Character: Candi Worth Author: Time Lady/Lady Timedramon Email: Age: 17 Hair: Blonde, curly, shoulder-length Eyes: Brown eyes. Build: slender and curvy Height: 5’3” Clothing: Expensive t-shirts with rhinestone, beaded or glittery designs, designer jeans, boots. Supplies: The latest trendy backpack with supplies. Uses a Rosetta issue Pokedex, allowing instant switching of pokemon without the need to go to a computer. The pokemon in Rosetta roam free on the ranch belonging to Sarah Jane’s grandparents. A miniature pokeball worn on a chain around the pokemon’s neck while in Rosetta allows the transfers to take place. The system was designed by university researchers with the aid of Bill. Personality: A bit airheaded and very self-centered, but she’s working on it. She has a “PHd” (Poppa has dollars), but Daddy’s getting sick of her – this is her last chance to become a pokemon trainer and she knows it. If she doesn’t get her way, she’ll whine. Relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Worth (parents) Objectives: To finally complete a Pokemon Journey. She’s already tried the journey once, tried the academy once, and this is her last try. Allies: Her parents, her chauffeur, Sarah Jane Enemies: none yet Pokemon: Mudkip (Skipper): Tackle, growl