[PW!][WG] Ardeshir of the Mentú -- Appearance: An Alakazam, with a well-behaved mustache (monastic grooming). He has dark gold fur, and dresses usually in his coarse, dark brown cowl. Upon his forehead is a Mentu rune, in the rough shape of a half-circle crossed by a single parallel line. His base of operations is the region around Saffron city, but usually sleeps in a warren he keeps just on the ouskirts of Saffron. Moves: Psychic Psybeam Teleport Quick Attack Enemies: The Rostamri Order, humanity. Inventory: Ardeshir carries little with him besides his knobbly staff, a satchel, and the keys to his warren. His most treasured possession, the Tome of Ashkan (an account of the Mentu people) is secured within the satchel at all times. History: Orphaned at birth, young Ardeshir (then, a sightless Abra) grew in age and mental ability under the tutelage of a Rostamri sect of Alakazamian monks who discovered him at the base of their monastery in the Saffarine peaks (in the vicinity of Saffron city). Unlike the more 'elevated' members of their species, who were either caught by middling humans or even worse, enrolled themselves in the local Gym, the Rostamri devoted themselves to both asceticism and a stern belief in the purity of their race. For countless years they maintained their hermitage in the Saffarine mountains, growing their own food and cultivating their own wisdom. Young Ardeshir grew up in the fastness of the mountains beneath the unyielding, stern hand of the Rostamri. Young Ardeshir seemed bound for the Scriptori Rostamri, the order of Rostamri who kept the knowledge of their forefathers by endless days of copying. His study was only broken by hours of medition or martial training in the Urdash style the Rostamri had invented and cultivated. One fateful day, he stumbled upon a text of indeterminate age, one that traced the lineage of a Alakazamian people who named themselves the Mentú. Ardeshir immersed himself in their ancient texts, learning everything he could. He learned that for untold centuries they ruled the Saffarine plains, and grew mighty beneath their own power. They had done so without the aid of humans (who Ardeshir resented, for they maltreated other Alakazam). Ardeshir looked upon the cover of the first tome he found, and noted the distinct pattern upon its cover matched the one that had been tatooed in red upon his forehead (a trait mocked often by his brothers). He went to the only father he had ever known -- Parviz, the master of the Rostamri. He revealed to him that the symbol on his head was a Mentu rune. Parviz intimated that Ardeshir was not discovered in a storm as told, but was left there by two Aerodactyl. In their coarse tongue they told Parviz that the Abra they bore was a son of the Mentu, a people who had met their end many generations past. They had left without a further word. At this point, Ardeshir (then a Kadabra) had considerable skill upon the dusty Urdash training field, and acumen in his psychic powers. He then flew into a rage, demanding why Parviz had hidden such valuable knowledge from him. Ardeshir, possessed by his anger, attempted to strike his master and surrogate father down. Parviz (with considerable effort) rebuffed his attack. His master exiled him thus from the Rostamri monastery. Ardeshir departed from the Saffarine peaks, carrying a copy of Mentu history tucked beneath his arm. There, he swore never to return to his 'inherited culture' and sought to find his own way in life.