Subject: [PW!]{WG!}[NS] BEACH CITY Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 09:41:13 -0500 From: "odin" <> Organization: Posted via Supernews, Newsgroups: [PW!][NS][WG] Beach City Name: Beach City Location: A Island southwest of Olivine City. Nickname: The "Mera" island. 'MERA': Mera is famous televison show. It has the biggest series run of any live-action show. Mera started with Messila Sarpheno in the royal of brainitic Jo-Jo Rockson, who finds a dead mermaid body, and used to join a costume party, accidently forcing her to use her mermiad powers against nasty foes such as Dr. Susan Shark and Ayakukin. Durning the break for season 3, Jo-Jo Rockson, left to start up her movie character, claiming she doesn't like to fall into the 'Superhero' cause. This forces the movie guys to change location from Neon City, a island off the coaster of American and into Johto league, since they would be closer to Japan, a real island nation. They got a Japanese-American by the name of Kate Royal, who played a old fashion, Jessica Shelltron, who was tricked into putting on the dead mermaid body by two mermaids in human form. The next season, Season 4, was shot in and around Goldrod, but got critims from fans--forgeting that they used real location in . So they build a real city for Beach City for season 5. Mera is in the Season 12. (That's quite impossibe, in real life, but this is Pokemon world for crying out lound.) Bikes are weclome. Only half-the island has been talk over. They even successfully built a underground water theme park. Above, you can find your usually Poke-Marts and Poke-Centers, but they is no Gym. Since Mera is so busy with crime fighting, she can't join the Pokemon League, but Gym Leaders do pop up as themself on the show. One fan calmied eposide 4 of season 5, had Gionavii appeared, but he's laughed at, most consider that be actor. Misty has appear in epoisde 2 of season 7, with faking asima, while Pyre was mind-control to do evil work in eposide 1 of season 9. Most people thought Misty was a bad actor playing 'Misty', thought Kate know that real Misty could not act. Pyre was a better actor, and was consider by fan to the real deal. Though Messila liked two-parts, Kate hates them. No has the guts to deal with Kate because Mera's show is rating are though the roof. IMPORTANT NON-POKEMON PLACES: "Sinantla" -- The Unground Theme Park "Watercolor Inc." -- The Company that made "Mera" "Beachcombers" -- A resturant that makes subs. "Jessica and friends" hangs out here. "Shelltron, Inc" -- This is were the film cast and crew work at. On the show, it's consider to Mrs. Shelltron's lawyer office. "Light Bugs" -- A camera shop. It's keeps the camera dried. "Pool House" -- A pool shop. It's usual for close-up shots of Kate wearing "Mera's" tail. "Royal's House" -- Kate's home. On the show, it's use for outshots of "Jessica's" home. NPC: Kate Royal/Jessica Shelltron/Mera, her cast and crew members, and their Pokemon. Kate has a green Dewgong that help out making Kate's "Mera" go down far and far and far in the ocean. They use the Dewgong in a far-away shots.