Character: Drake Author: Jeff Hauser E-mail: Appearance: Not too different from most other Dragonites. 7í6" with brown eyes. The feature that sets him apart from most Dragonites is a leather bag with a carrying strap across his chest in which he carries several items (The best image to compare to is the messenger Dragonite from Mewtwo Strikes Back). Personality: Probably his most noticeable trait is his arrogance. While it is not totally undeserved, since he is a Dragonite and extraordinarily experienced, itís still an outstanding trait. He is also intelligent and does care about others, he just tries not to show the latter of the two. Heís also used to solving problems by threats and intimidation or violence, something of a side effect of how his first trainer raised him. Hometown: Fuchsia City (specifically the Safari Zone) History: Captured as a Dratini by a trainer while the human was on a trip to the Safari Zone. Drake grew to resent the trainer because of his incompetence. While he was able to train Drake to very high levels against wild pokemon and some less competent trainers, this original trainer was unable to ever beat Blaine. After repeated failures, the trainer eventually quit and gave away most of his pokemon. Since the trainerís family was friends with Damianís family, Drake was given to Damian. Thinking that Damian would be another incompetent trainer, Drake decided that he wouldnít be letting Damian command him until the young trainer had proven himself. The Dragonite also chose not to reveal that he could talk so he could see if the young trainer was good enough on his own. During this period, Drake became quite proficient in using pantomime as communication when needed. While he had many positive experiences while traveling with Damian and their friends, he has chosen to turn his back on that and everything he did during that time. It was a painful experience for him and he regrets what he did. He just canít think of a way in which things will ever be set right. Shortly after this separation, Drake came up with the idea to start a business. The business would be a delivery business utilizing teleporting pokemon. His idea is that few people have access to teleportation technology. For everyone else, this business could have the advantage of instantaneous shipping and at the same time being non- polluting. With this idea and a list of all the pokemon that could learn Teleport, he has set forth to build this business. So far, he has only gained two pokemon for his business. In addition, before his business has even started, Drake has found that it is not entirely his own anymore. For the trade-off of getting money, he made Memuyo (described below) a partner in the business. In addition, the gym leader, Sabrina, became a partial owner in this company in exchange for a stock of Teleport TMs that she had. Moves: Hyper Beam, Slam, Wrap, Thunder. (His original moveset is one of the reasons that he believes his original trainer was incompetent and resents him. Thunder is a recent addition that he TMed to himself). Any pokedex that scans him would register him as level 93. Goals: To open the successful delivery business that he has envisioned. Allies: Few so far. In fact the only ones that he believes he has in this reality right now are Aerie and Mimic. Enemies: The only one he might consider an enemy is Minax. He was not very happy about either of his run ins with the Team Rocket member, but so far doesnít feel that he needs to chase her down and do something about her. He believes that she probably feels about the same. Pokemon with him: Shellder Still unnamed as Drake really hasnít taken much time to actually use it yet. Received as a starter from Professor Oak since the Professor was out of the normal starters at the time. Moves: Tackle, Supersonic, Teleport, Water Gun (both of the last two are TMed) Memuyo A Meowth that Drake wanted in order to get money from the Pay Day ability. It agreed to go along with him under the condition that it would be a partner in the delivery business that Drake is looking to create. A mostly average Meowth except for having above animal-level intelligence and being able to pronounce its name. Pronouncing its name and having some knowledge of the human world comes from its father, who had lived among the humans for quite some time. The name, BTW, is a little irony. The translation of the part-Meowth, part- Japanese name is "No need for money". Moves: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Pay Day. Jeff Hauser* *Sig Sold Seperately