Character Name: Cappie Author: Beth ( Appearance: Cappie stands 4' 07", and weighs 106 pounds. She has a rather small body with lanky limbs and big feet. Her large head sports proportionately large brown eyes, which are somewhat beady, but also bright and innocent. Her short, brown and pink-streaked hair falls over her ears, and her nails are painted purple. Both her feet and her wrists are tightly wrapped in bandages, to prevent sprains and other such injuries. Her standard apparel consists of jeans, a T-shirt, and a loosely buckled belt. Carries a camper's backpack complete with a bedroll; and wears the effeminate version of the PokéGear around her neck. Background: Cappie is a juvenile Hitmontop from the Mount Silver region. She's lived most of her life in a village called Ma, which is occupied mostly by Fighting-type and humanform Pokémon. Ma is a modest village by human standards, but relatively sophisticated when one considers that it was built and founded solely by Pokémon. Unlike the brutal monsters that live in the fields surrounding the Silver Caves, the Pokémon of Ma are highly civilized. Many of the adults are human-trained Pokémon that have been released into the wild, and they've brought bits of human culture with them to Ma. However, the Pokémon of Ma have unique customs as well. Cappie is trained in Karate, Aikido, and of course, Capoeira. Traditionally, when members of her family come of age, they partner up with humans from local dojos, and leave on an extended Battle Royale/Pokémon Journey. Each of Cappie's six elder brothers took this route; but Cappie opted out, after learning that many of the Pokémon she'd be facing had received no formal training, and would be ill-matched against her. Cappie's goal in life is to become a teacher, so she's going on a journey of her own, her aim being to find interested pupils whom she can train in the martial arts. Personality: Cappie is outgoing, and friendly to just about everybody. She's very slow to anger, and even when she gets mad, she tries to resolve things peacefully--she'll avoid fighting at all costs. She's a little naive, and somewhat idealistic, she tends to believe the best about everyone. She always tries to do the right thing in any given situation, but since she often sees in terms of black and white, she sometimes makes the wrong decision. Cappie is a kind, if occasionally stern teacher, who believes in exercising her students' minds as well as their bodies. She takes a hands-on approach to training, working alongside her students every step of the way, and placing mastery of basic techniques above knowledge of Devastation Attacks. Because of her own experience, she has a good sense of how far a body can be pushed, and will never permit her students to enter a battle that they have no chance of winning. Conversely, she won't allow her Pokémon to bully weak opponents. When Cappie's grandparents came across the ocean to Johto, they spoke only their native Hitmon language. However, her parents learned English during the course of their various training missions, and wanting their children to have every opportunity possible in the human-run world, they taught them largely in the new tongue. As a result, while Cappie can decipher some spoken Hitmon she is hard pressed to speak it herself, and she can't understand most other varieties of Pokéspeak at all. She does know a few choice Hitmon expressions, as well as the Hitmon names for most towns and martial arts techniques. She will occasionally substitute these for English phrases, if she can't think of a proper equivalent. Objectives: To become a martial arts instructor, and start her own dojo in the Silver Mountains. Pokémon: Magby (Gar) Ember, Cross Chop, Karate Chop Gar is extremely rowdy, but also shy around strangers. He's fascinated by humans, but since he never saw any while he was living in Ma, he's also terrified of them. Gar's Machamp daddy was a P-1 Champion, and his mom is registered in the Pokémon League Hall of Fame, so he's under a lot of pressure to succeed as a fighter. He's thrilled to be training with an accomplished martial artist, but thinks Cappie moves far too slowly for a hotshot like him. Although Gar knows some English, he's pretty self conscious about using it, and will usually speak in Magby unless someone instructs him to do otherwise. Togepi (Togepy) Growl, Metronome, Sweet Kiss, Frustration Togepy is a horrible thug of a Togepi who wants to terrify everyone around him. No matter how macho Togepy tries to act, he always comes off looking cute, and this enrages him to no end. When he performs his Sweet Kiss attack, he goes straight for the enemy's neck with his sharp canines. This has a 75% chance of baffling the opponent. Togepy speaks only the Toge language, which is actually highly sophisticated, but usually dismissed as baby talk by untrained listeners (like Cappie and Gar). He is perfectly capable of understanding English, although it usually doesn't interest him to do so. Hitmontop (herself) Rolling Kick, Rapid Spin, Focus Energy, Pursuit Cappie is at a moderate level. Because she is female, her Attack stat is much lower than that of the average Hitmontop. However, she is extremely dexterous, and her skill at dodging and planting techniques makes her a force to be reckoned with. She has an excellent sense of balance, and can beat any member of her family in a game of "Topsy-Turvy". Allies: Her Pokémon and her family. Enemies: None so far. --Beth, with a Tyranitar in her sig. "SCREAAAAAHHHHHH!"