Character: Daniel B Ando (He has no idea what the "B" means) Author: Jorge "MechaGojira" Labrador Birthplace: Celadon City, Kanto? Dan is a 6'0'', youthful looking, 20 year old male from Celadon City, with fairly tanned skin, brown eyes and brown hair with shaggy, flowing sideburns(which is usually messy, although slicked back or forward when Dan feels the need to look 'right'). He is always dressed in plain clothing; an old t-shirt, blue jeans, worn red sneakers and the like. Dan has never been much a people person, but he tries his best to assume that people wont be jerks, and is slowly learning (despite his past, which I will explain in a moment) to make friends and be social. In other words, he is mostly shy, but coming out of his shell. Other than that, he likes to read and write, and loves science fiction shows and movies. He also likes drawing and photography. Most importantly, Dan is always willing to help out someone in need. Sometimes, however, this can be used against him... Dan has lived the majority of his life in the Celadon City Orphanage, with no memories of his parents or family whatsoever. He grew up amongst the other orphans in a similar situation, where he was often bullied and teased by some of the other children when he attended school. When he turned 18, Dan took a job at the Celadon Xpoze (see below), a small, 'underground' alternative to the Celadon Tribune, and has since become a photographer and regular writer for their web site. He's willing to cover anything from UFO or monster sightings, to secret conspiracies and even Pokemon events. This suits him well, as Dan is naturally inquisitive... his childhood has left him much to desire from life, and perhaps this curiosity will someday sate his desire for knowledge about his own past. Currently, Dan lives in a small apartment in Celadon, paying his bills with his news money, while trying to integrate himself into this strange world outside the orphanage. Dan had one Pokemon throughout his childhood years, a Houndour pup he befriended, which he later named Zoffy. Zoffy, an orphan like Dan, had once wandered onto the orphanage baseball field as a teenage Dan watched the others play (he was never good at sports), and the two became instant friends. Over the years, the bond between them has grown, and Zoffy has stuck with Dan ever since, following him everywhere. On another occasion, Dan caught an Elekid, his only other Pokemon, in what was his first Pokemon battle. While he was on a stakeout for pictures of the legendary Mankey Kong, Apollo, as Dan named him later on, appeared and kept getting in the way of Dan's line of sight. Dan called on Zoffy to scare him off, but the Elekid continued playfully interfering. It finally came down to Dan capturing Apollo. Ever since, Apollo has made great friends with both Dan and Zoffy. Mankey Kong never appeared, and was later proven to be a hoax. Bummer. His Pokemon: Zoffy (Houndour): Level 19 Bite Ember Apollo (Elekid): Level 17 Flash (Useful when Dan needs a powerful flash) Thunderbolt Zoffy is never in a PokeBall, while Apollo usually is... he finds it cozy. Dan's Pokemon are as inexperienced in battling as he is, but with Xpoze's recent coverage of the Silver Conference, his interest in Pokemon battling has been piqued. Although most others cannot, Dan can understand what his own Pokemon say. Special Abilities/Powers: Other than his above-average artistic skills, Dan has no other real talents. And his two years of experience in 'investigative' reporting have led him to be skeptic of anyone with so-called "powers". Weapons and Accessories: Dan is an excellent shot.... he always keeps his digicam in his pocket. Of course, if it comes down to it, he can always use the flash to blind an assailant. He doesn't believe in things like concealed knives or guns, but is in relatively good shape and is more than ready to defend himself with his fists. Dan usually travels on a bicycle, but he knows how to drive. In fact, Dan is saving up for a motorcycle. Allies: None, really. He's just now getting used to the concept of friends. Some of the Xpoze's staff has taken a liking to this newcomer, and he in turn, has taken a liking to the cute secretary ;) Enemies: None at this point. At another time, the other boys in the orphanage may have considered his enemies, but those days are long over. Goals: Dan has a frequent impulse to either find happened to his parents, or find why the reason why was left alone at such an early age. This is his primary goal, and many times he makes it seem as if this is his only purpose in life. Other than that, he also wishes to become a famous, respected journalist, and also meet, befriend and battle trainers from all over, helping his Pokemon grow strong. ====================== The Celadon Xpoze: A weekly newspaper (although it looks like more of a pamphlet on most weeks) that Dan Ando works for, it is based in the basement of an old apartment building in Celadon City. The staff is very small, and most of the content is provided by freelancers. The quality of Dan's work, however, has earned him a permanent spot as photographer and web journalist. The staff consists of 32 year old Tem, Founder, Editor and voice of reason for the Xpoze, Gena, his "secretary" (in other words, she makes copies and distributes them), who Dan tends to get nervous around, Hayata, layout manager and a fellow writer, and Chip, web master for the Xpoze's site and overall "computer guy". The paper itself tends to cover what could be considered "shock" news, but will also delve into matters that the traditional media will not; so-called conspiracies, mysteries, organized crime... organized poke-crime, and more. Xpoze Goals: Inform EVERYONE of EVERYTHING. Leave no stone unturned on the quest for truth... while rattling a few cages here and there, perhaps. Finally, to surpass the Celadon Tribune in readership. The Xpoze is published weekly for distribution on Monday afternoons.