From: M.W.F. ( Subject: [PW!] [WG] [Update] Azure Heights Newsgroups: Date: 1999/06/15 Location: Azure Heights Position: The intersection of East from Indigo Plateau and North of Pewter City Purpose: The Azure Heights retreat is a mountain getaway for the elite of the Pokemon world. It is fully sponsored by the Elite Four and it used as a getaway for the Elite Four, the Gym Leaders (Brock, Misty (none of her sisters), Lt. Surge, Erica, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni (none of his Rockets)), Those who have defeated the Elite Four (Such as Ash and Gary) and a select few who have made an highly impressive mark on the pokemon world. This last category consists of Bill (from the Lighthouse), Professor Oak, and RK, as an esteemed thanks for all they research they've every done (RK notes: you have to try the sushi bar, it is fantstic!) It is guarded, although not as heavily as Indigo Plateau, from land and air. It sits in a mountainous region making it impossible to dig into without detection, especially with the Dugtrios roaming around. An above ground assault is extremely difficult also. Remember the armored Nidokings that were stationed at Lt. Surge's place for a bit? You'll find them there too. It is accessible only by Flying pokemon and this is defended against by a number of Pikachus, Raichus, and Jolteons. (And this is light compared to Indigo Plateau?) If you want in, defeat the Elite Four. The only other way is to help in the pokemon world through research, discovery, and a lot of it at that. RK wasn't given his invitation until only a couple years ago. Guests are not allowed. PW! Authors currently allowed: Sirius, Tenchi, Natasha All others are subject to the author's mercy. And mercy is only for the weak. MWAHAHAHAHA!!