From: goola2u@aol.comREMOVE (Goola2u) Subject: [PW!][WG] Location: Brock's Diner Date: 1999/02/16 Newsgroups: Someone asked me about the "Do You Smell What the BROCK is Cooking?" T-Shirt, and this is where Shard got it, so here's the WG. It's also in many places, so feel free to eat there, wherever you are, the food's great. Brockís Diner Location: Next to the Pewter City Gym, among other places. Size: About the size of a normal restaurant, perhaps a bit larger, and some are much larger than others. Ownership: Owned and operated by Brock, who often drops by and even does some of the cooking himself. Technology: The diner, dedicated to serving good food to people and humans alike, uses only the best recipes and ingredients, and the highest culinary technology, with specialized and well-trained pokemon staffing, and humans with good training in the culinary arts, often taught by Brock himself, also do some of the cooking, and serve on the wait staff. In larger locations, warp tiles are used. Most locations have surveillance cameras to make sure nothing too funny happens, but they donít pick up the sound, so as to allow the patrons some privacy. Other information: Various merchandise is available at certain locations, including cookbooks and t-shirts, such as the one Shard often wears, with the picture of Brock in a chefís hat on it that says "Do You Smell What the BROCK is Cooking?". This is a very popular eating establishment, and many meetings take place, sometimes even shady business. Even Rockets are allowed, as long they behave themselves. Shard Fields, who will make it a point to use this location for several stories, as opposed to Diglett Plains, which may or may not be returned to, although anyone who wants can use my locations, and is in fact begged to do so. PLEASE use my locations!