Name - Dreadite? Author - Dreadite/Sean Alexander Age - 200+, estimated? Height - 6'2" Weight - 150lbs Gender - Male Home - Currently, none. Appearance - Dreadite has long, wavy, shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes. His eyes change color in the light, appearing in the dark to have an obvious red hue to them. His facial features are soft, clean-shaven and very youthful, appearing to be in his late teens. His gaze is peircing, however, and smouldering, no longer posessing the fire of youth, but still burning inside. He wears a black business suit, with a black trenchcoat, and a sheath is carried openly on his side. He wears tall, knee-length boots, and a silver watch with a dark R in the center. Personality - Dreadite is very obsessive. He tends not to speak much if not prompted, remaining quiet even when issuing orders. His feeling towards human beings often tends towards antisocial, however, he has a deep respect for certian people, the selection of which seems almost at random to many. He cares deeply for all his pokemon, and is willing to show it more than he is willing to show his feelings about people. His association with team rocket has dwindled immensely as of late, but he still would defend the team if the oppertunity became neccisary. He prefers to fight his own fights, using his pokemon to further his own abilities, rather than relying on them to do the dirty work for him. Background - Mostly unknown, Dreadite has wavered signifigantly. He is rumored to be very near to Giovanni, though he is more in the shadows, and not an obvious power in team Rocket. His base having been destroyed by himself, he has currently taken to wandering. Very little is known of his background, even to himself, though he has obtained a reputation less than savory among some circles. Equipment Dreadite carries very little beyond a katana, and some pokeballs in case of use. He tends to be minimalistic when traveling. Allies: Well, I WOULD put something, but he rarely ever has them for very long so far... Pokemon: Dreadite has a varied team, of which the most common visible members are his Pidgey, which is very young, and is never kept in a ball, though it would be quite willing to be kept in one. He also uses regularly an Onix, Gastly, Golbat, and a quite old Clefable, as well as various other minor incursions to his team. (Which I could look up, but it's a pain!)