Cassandra 'Cass' Gale Age: 18 Height: 6'3" Weight: 134 lbs. Place of Birth: Mossdeep City, Hoenn Date of Birth: June 24 (Cancer) Blood Type: A+ Appearance: Cass is a tall, attractive young woman with deep red hair reaching down to her back and light blue eyes. She normally wears a green T-shirt, blue jean-shorts, socks, tennis shoes, and various bits of padding for use in extreme sports. She carries her main gear in a large backpack, while her Poké Balls, PokéDex, and PokéNav are stored on her belt. A pair of rollerblades usually hangs from her backpack when not worn. Personality: Cass is generally an easygoing person. She is quite friendly, sociable, and outgoing. Like her younger half-sister, Alexandria Masters, she has an adventuresome side to her, only she is far less cautious than Alex. Cass is quite energetic and overeager, almost like a young child on a sugar rush. She also tends to swoon over exceedingly attractive men, occasionally causing some minor embarrassment for her younger half-sister. History: Cass was born in Mossdeep City in the Hoenn region to Kyle Gale, a former agent of Team Rocket, and Helen Mass-Gale, then a minor player in a local construction firm. Shortly before her birth, Cass's father was killed by agents of Team Magma. Cass's mother left Mossdeep soon afterwards, then married Lyle Masters shortly after Cass's birth. Cass's half-sister, Alex, was born a few months before Cass's second birthday. At the age of ten, Cass left her new home of Lilycove City for the Johto region with Obsidian, a Larvitar given to her by her stepfather as her first Pokémon. Over the course of a three-year journey, Cass traveled across Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn, ultimately collecting the twenty-four badges from each region and capturing nine Pokémon, three from each area. She returned to Lilycove City in time for her thirteenth Christmas, and has since spent her time training her team for tournaments and contests. She now hopes to aid and possibly compete against her young half-sister one day. Hobbies: Cass enjoys rollerblading and watching Japanese Animé. Among her favorite series is Mobile Fighter G Gundam, mostly due to the character of George de Sand. While not as widely read as her sister, Cass does occasionally quote Shakespeare. Pet Peeves: Cass generally dislikes womanizers and those who believe themselves above others without proper reason. Abilities: Cass is skilled at rollerblading, and has an interest in mechanics, which has led her into building and modifying sports cars. Unlike her sister, Cass is also an excellent swimmer, and enjoys deep-sea diving off Lilycove's shores. Weapons: Unlike her sister, Cass carries no weapons. Weaknesses: Cass's roving eye is her primary weakness. Relations: Kyle Gale: Father (Deceased) Occupation upon Death: Police Informant Lyle Masters: Stepfather (Deceased) Occupation upon Death: Research Scientist Helen Mass-Gale-Masters: Mother Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, MasterCorp Alexandria Beatrice 'Alex' Masters: Half-Sister Occupation: Pokémon Trainer Allies on Journey: (By herself) Alex, Nori, Derek Fisher, Kitsu and Keaton, Aerie (By association with Alex) Dee (aka Doppler), Ben, Carol Ross, Bob and Jeff Raiser, Mimic Enemies on Journey: Team Magma Current Badges: Cass has long had the eight official badges each from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Current Pokémon: Nine Tyranitar (Nickname: Obsidian): A massive hulk, Obsidian is tough but gentle, especially around Cass and those close to her. He is intelligent, social, and immensely loyal, and acts more like a playful kitten around Cass than a powerful monster. The most experienced of Cass's Pokémon, Obsidian has carried Cass through thirteen Gym Battles, in most cases earning her a Badge single-handed. Obsidian is the only Pokémon whose language Cass can understand, and more often than not acts as a translator. Level: 75 Attacks: Strength, Crunch, Rock Tomb, Screech Golduck (Nickname: Nosedive): Wild and courageous, Nosedive is the second to leap into action alongside Cass, the first usually being Obsidian. During battle, Nosedive often makes witty retorts, often causing the opposing Pokémon to fall off their guard and make careless mistakes, usually resulting in their defeat. When not in battle, Golduck often enjoys sitting back and reading comic books, and is quite fond of anything written by Peter David or Simon Furman. Level: 71 Attacks: Dive, Confusion, Dig, Psych Up Manectric (Nickname: Jolt): Sharp-minded and direct, Jolt is always moving at breakneck speeds, save when sleeping. Out of a desire to protect Cass, Jolt often scouts ahead of her, scanning the area for possible dangers and any sort of trouble. His devotion to Cass is so great that he only acts after being told to do so, save when protecting her from danger or in a life-or-death situation. His undying loyalty may cause other Pokémon to make jokes on his behalf, but his speed and power in battle quickly silence their laughter, only to replace it with the sound of a lightning strike. Level: 68 Attacks: Flash, Bite, Shock Wave, Secret Power Wailord (Nickname: Triton): A gentle master of the seas, Triton is relaxed and in control whenever he takes to the oceans. His language, while simple, often expresses his thoughts clearly and without much hassle. Triton dislikes Gyarados, believing that they discredit the honor of all ocean-dwelling Pokémon. He has similar feelings towards Sharpedo as well. Level: 70 Attacks: Waterfall, Rest, Earthquake, Amnesia Dragonite (Nickname: Hot Shot): A hotheaded flying ace, Hot Shot is egotistical and stubborn. However, he often has the skill to back up his claims, flying faster and further than most Pidgeot. Hot Shot's pride and vanity cannot allow any other Pokémon to outshine him when it comes to flight, and he often ends up racing his challengers to defend his title. Such matches rarely result in wins or losses for Hot Shot, mostly leaving him desiring a rematch with his competition. Despite his ego, he is loyal and trusting towards Cass and Alex, and is quite willing to get them where they need to go, no matter the distance. Level: 71 Attacks: Fly, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Safeguard Claydol (Nickname: Enigma): Calm and unobtrusive, Enigma battles only when called upon. In its telepathic voice, Enigma always tries its best to guide Cass along the safest path and give advice. However, these pearls of wisdom are often quite cryptic, and Cass is rarely able to fully understand them. Despite this, however, Enigma remains with Cass in hopes of one day showing her the proper path. Level: 64 Attacks: Rock Smash, Psychic, Earthquake, Rest Not on Active Team: Azumarill (Nickname: Ariel): Given to Cass while an egg in Johto, Ariel is gifted with Sing, and practices her vocal talents often. Thanks in part to mass exposure, Cass and the rest of her Pokémon are only reduced to drowsiness upon hearing her song rather than full-fledged slumber. Aside from singing, Ariel enjoys swimming, and often joins Cass when she is out in the water. Level: 70 Attacks: Surf, Rollout, Rain Dance, Sing Politoed (Nickname: Scylla): Energetic and lovable, Scylla is in some ways the closest that Cass will ever come to having the stereotypical 'cute Pokémon mascot'. Scylla enjoys the company of others, and is quite playful around anyone, even complete strangers. It is only thanks to dumb luck that Scylla has avoided trouble thus far. Despite her naivete, Scylla is a competent fighter and very difficult to defeat. Level: 70 Attacks: Whirlpool, Belly Drum, Mind Reader, Ice Punch Vileplume (Nickname: Rose): Exceedingly vain, Rose is Cass's primary contender in Pokémon Beauty Contests. Aside from her vanity, Rose's main traits include compassion and battle skill, both linked to her vanity in their own ways; the one from not wishing to see harm done to her beautiful form, the other for seeking vengeance for harm done to her beautiful form. It is thanks to this second trait that Cass often leaves Rose to contests than have her in battle. Despite this, Rose likes both Cass and Alex, and will proudly stand alongside both. Level: 72 Attacks: Cut, Moonlight, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance Goals: Cass's current goals include winning in Pokémon Contests across Hoenn, aiding and guiding Alex when she can, and perhaps one day competing alongside her in a Tournament. Additional Notes: Cass is currently helping her sister with the 'Search for Smasher', and with the help of other members, has determined a possible link to Team Magma. William Rendfeld Creator of Echowarrior and Alex Masters 178,000 Excellent Author Points 1 'I knew odd pokefacts that confused a bread crumb' point. 20 Y2Tech Points