From: Jose L. Solano (jsolano199@aol.comlink) Subject: [PW!][WG] Carol Ross is updated, too! Newsgroups: Date: 2003-12-30 01:38:10 PST (with Trent busy elsewhere, I thought I'd take this opportunity to let Carol do something for a change) Name: Carol Ross Author: Jose L. Solano ( Age: 21 Height: 5'8" Weight: 119 Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Red Birthplace: Saffron City Appearance: Carol usually wears a pair of baggy brown paints, kept on by a black belt, a gray top, and a dark blue-green jacket that is about two sizes too large for her, often with only her fingers appearing from the long sleeves. Her red hair is almost shoulder-length and a little messy, but still presentable. Taking a hint from her "mentor," most of her equipment is stored in pockets in her pants and jacket. Attached to her left ear is a metal earpiece with a plastic covering that looks a little like part of a set of headphones, with a retractable microphone on a small metal rod. Weaponry/Equipment: Carol carries a pocket guide to Pokémon, extra Pokéballs, as well as her attached earpiece. She has a set of small goggles that can see in infra-red, though they're not actually as useful as she thought they'd be and are usually kept in one of her many pockets. She may be carrying all sorts of random items stolen from random people; she sometimes loses track of what she has. She had a gun, but it seems Trent took it. Bummer. Personality: Carol is actually a rather happy and outgoing girl, and often applies her sense of humor to less humorous situations, but she knows when to get serious. She mainly cares for herself, but she's not cruel. She doesn't like being an underling, so she sometimes seems a little bitchy to anyone who has authority over her. She's more clever than people usually realize, and often distracts people through conversation and flattery; unfortunately, she's not immune to her own tricks... in fact, she's quite vulnerable to them. History: Alright, now her history has been explained in her first WG, I can now get along to what's immediately important: Carol is an ex-Rocket (though she never officially resigned) and very knowledgable about the lives, motives, and cases of famous criminals (her father is a criminal psychologist), among which are the infamous William Retwin (one of Carol's idols) and his lesser-known (and rightly so) son Trent. Since she has a slight obsession with crime and criminal studies, she's decided she wants to be a master criminal, and so she wants to learn from the best. Since Team Rocket's gone down the drain, she had to settle for Trent. She would prefer to learn in a more indirect fashion by applying the skills she learned from Team Rocket and seeing how he'd react, but unfortunately, he tricked her into putting on an earpiece that keeps her in contact with his Abra, Kurt, and contains a self-destruct device to keep her in line. She's reluctantly accepted that she's going to have to go along with all this until she can learn enough of Trent's tricks to use them against him. Goal: To become a master criminal by learning from various masters in various fields. She has left her first teacher (Team Rocket) and her current teacher (Trent) is unaware of her real intentions... at least, that's what she thinks. Other Skills: Carol has exceptional aim with a gun, is a good thief (her tricks sometimes even work on Trent), an an amateur expert in Pokémon, though by no means a pro. Pokémon: ---Feraligatr- Level 50 Carol's first Pokémon, a lost Totodile she found shortly before joining Team Rocket. Feraligatr is well trained and well-disciplined, and though usually playful, it knows when to play and when to work. ---Ariados- Level 25 Carol "captured" the Spinarak during her first mission as a Rocket. ---Rhydon- Level 39 On "loan" from Trent. Impossible to understand and completely disobediant. She plans to give it back... eventually. Allies: Trent Retwin, Ashura (she actually sort of respects him) Enemies: Trent Retwin (she does intend to claim the bounty when she's learned enough, after all) Jose L. Solano ------------------------------- A devious, degenerate defender of the devil