Character Name: Blizzard Author: Beth ( Appearance: Blizzard is a white Persian. She has black ears, crystal blue eyes, and a blue gem on her forehead. She stands about three feet tall at the shoulders, making her roughly the size and shape of a puma. Background: Blizzard originally lived in the Seafoam Islands. There, she built up a reputation based on her beauty and savagery, and eventually became the target of collectors and furriers. Giovanni is particularly interested in capturing her, because he wants her as a mate for his Persian. At one point, he contracted one of his Rockets to find the white Persian, but this position was unintentionally usurped by a girl named Nori, who seems to have lost interest in the task. Since then, Blizzard has escaped the Seafoam caves. After wandering on her own for a while, she joined up with the Pokémon Pack, and as of now, still travels with them. She has also found her purpose in life: to beat down the pompous group of trainers that are known as "Gym Leaders". That, and possibly catch a Jigglypuff. Personality: Blizzard is known for her great beauty, and that fact has gone to her head, making her extremely vain. She usually acts in a cold, snobbish manner towards her fellow Pokémon. When she is around humans, she behaves like a sweet, affectionate kitten--particularly if they have food, or something else that she wants. However, as she is a cat, her mood is subject to change at a moment's notice. Blizzard has an odd stance, when it comes to Pokéballs and the enslavement of Pokémon by humans. She believes in the survival of the fittest, and feels that any Pokémon that is unable to defend itself deserves to be captured by humans or eaten by her. Capture is certainly the better option, since the Pokémon will live, and will probably benefit from whatever training the human gives it. She feels that this is the natural order of things, and is vehemently opposed to the Pokémon Resistance, for trying to disrupt it. Objectives: Blizzard seeks to defeat at least two of the eight Gym Leaders. Allies: The Pokémon Pack. She enjoys their company, and is willing to fight for their sake--although she usually doesn't show it. Somewhat sympathetic to Luthor the Slowpoke, since he seems to have the same goals as herself, but that won't stop her from eating him when next they meet. Friendly to Seafoam Pokémon in general, partly because she understands their plight--far from home, with humans breathing down their necks--and mainly because she was an infamous predator back home, and can count on them to kowtow to her. Seems to know Articuno, though she doesn't speak very highly of him. Enemies: Although they aren't enemies per se, Blizzard has an extreme dislike for Brock and Misty, as they humiliated her in battle. She doesn't believe in the principles of the Pokémon Resistance, but won't fight them, unless they challenge her directly. Finally, while she has no love for Team Rocket, she isn't actively trying to destroy them. She's wary of the fact that Rocket agents are trying to capture her, and simply tries to keep tabs on them...and in case you were wondering, she thinks Giovanni's Persian is a pompous lout. Pokémon: Persian (herself) L.51 Attacks: Slash, Bite, Payday, Thunderbolt Slash and Bite are essential to her survival, as they aid her in catching food, but Payday is only there as a placeholder. She intends to replace it with Bubblebeam as soon as possible. Thunderbolt was learned only recently, and Blizzard has an extremely difficult time controling it--it backfires on her about 50% of the time.