Name: Dharak Age: ? Height: 6'2" Weight: ? Appearance: Long black hair tied back in a ponytail, pale skin, slate grey eyes. More often than not, he's glaring at someone. If he happens to be battling, and in fact in the battle himself, he will have large black feathered wings because he too is a halfbreed, but he can control his powers and his appearance quite well. Currently wearing: A black trench coat, a shirt patterned like a yinyang, grey pants, black combat boots. References: (This was part of an abandoned storyline. This comic DOES continue. It has 17 pages. Just modify the number in the address with the next page number, but after page 9, it goes 92, 93, 94, etc. It was to make the files appear in the right order in the file directory. I also have another comic I did that was another dropped storyline, which branched off from a thread that was probably familiar to you guys. Take away the filenames up there [ie girl1.jpg etc] and replace it with fight1.jpg (i think there are 7 pages?) and yeah! thats it.) Personality: Sarcastic, condescending, out to kill Amber. He was the one who melded her with her sneasel and also the one who gave her the ability to hide her characteristics. His whole personality and motivation is best summed up in this passage: "Has anyone ever told you that you repeat things often," he grumbled as he smoothed his jet black hair. "Hmph. Anyways, how do you like your freedom to be human again?" There was a trace of a smirk on his face that would have been unsettling had she noticed it. "Oh I never got to thank you for that!" she smiled. "Thank me?" he asked incredulously. "Thank me?" He laughed a bonechilling laugh and suddenly Amber felt very uneasy. "You don't understand it at all, do you? I weakened you!" "You...?" "That's right. I weakened you. You don't have a strong enough connection to that scroungy weasel right now to fight higher than level 3. Oh my, this is hilarious! You thought I was helping you?" He burst into laughter again that made Amber feel uneasy. Her stomach lurched at his words. He turned his face slightly so that the moonlight filtering through the clouds threw his face into sharp relief. He had a very ominous smile on his face. "If you weren't helping me," she said carefully, fearfully, "then why did you help me when I was poisoned?" "Well I couldn't have you dying on me," he said as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. "You see, I needed you. That excess power that you can no longer access builds up, and I can siphon off of that power and use it for myself! How easily I could defeat you, and still be able to power myself." "You use me?" she cried. "Why, I suppose you could put it that way, yes." He grinned maliciously. "" She couldn't find the words to describe what she felt, whether it was her fear at the truth of his words or the anger she felt for his trickery. He seemed to read her nevertheless. "I never tricked you, you silly girl. I never said I was helping you. I just fed my intent into your desires. But I feel that I have enough power myself now. I no longer need you." "What?" His words were struggling to sink into her brain. She felt as if she were covered in a fog and couldn't get to where she had to go. "I--no--longer--need--you," he said slowly, as if she were a child. Hot anger rushed into her veins. She whirled up, threw her arm back, and punched him. The smirk faded from his face and was replaced by a vicious frown. "You will pay for that," he hissed. "Mark me Amber: I will kill you. I will hunt you down and murder you. You are nothing compared to me. NOTHING!" At this last word he sent a hefty blast at her and she screamed. Through her increased sensitivity it felt like a billion needles tearing through her body--- All at once it stopped. He was only inches from her face, his violet eyes boring into her golden ones. "I have another secret for you," he whispered, that ominous smile still playing about his lips. "I too am a half-breed..." His hand flew out and grabbed her skull and he clenched his hands. Her head felt like it would explode...through the stars that had burst into her vision she could see that indeed, a pair of black wings snapped from his back. They were covered in ebony feathers---she screwed her eyes shut as the pain seared through her body. She screamed.... Pokemon: Hunter (Eevee) [has also been called Bandit] Level: 30 Supportive of his master and has a very strange ability. By touching someone he can send them into a world of nothingness. It's generally meant for Pokemon, but by sending Amber with her pokemon, he ended up melding her with her sneasel. Abilities: *Transport [aforementioned], Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand-attack, growl, quick attack, bite Dharak (himself) Level: ?? (not omnipotent) Part Murkrow. Abilities: Peck, Pursuit, Haze, Night Shade, Faint Attack, Mean Look.