Character: Doppler Author: Adrian Tymes (handle used on AGNP) E-mail: Appearance: A shapeshifting Ditto, and thus capable of being anything - including a trainer. More often than not, not in a Ditto's default form. Doppler knows English, and can speak like any human...*exactly* like any human, allowing him to maintain perfect imitations of anyone, so long as his emotions do not give his act away. Although he generates clothes as part of his body when needed, he has picked up a couple pieces of clothing which he usually wears when not overly concerned with people looking for him: a "leather" hat and jacket, handmade from the skin of one of his human kills, but only distinguishable from real leather upon microscopic inspection. He wears it so he can dismiss any pokedex reading him as a Ditto as the pokedex picking up on the leather, and a quick scan will reveal both human and Ditto DNA. When necessary, he can pack them very tightly, fitting inside even a diglett's body, so as to carry them when not worn. Personality: Doppler honestly believes that he is the prototype of what is to come...a merging of human intelligence and pokemon abilities. He believes in equality between pokemon and humans, to the point that he thinks of everyone who catches pokemon in pokeballs as slavers. He has little regard for the lives of those who oppose his goals, though he will usually only kill when it is the easiest way to achieve his objectives at the time, or when confronting a severe example of one being enslaving and abusing another (for instance, trainers ordering freshly-caught pokemon to kill themselves for the trainer's benefit, with no regard for the loss of life, especially when the trainer plans to do it again). His main quest is to find a way to promote his views that will not utterly waste his efforts, and as such, he quests for knowledge to support this goal. Past defeats in his ultimate objective weigh heavily on his soul, and while he has yet to admit it to himself, a new path to victory is not all he searches for. Objectives: Doppler views both Team Rocket and the Pokemon League as fundamentally corrupt, for allowing pokemon to be treated as property. He eventually wishes to see both organizations destroyed by any means possible, including by killing their leaders and tarring their reputations so that no one would even think of joining them. However, the methods he has tried - both personally attacking the institutions' assets and organizing an army to rise against them - have failed, so he is looking for inspiration for another method that might succeed before attacking them again. He also wishes to improve himself, usually by finding new forms to transform into or new applications of those forms. Doppler has a nearly perfect memory, allowing him to transform into anything he has ever seen, but he has yet to see Mew, Celebi, or any of the Legendaries. He quite clearly remembers seeing Mewtwo and learning hatred from him, but has discarded the memory of that form as pathetically weak in light of his other forms. Current Pokemon: Self (he carries no pokeballs, and thinks that other pokemon might not be able to keep up with him at times) Allies: Although Doppler has made favorable impressions on a number of people and pokemon, even his brother Mimic, his trust has been abused to the point where he has a hard time bringing himself to trust anyone enough to be a true ally. He does, however, respect people and pokemon who are unquestioned masters of their domains, and has done favors for Mewtwo before. Enemies: Both Team Rocket and the Pokemon League have posted bounties for his capture. The Pokemon League bounty specifies "Alive or Eternally Fainted", and even Lance has attempted to collect in the latter fashion. The Team Rocket one just says "Dead"; although it was sucessfully claimed by Minax, it remained posted after their executives concluded that Doppler had managed to ressurect himself. His methods have also made a number of enemies among the few who support neither organization. Even the upper levels of the cult he founded to attack the Team and the League have been bought out and turned against him, though they profess only to wish to discuss matters with him to keep the peace among new recruits attracted by Doppler's original vision, at least until they can properly brainwash said recruits. History: Doppler used to belong to Professor Oak. He was captured to participate in an experiment to see if Dittos could remember their transformations, and transform when not in sight of the object being copied. The experiment suceeded, but it was carried out in the same building as many less ethical experiments...including Mewtwo's birth. Not surprisingly, Team Rocket eventually raided this lab to steal any powerful pokemon, though only after the lab was mostly wrecked by Mewtwo's exit. Doppler's first kill was an unsucessful attempt to protect Mimic. He brooded and trained for some time thereafter, until eventually he struck out at society (which event actually started the Poke Wars!). Society struck back, strong enough to convince him that he could not do it alone. So, he raised an army...only for some of Silph Co.'s higher executives to buy his lieutenants' loyalties, resulting in a bloody, yet hidden, war that killed many of his few friends. Shortly before the war, a Team Rocket operative he had fallen in love with managed to kill him, except for a small piece containing his memories. His cult tried to replace him, but the piece eventually found and merged with this new Doppler, who quickly became aware of the slow betrayal since the traitors had not been as cautious around the replacement as around the original. After barely escaping the bloodshed despite his powers, he spent years mourning the fallen and trying to think of ways to accomplish his dreams. Other notes: Doppler was a villain, but is now more of a lost soul. He thought he was acting in the world's best interests, but his faith in his goals drove him to evil deeds. He has nearly destroyed entire cities before, and while he now sees that such massive, but blunt, power accomplished nothing, he will do so again in the rare case he thinks he can gain something from it...but he will also willingly rise up to defend a city if he thinks he can impress his views on the citizens as a result. Also, Doppler will not allow himself to be captured; any attempts to do so will usually result in the destruction of the pokeball, and wounding (or death) for the would-be capturer. In battle, Doppler knows element types and weaknesses cold, and will always use them unless he has reason not to. He has also spent time developing tactics designed to exploit the battle strategies of most trainers, for instance by attacking the trainer directly and ignoring any pokemon sent out to battle in the trainer's stead, or - when he has friends along - attacking with several pokemon at once.