From: Clayton ( Subject: [PW!][WG] Derek Fisher Newsgroups: Date: 2003-11-14 04:20:22 PST Name: Derek Fisher Age: 23 Height: 5' 9" Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Past: To him, a total mystery. For as long as he could remember, he's always had Torch and Chan. As a result of this, he wanders from place to place doing this and that for whatever he can. His goal is to find out just who he really is, or why he can't remember anything. About the only thing he remembered is his name, and so far, it's hasn't been helpful His biggest skill personally is unarmed combat. While not a master of any one style, he has basic knowledge of a few styles. His true fighting skills lie in his ability to fuse styles together, making his own style that can be hard to read at times. He'll learn any technique from anyone be it human or pokemon, as long as it's non-lethal and doesn't use a weapon. He may not succeed, but he'll try. Present: Derek roams the lands looking for clues to his past. Will fight the occasional trainer. Collects badges for kicks over prestige. He tends not to realize that he shouldn't be somewhere unless someone tells him as he tends to always enter the back way (Usually by accident) Future Goals: To find out who he once was and perfect his fighting style. Appearance: Usually loose-fitting pants tied at the ankles and waist and a shirt. He carries a black dufflebag with all of his, and some of hos pokemon's stuff in it Usually has one pokemon minimum walking with him for the company, typically Chan because he's the most notmal of the lot. Pokemon: Blaziken (Torch) Quick Attack, Ember, Double Kick, Bulk Up Ability -- Blaze His fighting improves while drunk, whick gives Derek headches in a battle, and Torch headaches later form the hangover after the fight. Fights drunken-style -- the drunker, the better. Medicham (Chan) Recover, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Confusion Ability -- Pure Power Derek's #1 sparring partner and technique critic. Knows most of Derek's moves inside and out and even has some of his own. Fights by doging and weaving around attacks, then attacking back fast. Can only speak telepathically when conveying a strong emotion, usually anger or surprise Lombre Water Gun, Mega Drain, Thief, Fake Out, Rain Dance Ability -- Rain Dish Best described as an excessively happy kleptomaniac. Sometimes, her dancing triggers the Rain Dance move. Fights by making quick strikes and stealing stuff from opponents to use on them. Normally she's too carefree and happy to fight, but woe to the ones that piss her off. Sableye (Sabrina) Foresight, Taunt, Detect, Thief, Shadow Punch Ability -- Keen Eye A little Sableye with a lot of attitude. Her hobby is taunting. She's 2/3 the size of a normal Sableye. Fights be taunting adversaries into making mistakes. Heracross Endure, Reversal,. Counter, Double Team Ability -- Guts The cook of the lot. Prizes her 4-foot Twisted Spoon. How she got it, who knows? She uses the spoon as a weapon. Fights be redirecting momentem and damage and by wearing opponents out. Tentacool (Taco) Supersonic, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Poison Sting, Bubblebeam Ability -- ??? The underwater fighter. However with the right fixings, his poison acts like any other alcoholic beverage, which makes this water-type Torch's best friend. Fights by confusing and distracting, then hitting with weak attacks.