I've provided links to the Fourth Pokewars! Awards nominations below.

Best Newcomer

William Rendfeld
Saint Paul
Bonus Island

Best Event

The Pretty Girl and Disguised Pokemon Contest:
April 2000
The Un-ban-able Bikini Contest
May 2000
Stuffing The Roster, Just another day at the beach?, Pretty Girl Preparations!, and A Chancy Chansey Costume!
June 2000
Taken out on the word GO!
July 2000
Taken out on the word GO! and Steal ideal
August 2000
Steal ideal

The Time Travel Concert (Both Halves):
December 2000
Define "new" (was: New problems arise) and It's like talking to yourself (was: Define "new")
December 2001
Temporal Tantrum and Sometimes it's not crazy to talk to yourself
January 2002
Sometimes it's not crazy to talk to yourself
February 2002
Sometimes it's not crazy to talk to yourself

The Ilex Forest Charcoal Harvest:
August 2001
The Ilex Forest Log Race and Workin' In The Charcoal Harvest

Halloween at the Sprout Tower of Terror (NC)
October 2001
Sprout Tower of Terror and Halloween Murder Mystery In The Sprout Tower of Terror
November 2001
Halloween Murder Mystery In The Sprout Tower of Terror

The Bug Pokemon Catching Contest:
January 2002
Buggy Harvest
February 2002
Forty-five Years Of Marvin
March 2002
The Bug Pokemon Catching Contest
April 2002
Buggy Harvest, Part Two and Tech Weaver Finally Ends the Bug-Catching Contest! Now Let's Get the Heck Outta Here!

The National Park Races:
May 2002
The Race 
June 2002
The SECOND Race 

The Whirl Cup Competition:
December 2002

Olivine City's Comic Book Convention:
April 2003
The Olivine City Comic Book Convention and Passing the ComiCon!
May 2003
Passing the ComiCon!

The Silver Conference:
December 2003

The S.S. Tidal Cruise to Hoenn:
January 2004
February 2004

The Earth Destruction Initiative (NC):
February 2004

Best Fight

Trent vs. SHAKK-master ("Re: [PW!] [SC] Preparing For the Final Round Over Dinner")
Sarah vs. SHAKK-master ("[PW!] [SC] SHAKK Attack!")
Mace vs. Bob ("Re: [PW!] A Noble Pilgrimage")
Smasher vs. Robert ("[PW!] [SC] Smasher vs. Robert! An Extreme Finale!")
The SHAKK-master Brawl (First Few Posts | Following Posts)
Robert vs. Ben ("[PW!] [SC] When Pokemon Attack!")
Aerie vs. Becky Thornbird ("[PW!] [WC] [FINAL] ...And We Mean *Whirl* Cup!")
Misty vs. Yolei ("[PW!] [WC] Perhaps The Joke Has Been Taken Too Far. Misty vs. Yolei!")

Funniest Character

Sapphire (aka Grey)
Trent Retwin
Carol Ross

Funniest Post or Thread

When the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play
Stomp to the Beat
[MEAT] Robert and Rilli Have Dinner
Ghastlybusters Redux
The Fire Red / Leaf Green Integration Spoof
[SST] Questions and Questions
The Earth Destruction Initiative (NC)

Most Dramatic Post or Thread

Smasher vs. Robert! An Extreme Finale!
Reconciliation: Impossible
Together Until Death (Part 1 | Part 2)
No Job Too Small...
The Darkness Comes (Part 1 | Part 2)
Making A Withdrawal

Best Post or Thread

In Pursuit of Normal ... (First Post | Following Posts)
The Darkness Comes (Part 1 | Part 2)
Staryu-Crossed Lovers
April Foolishness BLOOPER THREAD (NC)
The Performance of a Lifetime

Best Pokemon

Ashura the Sandslash
Raffy the Girafarig
Elsa's Roselia
Rubix the Blastoise
Mimic the Ditto
Doppler the Ditto (aka Dee)
Rush the Arcanine
Diva the Smoochum
Ehm the Shiny Unown
Xerox and Famifax, the Ditto Sisters

Best Villain

Jason Cassidy
Carol Ross
Trent Retwin
Grey (aka Sapphire)
The 26 Shiny Unown

Best Hero

Phenomelous Marvaleon (aka Phoom)
Dan Ando
Bob Raiser
Alexandria Masters

Best Character

Phenomelous Marvaleon (aka Phoom)
Nori Mizuke
Alexandria Masters

Best Writer

Bandraptor (aka Beth)
Steffan Alun
Jose Solano
Chet Weaver
Adrian Tymes