Pokewars! Sounds

Sometimes one wonders what PW! characters sound like. On this page, you can find out by downloading sound files that depict the voices of some PW! characters. If you wish to submit a PW!-related sound file to this site, let me know.

Group Sounds

Andrew and Nori Meet an NPC by NewHaights, Bandraptor, and Rob


David Bradley saying the tagline to an old Outback Steakhouse commercial.

David Bradley quoting a line from a movie.

Goliath, David's Golem.

Leviathan, Kyle Richter's Dragonite, as heard through his translator.

Proteus, the black Ditto who worked for Vorge.




Robert ranting about Professor Oak after he encounters NPCs on the way to Pallet Town.

Robert deciding to go outside wearing his pajamas.

Robert commenting on a fossil at the Pewter City Museum.

Robert speaking with Professor Oak's assistant.


Marvin, Xerox, and Famifax

Sarah Introducing Herself

Luthor the Slowpoke Speaks With Parasite the Paras in Azalea Town.

Is Andy talking to a Wobbuffet with a speech impediment? You Bet!

Jay, of Jay's Super Discount Megamall (with the aid of voice modification software)

Nurse Marcia trying to treat Luthor the Slowpoke.

Sting the Tentacool, on why Blizzard the Persian shouldn't allow anyone else to join The Brotherhood of Evil Pokémon (as heard by Blizzard).


Shard's Motto (Loud, with Background Music)

Steffan Alun

"Whatever Became of SHAKKmaster?", a song performed by Steffan Alun and written by Newton P. Haights.