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1/7/2005 - Happy New Year! The last few months of 2004's PW! posts have been added to the Archive. More updates to the PW! Pavilion are coming soon.

6/7/2004 - After six months, Jose Solano's Fifth Anniversary Cast Picture is finally finished! Featuring 150 Pokewars! characters, it's a very impressive work of art. Links to two other versions of the picture (PNG and large JPG) are available at the bottom of Jose's Art Gallery. Jose and I will provide a list of characters to accompany the picture in the next update to the PW! Pavilion, so that it will be easier to figure out who's who. Until then, enjoy playing the Pokewars! equivalent of "Where's Waldo?". Two new pictures by Bandraptor, Chibi Nidons and Jeff Raiser, have also been added to the Fan Art section, and some of the pictures available on Amber's Website have been mirrored in Amber's art gallery. In the Comics section, you'll find Bandraptor's latest PokéWARS! comic!

A few new Pokewars! Sounds are now available at the Pokewars! Pavilion. One of the more impressive sound files is "Whatever Became of SHAKKmaster?", a song performed by Steffan Alun that was written by Newton P. Haights as a parody of a song called "Whatever Became of Hubert?". The other two sound files that are now available were created by me. One features Sting the Tentacool ranting and the other features a conversation between Luthor and Nurse Marcia.

The Archive, the WG section, the Character Tracker, and the Groups page have all been updated as well. Now that the Cast Picture is finished, I'll be adding chibis from it to my Pokewars! Pavilion Explorer program over the next few days, then I'm going to make a website for the program. A link to the website I create should be available in the next update to the Pokewars! Pavilion. Until then, you can download the program using the link featured in the 5/1/2004 news.

5/1/2004 - I've made a companion program for the Pokewars! Pavilion, the Pokewars! Pavilion Explorer. In Version 1.0, the only features that are available are a Pavilion Browser and a Writer's Guide Navigator (a PW!-Dex of sorts). Many character images are still missing in the WG Navigator, but after Jose finishes his collosal Pokewars! Cast Pic, images will show up for all the active PW! characters. I will be adding more features to the PW! Pavilion Explorer in later versions (that's the reason why the Save/Open file options are there - in this version, they don't do anything interesting). Be sure to extract both the program and the "Cache" folder within the Zip file into the same directory on your computer. If you have any problems with the program, let me know.

In this update to the PW! Pavilion, I've added four new works of Fan Art. Two by MechaGojira: Dan Ando and Dynamask, and two by Jose Solano: Dreadite and Spectre Hitkage (the character of PW! co-founder Regulus). I've also made some minor changes to the Tutorial, updated the Writer's Guide section, added Team Aqua and Team Magma to the Groups page, updated the Character Tracker, and brought the Shiny Unown Quest Guide up to date.


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