Name: Belle the Cianwood Gym Student, aka Sarah the Shepherdess Author: Rob Age: 17 (She thinks of herself as being 20, though.) Home: The Cianwood City Gym Description: Belle is a healthy teenage girl of an about average weight and height for girls her age. Her delicate skin is very white, since she spends most of her time training herself or her Pokemon indoors instead of outside in the hot sun. Her straight blonde hair falls halfway down her back and her eyes are hazel. She often wears a white karate gi and a white belt. However, she also owns a short-sleeved woolen halter top that isn't too tight but doesn't fit loosely either and a beige miniskirt that ends just above her knees - an alternate set of clothing that she wears when she's not representing the Cianwood Gym. When she leaves the Gym, she goes barefoot and she carries a wooden crook that she knows how to use as a weapon. Personality: Belle is impulsive - perhaps a little too impulsive, which is why she likes learning how to defend herself in Cianwood City's Gym. She does, however, have a little bit of a shy side that manifests in her desire to stay within the protective walls of the Gym, the fortress she's been in since she awoke from a coma, to become a Fighting Pokemon Apprentice. She's somewhat innocent, since she's forgotten who she was before she awoke from the coma, and trusts anyone who seems like a good, honest person unless that person's male. She doesn't always think the best of people, and really dislikes men in particular. Though aggressive most of the time, she becomes even more aggressive during Pokemon battles. She's learning martial arts as a student at the Cianwood City Gym but she plans to only use her new skills if provoked. Pokemon on her active team: Barbie the Flaaffy (Female) Level 15 Moves: Tackle, Growl, and Thundershock Home: Pokeball Barbie is a cute Flaaffy who's extremely paranoid, very shy, and easily frightened. She's suspicious of people and Pokemon - she doesn't trust any of Belle's other Pokemon, assuming they all have ulterior motives. She doesn't approach strangers, and at times even runs away from them. Barbie's often scared - sometimes even of her own Trainer, who battles rather aggressively. She dislikes battling other Pokemon, but if she feels threatened by a situation or Belle tells her to fight, she'll attack. Her favorite place to be is hiding in a comfy Pokeball and she appreciates that Belle keeps her inside her Pokeball most of the time. Blazer the Cyndaquil (Male) Level 13 Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, and Ember Home: Fast Ball Blazer was given his name after he started wearing a Charcoal Coat that increases the power of his Fire Attack, Ember. Having been trained by Professor Elm, he's loyal to Belle and is always ready to battle for her, especially since it means he'll be released from his Fast Ball, which he dislikes. He also dislikes Luthor the Slowpoke since he feels Luthor is just using Belle and dislikes Belle's Sunkern because she's always trying to make out with him even though he tells her he's not interested in her. Blazer considers Mimic the Ditto his friend and is presently honoring a request from Mimic to take good care of Belle and her Pokemon since she's confused and can't remember most of her past. Luthor the Slowpoke (Male) Level 27 Moves: Confusion, Disable, Growl, and Teleport Home: Lure Ball Luthor's a delusional Slowpoke who was born in Kanto's Seafoam Islands. He learned how to speak English from reading comic books and hearing Trainers speak as they wandered through the Seafoam Caves. He has a tendancy to confuse people and Pokemon for comic book characters. He confused Belle for Supergirl and convinced her to capture him, since he would like her to find his crown (a King's Rock), and trade him with someone so that he may evolve into a Slowking, a form he figures is more befitting. Since he saw Belle kneeling before the Slowpoke Well near Azalea Town, which he believes is a statue erected in his honor, he figures he's been declared ruler of the planet Earth, a delusion he still holds to be true. His goal is to become ruler of all the universes that exist, but he feels he should become a Slowking first. Sunkern (Female) Level 10 Moves: Absorb, Growth, and Mega Drain Home: Love Ball This little Seed Pokemon was caught using a malfunctioning Love Ball in the National Park and she immediately became infatuated with Blazer the Cyndaquil, the Pokemon who battled her before she was caught. Her lust for the Fire Pokemon only increases the more time she spends inside her Love Ball. She's happy, bouncy, and really enjoys basking in sunlight and soaking up nutrients from water and/or soil. She thinks very highly of herself, especially after winning a Race in the National Park. Tyrogue (Male) Level 15 Moves: Tackle, Mach Punch, and Hi Jump Kick Home: Pokeball The Tyrogue that Belle selected as her Fighting Pokemon when she began her training at the Cianwood City Gym was disappointed that he got a female Trainer instead of a male one. He's reluctantly training with her because he sees that Chuck believes in her, but he doesn't particularly enjoy it, especially since he used to be Chuck's Pokemon and Chuck is much more skilled at martial arts than Belle. He's very confrontational and says what's on his mind even if people don't understand him. He's also quick to use the martial arts he learned from Chuck and the moves he inherited from his parents when annoyed. Pokemon not on her active team: Teddiursa (Male) Level 5 Moves: Scratch, Leer, and Metal Claw Home: Mareep Farm This cute, baby Teddiursa hatched from an Egg that was a gift from Bob Raiser. He was born with metallic claws. He hibernates for long periods of time and barely eats any food. He's currently staying at a Mareep Farm on Route 32 with a young boy named Teddy, Belle's little brother. -Belle