Professor Rob's Tutorial
(I'm not actually a professor.)

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokewars!! My name is Rob! People call me the Pokewars! Prof when they've had enough to drink! This world is inhabited by creatures called Pokemon! For some people, Pokemon in the Pokewars! are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself... I run the Pokewars! Pavilion as a profession. Newbie! Your very own Pokewars! legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures with Pokemon awaits! Let's go!

Okay, so I was just paraphrasing from the intro sequence to the Pokemon Gameboy Games in that first paragraph, but it's true - your Pokewars! legend IS about to unfold (unlike all your plans for world domination, if any). This tutorial exists to keep your legend from crashing into everyone's kill-file after being flamed mercilessly. "Who would flame my Mewtwo-killing masterpiece", you ask? The members of the Pokewars who are serious about following the simple, fair rules that are in place so that everyone enjoys their PW! experience would flame you, that's who!

"Awwww, but I want to kill Mewtwo and ride off into the sunset on Lugia with Jirachi, my trusty Pokemon, floating alongside me! WHY CAN'T I, YOU MEANIE?!", you ask while rage builds within you - a rage worse than the rage attack of a Charmeleon who's suffering from indigestion because it's eaten too many Rare Candies. Calm down! The reason you can't do this is that the Pokewars! is an INTERACTIVE fan-fiction at the newsgroup AGNP (, and thus, other people sharing the world with you might get a tad bit angry if you killed Mewtwo or claimed the only Lugia in the world as your pet Pokemon. Simply speaking, the PW! world doesn't revolve around you. I hope I haven't hurt your feelings.

I'd rather not list out all the things you can't do, since there's a FAQ that takes care of all that, but instead I'll tell you what you CAN do! You can create a character (that doesn't exist already) who wanders around the world of Pokemon, exploring all the little things that the game and the television show didn't touch upon, raising whatever Pokemon you want to - giving them unique characteristics that distinguish them from the rest. This character of yours doesn't need to fit the "Pokemon Trainer" genre, though. He or she could be a Team Rocket member, a member of an author-run organization called the Pokemon Resistance that is against Pokeballs, a musician, a businessman, a Pokemon, a Team Magma member, a Team Aqua member, a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker! The character can be pretty much anything you want as long as he or she is not omnipotent and plays well with others (or plays dirty in the case of Team Rocket members; the Rockets are generally mean to non-Rockets, as long as they don't break any rules while doing so).

Each Pokewars! character you make must have a Writer's Guide. The Writer's Guide is a description of your character (his or her personality and appearance) and other facts about the character which would be important to people interacting with him or her. You can see some examples of Writer's Guides on the Writer's Guide section of this website. Or you can visit Google Groups, and search for "PW! WG". Read through some WGs to get an idea of what your character's Writer's Guide will look like. If you decide to click on the link now, be sure to come back and finish the Tutorial and FAQ before writing your WG.

A character's Writer's Guide should be posted before any actual PW! stories about the character are written. You're not ready to post any stories yet, but hang in there. An important thing to remember when posting your stories to the newsgroup are the PW! tags, so that people in the Pokewars! can easily find your PW! stories. The tags are described in detail in the FAQ (read it thoroughly after you read the Tutorial), but here are the basic ones. All PW! story titles must have the "[PW!]" tag (i. e. "[PW!] Newbie's Journey Begins"). The Writer's Guide has a "[WG]" tag added to the usual "[PW!]" tag, so it looks like this: "[PW!] [WG] Newbie McGee". If you want to reply to someone's story with a non-story comment, use the "[PW!] [NS]" tag. More tags are revealed in the FAQ. Post your stories in the third-person so that interaction is facilitated. It's difficult to interact when you're saying "I do this" and the other person replies saying "I do that". "Newbie does this" and "Rob does that in response" is better.

In addition to researching old Writer's Guides, you should read a few PW! stories before writing your own, just to get a feel of what the stories are like. Once you've done this and read the FAQ, you're ready to post your character's WG and start writing PW! stories. Oh, and before interacting with other characters belonging to other authors, it's a good idea to read some of their past posts. You can find old PW! posts at The Pokewars! Archive. Please don't post ANYTHING before reading the FAQ. There's a few friendly PW! members who will point you towards it kindly and others who will decide to hate you forever.

This is the end of the Tutorial. Thanks for reading it! Oh, and, one last time, in case I haven't stressed it enough: