Name: Arren Garland Author: Jom Tones Email: Height: Short Age: 12 Appearance: He's small and scrawny with scruffy black hair and an overall underfed, underloved appearance. He's disabled from the waste down and uses his trusty Scyther to carry him around. As a result of having lost his chair + surviving on the road, his upper body is pretty tough. Then again, he is about twelve so he's hardly muscular. The 'on the road' life means his clothes have been modified to suit practical living - his jeans have patches sown all over them and he's never seen without a scruffy t-shirt and his weatherbeaten backpack. Biography: Up until he was eleven, Arren lived a very happy home life with his parents. They lived on a farm, in a small backwater village in the interior of Hoenn. In those days he went to school, had a wheelchair and had an absolute dissinterest in Pokémon and the outside world. These days that's a different story, after a traumatic attack of sorts, Arren was left homeless and parentless with only his father's last Pokémon as guardian and protector. Scyther. Personality: He was a quiet kid when he had a happy life and is positiviely introvert now that he has no friends, family or practical means of survival. Under the surface he's a pretty normal kid but under harsh circumstances has had to concentrate all of his time on surviving. A year in the wild has taught him a lot about Pokémon, but he still has a lot to learn about the rest of the world. He's pretty messed up and adopts a very soulless attitude towards everything - he doesn't want to get emotionally attached. He had his heart broken once too many and has no intention of letting it happen again. Pokémon: Scyther - moves are predominantly unknown, Arren has no idea what they are or how to use them. Scyther spends all of his time out of his Pokéball helping Arren and defends him instantly using his own initiative. Scyther is utterly loyal to Arren, he too has a murky past but because Arren does not fully understand him, they cannot share much. Mates and dreaded enemies: His only mates are Scyther and Huck at the moment - when he meets some PW! Peeps, I'm sure he'll get on with at least some of them. As for enemies, other than the people responsible for the deaths of his parents (not that he knows who they are), no one. Goals/Ambitions: 1) He wants to find out what happened to his parents and avenge their deaths. 2) He wants to become more like Huck, his first true friend. 3) I think that ultimately, he wants stability, all kids want to have structure, routines etc. I suppose in a way that's why he's fabricated a rigid way of living for himself.(More will be added later, as and when goals/ambitions crop up)