Name: Amber Skye Foxwing Age: 19 Height: 5'6" Weight: 135 lbs. Appearance: Amber has long, straight, dark red hair that reaches to just about her waist. Her skin is fairly pale, and she has long slender hands and feet. Her eyes are a golden-orange, and she is often grinning or smiling. In those respects, she's totally normal. However... She also has two black cat-like ears poking out of her head, the right one which has a further, maroon blade-like attachment. Her hands and feet are adorned with retractable claws, and she has a small yellow oval marking on her forhead and in the space just below the center of her clavical (collarbone). Three more maroon blade-like things protrude from her cocyx, forming a sort of tail. To put it short, she's half-Sneasel. She has the ability to retract these characteristics at will, but unfortunately that ability makes her connection to her Sneasel, Nyura, very weak. Currently wearing: Grey slick-materialed cargo pants, a black long-sleeved shirt, and a white t-shirt over it. References: (top nudity) Personality: Ah yes, its changed so much. When not under stress, she is perfectly happy, bubbly, witty, upbeat, and optimistic. When attacked, she will VICIOUSLY attack back. When depressed, she will withdraw from other people. When scared, she will make herself fight whatever she is afraid of. When something threatens her loved ones, she will protect them to the death. She is affectionate, but a little naive, and pretty damn innocent. She can generally keep up with Jason Bard in an exchange of jokes, and she's pretty smart, able to comprehend situations well. Under stress, she won't be able to function as well. She's in love with Jason Bard, and yeah! Pokemon: Nyura (Sneasel) Level 16 [7] Amber is melded with her first pokemon, Nyura. She can tap into Nyura's powers, but because her rival and enemy Dharak gave her the ability to look human again, it weakened their connection and now can only use her sneasel's powers up to about a level 7 capability. They can communicate through thought and Nyura often projects Amber's thoughts if she finds it necessary (or fun). Abilities: Reflect, Beat up, Bite, Shadowball, Tackle, Moonlight Darkfang (Houndour) Level 22 He can speak the language of humans, because he used to help the tourguide of Cherrygrove give tours. He is generally suspicious of people, protective of Amber and Velocity, and hates being babied. Abilities: Leer, Ember, Roar, Smog, Bite Velocity (Vulpix) Level 12 A baby Vulpix, just hatched a few months ago (pw time -- three or four years ago our time O.o). She likes to push herself to the limits in order to impress or to show that she's not just a baby. She only has 2 tails. She thinks of Amber as her mother, since Amber was there when she hatched. Abillities: Ember, Tail whip, Quick Attack, Agility Pocco (Pinkan Pikachu) Level 21 Not one for battling. He likes to hang out in Amber's hair because it provides quite the shelter. He was abused by his former trainer and met Amber by seeking her protection. Therefore he considers Amber his saviour and protector and will protect her at any cost. Abilities: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Double Team, Slam Cyan[ide] (Natu) Level 19 Fairly skiddish and petty. She also takes up residence in Amber's hair and quite enjoys making fun of people while sitting on Amber's head. Abilities: Peck, Leer, Nightshade Dabbler (Ghastly) Level 10 Very standoffish and usually just hangs around in the background. When approached he prefers to ignore what-or who-ever is approaching. Abilities: Night Shade, Hypnosis Pest (Magikarp) Level 5 Resides in Amber's Box. The quintessential Magikarp. Abilities: Splash, Splash, and more Splash. Amber is pretty much friends with everyone and friendly to everyone. THerefore every one she meets is pretty much an ally. However, Dharak is not. That's for another Writer's Guide though.