Name: Ben 'Three Legs' Algam Age: 15 (Turned fifteen a day into the silver conference) Hometown: Lavaridge, Hoenn Physical Appearance: A tall young man with blue eyes in his mid teens, his most recogniseable features being his extreemly unruly brown hair and the mawile attached to his leg. He usually wears a dark t-shirt and jeans with a carkii overcoat, and worn out, unbranded trainers. He wears a standard pokeball belt but with only four slots; he doesn't carry spare pokeballs. He also has a small rucksack in which he carries a few medical supplies, some odd scraps of metal and his mobile phone. Current Badges: Knuckle. Past: When he was 11, he used money his parents had given him to traveled down to Littleroot town to get a starter pokemon from Professor Birch and choose a Mudkip that he later nicknamed Swampy, his first pokemon. Still having some money left from his parents and wanting to be different, rather than going on to Oldale like most trainers, ben boarded a boat to Dewford island where he caught his second pokemon, an Aron. Despite training his two pokemon dilagently, after a week and three tries ben still could not defeat Brawly, the gym leader of the town. Realising he needed much more training, he left to travel Hoenn, to return when he was stronger. After two years traveling Hoenn, he returned to Dewford and beat Brawly. During his second stay in Dewford, a mawile attached itself to ben, both psyically to his leg and emotionally. Since then, ben had a run in with Sapphire and Mimic and assisted them in the rescue of Bob. Present: Ben entered the Silver Conference and beat but then befrended an older female trainer called Alex in the first round, but then lost to Robert and his hyperactive Charizard in the second. After their match, Ben asked Alex out on a date which she accepted, and is not at all phased by the fact she telepathically spoke to him during the final round. Future: Would like to get all the badges and win the pokemon league competition, plus defeat any strong trainer who would stretch his training skills. Pokemon: Ben currently carries four pokemon around with him, plus the mawile attached to his leg. Blade/Aggron Lv 45 Metal Claw, Iron Tail, Protect, Double Edge. A tiny but hardy Aron was bens first pokemon. After travelling Hoenn, this pokemon reached its final stage of evolution Aggron. This pokemons strength is only matched by its loyalty. Blade will take a blow for ben or any of his pokemon, though it would have little or no effect on his battle hardened armour. Nails/Lairon Lv 30 Metal Claw, Iron Tail, Take Down, Mud Slap. Nails is a younger, more inexperienced steel pokemon. Nails is loyal to ben, but not quite as much so as Blade. Blade and Nails often work side by side, as they get along well. His main weakness is that he can be arrogant at times. Metrix/Magneton Lv30 Thunderbolt, Spark, Lock On, Tri Attack. Metrix the magneton is a cool headed and good natured pokemon with thousands of volts in its charged body. Unfortunatly though he has a short temper towards other pokemon outside of bens squad and doesn't take kindly to anyone attacking or insulting his trainer. Overall though, he is a strong pokemon, but is at a low level. Aeros/Salamance Lv 60 Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Ice Beam. Aeros is a quick salamance who is powerful when airbourne. His dragon claw is very dangerous and could take out most pokemon in a couple of strikes and he also has a dangerous breath attack. His main weapon though, despite this, is his intimidating appearance that would frighten most pokemon off. He is very loyal and even though he looks scary he is a very friendly pokemon, and if it wasn't for this, ben wouldn't have caught him because of his high level. He cannot fly long distances. Pokemon not in use: Swampy/Swampert, Madcow/Camerupt, Capt. Falcon/Hariyama. Allies: Alex, Robert. Enemies: GenKnight and most of SHAKKmasters other pokemon.