Name: Bob Raiser Age: 16 Eyes: Crystal blue, unless angry Hair: Black with a green tint. Height: 5' 8" Blood Type: Grass, O+ Description: Generally a calm person with a warm heart, he has a long fuse, though his constant misadventures, the fuse is slowly shortening. He also hates mornings so waking him up too early can be dangerous to one's health. As a breeder, he isn't and doesn't want to be a fighter, and he's only a trainer at the moment to learn about pokemon to be a better breeder. Given his life though, not fighting is not an option. He wears long green pants and a blue hooded sweatshirt, mostly to hide the grass-type features he's inheirited, the hood covering the leaf on his head. Under the clothes, one would find greenish coloured skin. and a Bayleef's leaf at the top of his head, where it would be if he were an actual Bayleef. Along his arms are nice razor-sharp leaves, fireable as a massive Razor Leaf, thouse it's very rarely used. Moves Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Reflect, Sleep Powder, Solarbeam History: The child of two pokemon breeders, Bob lived his life surrounded by all kinds of pokemon. Living in a Day Care gave him access to the materials and resources to breed his own pokemon, as well as knowledge about breeding in general. His first pokemon came in the form of a pokemon egg that a trainer didn't want for some reason. A week after his tenth birthday, it hatched into a baby Girafarig. A while later, the pair went on their own journey. Travelling to New Bark, he got a Chikorita from the professor there, and spent a while out in the fields learning about pokemon. He went back to the Day Care after a while due to circumstances, and stayed for a while, before setting off again. Due to an odd series of events involving a Tentacool and near-death expeiences, Bob bears traits of a grass-type pokemon, namely Bayleef now. While giving him grass-tpe abilities, and all the strengths and weaknesses to go with it, it's also caused him a lot of hassle. Also, somehow he got involved in the Shiny Unown hunt, having helped carry 8 of them back to the ruins along with Aerie. After trying to have a normal day in Olivine, he ended up going on a wild trip through space and time courtesy of a shiny Unown trying to fight Celebi, finally landing somewhere in Hoenn ... or more accurately ABOVE Hoenn in one of their rockets. Upon landing in Hoenn, Bob, along with Mimic got drafted by Sabrina for the task of keeping the 'Maquas' from picking on the wave of trainers and pokemon that Sabrina foresees coming to the verdent lands of Hoenn. Despite being a breeder and having a fair chunk of knowledge about breeding and pokemon care, the main gangs in all the lands seem more interested in the grass half over the breeder half. Where before it was Team Rocket, now it's the two rival gangs of Hoenn. Team Magma wants him for his natural type-advantage over the Aqua's water pokemon. Team Aqua probably want him so the Magma's can't get him, but their motives have yet to be seen. Abilities Being half-Bayleef gives him the abilities, ups and downs of the pokemon species. However, due to a old and rusty TM, Bob never completely learned the Solarbeam move, just the charging half of it. Thanks to some late night training from Mimic, he got enough control of it to not accidently burn himself to a crisp. While control isn't perfect, it's definitely enough to use in case of emergencies. Also, he has the ability to use light to make food, lowering his overall food intake to about 1/4 of a normal human. However doing this will give him a craving for meat since the only food made by photosynthesis is sugar. His own personal beliefs affect his fighting style. Instead of just beating his enemies into submission, he'll disable them, preferring to put them to sleep over knocking them out. Only when he has to, or gets too angry, does he actually attack. But all power comes with a drawback, and for Bob, there's two. First is a sort of ingrained nervousness, especially around ice-types. While he's trying to fix it, he has no desire to be frozen. Same goes for Fire-types, only he tries not to anger them. Grass burns rather easily after all. The other drawback isn't as plainly evident. When he gets too angry, his eyes will go from his normal caring blue to a rather angry shade of green. While like this, he is far easier to provoke into attacking and has less problems about hurting and/or killing. But since he's fairly difficult to anger, this usually doesn't happen. However, Aay would like nothing better to put Bob in this state for kicks. Possessions: Bob carrying most of his stuff in the traditional backpack. His backpack though, has wheels and an extendible handle. With him he carries a laptop computer, which doubles as his database, since it has data on himself, his pokemon and carries his breeding knowledge. Also, he has a small toolbox which holds various items useful for helping pokemon grow. The toolbox and items in it were a gift from his parents. Around his neck, Bob wears a Miracle Seed on a chain. As a grass-type, it helps (in theory at least) power up any grass-type move he uses. Like any trainer, he carries spare pokeballs, just in case. Also somewhere in his backpack should be a pokedex, he thinks. Bob's never really used one, knowing most of Johto's pokemon by name after living at a Day Care where at least most of them have been tended to at one point or another. Also with him is a copy of "Hoenn For Dummies". It even came with a mini-pokedex on a CD-ROM. He has 4 Bagdes: Zephyr, Plain, Fog, and Dynamo Goals: Bob wants to become known as a good trainer, but an even better breeder. He figures that the travelling will help broaden his knowledge about pokemon. Earning badges is a bonus. Other goals include helping Aerie gather the shiny Unown, mostly toensure she doesn't get hurt by them. However, he has nothing really to wish for as of yet. Family: Jeff -- Little Brother Rookie Trainer and Breeder Marie -- Mother Mike -- Father Both expert General Breeders. Own and Operate the Raiser Day Care on Route 34, near Goldenrod. Pokemon: Name: Girafarig (Raffy) Level: 60 Power: Inner Focus Moves: Psybeam, Agility, Future Sight, Take Down, Crunch An egg that was left by the rightful trainer, Raffy was Bob's first and most loyal pokemon. Because of this, he doesn't go in a pokeball unless he's too hurt to argue. Being a psychic, and a pesky one if you ask Bob, he has a bond with Bob and uses it to provide both translations, and to be a general smart-ass. He usually has a smart-ass crack for the situation. Like his trainer, Raffy is not a morning person, and gets very hostile if you wake him up before he wants to. Name: Ninetales (Buddy) Level: 42 Ability: Flash Fire Item: Charcoal in its collar Moves: Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Safeguard, Confuse Ray Another one of Bob's bred pokemon, Buddy uses his egg move to his advantage, because it's hard to hit what you can't see, especially after being hit with his Confuse Ray. Buddy is very crafty and uses strategy when brute force doesn't seem to cut it. He also has a tendency to shoot tiny Flamethrowers at Bob when he's called to the field. They're aimed to miss, but the true nature of this quirk is unknown. Name: Pidgeotto (Bullet) Level: 35 Power: Keen Eye Moves: Double Team, Wing Attack, Gust, Quick Attack Found injured and abandonned as a Pidgey, Bob and Raffy took it to the nearest Pokemon Center for help. Since it had no trainer and no home, Bob decided that he would take care of it. Since then, Bullet has always been a loyal ally. His main use is to scout the area for various things. Name: Dragonair (Puff) Level: 36 Power: Shed Skin Moves: Twister, Thunderbolt, Dragon Rage, Ice Beam, Agility Caught while trying to fish for lunch one day, Bob got a good fight instead of a good meal. He's somewhat reluctant to use him in battle due to the rarity of trained Dragon pokemon. It doesn't mean that he cares any less about it. Name: Blissey (Ignorance) Level: 25 Power: Natural Cure Moves: Softboiled, Metronome, Sing, Rollout Bred with the help of another trainer's Clefairy, Ignorance is with Bob for healing purposes rather than battling ones. It is constantly happy, even when everything else around it is not. When it does battle however, opponents get a rude awakening when they get rolled out by Rollout, which she does rather effectively. (Given the species' generally dismal Attack power) When not with Bob, it's helping out either at the Goldenrod Pokemon Center or at the Day Care, tending to the sick and injured Name: Chikorita (Leafer) Level: 25 Power: Overgrow Moves: Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Reflect The standard-type starting pokemon, Leafer was trained to be loyal to its trainer. However, Leafer likes Bob a little better, nuzzling up against his leg and acting all around affectionate. Could it be because she's a girl ... Name: Mantine (Stingray) Level: 25 Power: Water Absorb Moves: Twister, Hidden Power, Bubblebeam, Supersonic Fished up for the Whirl Cup, Stingray was born with Dragon-type blood running through it. He's a lighter colour than normal Mantine, as well as inheiriting Twister from it's Dragon parent. It comes at a price though, as that make Ice-type move a little more effective against it. Name: Sandslash (Xander) Level: 25 Power: Sand Veil Moves: Slash, Sand-Attack, Defence Curl, Rollout Sandslash is a competetive little mouse with a anger issues. When angry, Sandslash goes from being competetive to being vicious. It usually takes being recalled to calm him down once enraged. He also has a rather vulgar mouth, even for a Sandslash. Whether being back at the Day Care has calmed him down has yet to be seen. Name: Butterfree Level: 22 Power: Compound Eyes Moves: Sleep Powder, Confusion, Tackle, Stun Spore, Supersonic The second pokemon that he caught, Butterfree fights a lot like Bob, by disabling over brute force. Unlike Bob, Butterfree will use force if needed. He's spent the last while helping out with the bug pokemon at the Day Care. Name: Sentret (Bouncer) Level: 15 Power: Run Away Moves: Defense Curl, Quick Attack, Tackle, Scratch Unlike a lot of pokemon, Bouncer hates to fight, preferring to play with the pokemon by bouncing along on its tail. She's real good with younger pokemon, especially baby Sentret as she has both a maternal instinct and good bouncing skills. Name: Unown (Aay) Level: ??? Power: Levitate Moves: Hidden Power, Time Freeze, Anger Aay is the A-shaped Shiny Unown. His special ability is to make people and pokemon and anything in between Angry. Bob general calmer attitude allows him to control Aay better than one whe is more proned to anger. At the moment, Aay is content with angering the being him -- mostly Bob.