well-trained pokemon staffing, and humans with good training in the culinary arts, often taught by Brock himself, also do some of the cooking, and serve on the wait staff. In larger locations, warp tiles are used. Most locations have surveillance cameras to make sure nothing too funny happens, but they donít pick up the sound, so as to allow the patrons some privacy. Shard Fields
The Diet Coke Bottle From Hell: Evolved Kanto Go south from the eastern entrance of Mount Moon. Towering over fourty stories high if unburied fully, it strikes an impressive monument. It is mostly buried in the foothills, and the surrounding forest, making it rather hard to see. The DCBFH:E has a fully automated AI security system. It will detect intruders, and other various things. The extent of secruity is unknown, however. It also has a Wall O' Montiors, in the main office. This wall can report to the Rocket Base, among other things. The Bottle is a highly structure base, with supportive corridors. The glass is almost impossible to break by normal means. It is rumored to hold at least 50,000,000 liters of Diet Coke. Dreadite
Electric Cafe Hoenn Electric Cafes can be found in certain cities of Hoenn. Electric Cafe was the latest idea of Wattson, the Mauville City Gym Leader. Wattson has placed Electric Cafes in the bigger cities of Heonn - Rustburo, Slateport, Lilycove, Mossdeep and Petalburg. Electric Cafe honors all electric Pokemon from Pichu to Voltorb to the legendary Zapdos. Anyone who shows an electric Pokemon or a Pokemon that is strong against electric Pokemon to the cashier on duty gets a half-price discount on his or her meal. Dr. Thinker
Diversity Gym Kanto The Gym is next to the Pokemon Volunteer house in Lavender Town. The Diversity Gym has four different rooms, a hallway, and a vestibule. Trainers can leave their Pokemon in the Gym to be bred in one of the following rooms - the Pool Room, the Sky Room, the Greenhouse Room, or the Volcano Room. Each one of these rooms has an Arena in it. Mithril-rama, the girlfriend of Robert, the Diversity Gym Leader, is currently running the Gym and Breeding Center during his Johto Journey. Rob
Morty Rocket's Johto Branches of Morty Rocket's can be found in certain cities of Johto, including Ecruteak City. Capitalizing on the success of Brock's Diner, Morty, the Ecruteak City Gym Leader, decided to start his own chain of diners. Morty Rocket's are 50s-themed diners where you can get burgers, fries, and old fashioned milkshakes. The branch in Mahogany Town was destroyed not too long ago, but the branches in Ecruteak City, Olivine City, and Cianwood City are still in business. Rob
The Raiser Breeding Center Johto The Breeding Center is located just south of Goldenrod City. The main house is a fairly large two-story building that houses both the Raiser family and the Breeding Room, a special room designed to help pokemon breed. The house has four bedrooms. The 1 acre property is bounded by a 6 to 7 foot tall fence. Scattered around the farm-like property are little barns dedicated to different types of pokemon. Near the house is a good-sized pond. Bob Raiser's parents run the Center and his brother Jeff lives there. The two most typical indoor helpers are twin Kadabra. One acts like a normal Kadabra with great housekeeping skills while the other acts more like a Fighting-type, complete with a large battle spoon strapped to its back. Clayton
Taga Island Kanto Sail southwest from Pallet Town's port. Important buildings on Taga Island include Professor Pine's Lab, a Pokemon Center, an Airport, and a Game Arcade run by Team Rocket. Professor Pine's Lab is the biggest building. The Pokemon Center is the second biggest. The Game Aracade is front for Team Rocket, but since the Arcade contains working machines, there is no proof that it is run by the evil organization. Dr. Thinker