Character: Elsa Author: Rob E-Mail: Appearance: Elsa is a short, thin, 18 year-old girl who has long, frizzy dark brown hair and large green eyes. Her dark brown eyebrows are somewhat thick. She wears a green tank top, black capri pants, and comfortable black pumps with two inch heels that make her look 5'3 tall, though she's actually 5'1. She also wears a golden anklet her mother gave her and a brown fanny pack on her waist to store her belongings. Personalities: Elsa has multiple personality disorder, so she has five personalities in addition to her own. Elsa has wanted to be a Pokemon Master since she was 10 years old, but it was at that age that she started exhibiting her disorder, so her parents put her in Verdanturf's Mental Asylum. She's good-natured and wishes she didn't have multiple personalities since they end up getting her into trouble sometimes. She yearns for a normal life training Pokemon, but it has been denied to her since she was little. She's friendly to people who are kind to her, but some days when she's feeling particularly sad about her predicament, she lashes out. She finds it difficult to open up to people or speak what's on her mind. Of her five additional personalities, two surface more often than others: Fiona - She's very passionate about what she believes in and is easily angered. She'll attack anyone who offends or insults her without thinking about the consequences. She's a bit of a pyromaniac and likes setting things on fire. She has a fear of drowning, so she stays away from pools and especially the ocean. Fiona makes her appearances when Elsa gets too worked up or sees some kind of injustice in the world. Wanda - Wanda is very mellow and easy-going. Even if someone is arguing with her, she doesn't get worked up. She loves water with a passion, appreciating that it goes with the flow just like she does. She yearns to swim in the ocean, having lived in landlocked areas for eight years. Wanda tends to appear when Elsa is feeling relaxed or just lazy. She also makes sudden appearances if Fiona gets too out of control. Elsa's other three extra personalities show up less often and under specific circumstances: Kizzy - She's a hyperactive little girl who is rather happy-go-lucky unless she doesn't get what she wants. When that happens, she'll cry uncontrollably. Kizzy loves to dance and usually starts dancing whenever she hears music. Kizzy shows up when Elsa is extremely happy or sad. Shawn - He's a very confused teenage boy with gender issues since he's trapped in a girl's body. He's very into typical guy activities and tends to act very manly to make up for his outward appearance. He's attracted to girls, but finds it hard to get together with them considering the way he looks and that other personalities tend to take over whenever he gets close to a girl. He is triggered in the presence guy stuff and males, especially any guy who finds Elsa attractive. Gertrude - She's an old woman who constantly complains about the world she lives in. She particularly complains about new technologies being fabricated by the Devon Corporation, thinking they are corrupting the youth of the Hoenn region. Whenever Elsa is confronted by some technology that she's not familiar with, Gertrude makes an appearance. Objectives: Each one of Elsa's personalities has her or his own goals. Elsa wants to train Pokemon to someday become a Pokemon Master. Fiona wants to become a member of Team Magma, thinking that there's too much water in Hoenn. Wanda wants to become a member of Team Aqua, thinking there's not enough water in Hoenn. Kizzy wants to live in a house made of candy. Shawn wants to play Major League baseball and settle down with a girl who understands him. Gertrude wants to buy a beach-house in Dewford Town and retire to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town. History: Elsa grew up alone in Rustboro City, neglected by her father, who worked and still works at the Devon Corporation, and her mother, who was and still is a school teacher. Elsa's mother worked at a Pokemon Trainer's school, but Elsa's dad forced her to go to a regular school since he wanted her to grow up to be a scientist. However, since Elsa's parents were so negligent, Elsa would often skip school without their knowing about it. She wasn't well-adjusted and didn't make friends with the kids in school. When she was 10 years old, she started exhibiting multiple personality disorder, so her parents agreed to send her to Verdanturf Town to get better. She's spent the past eight years locked up in the Asylum, being treated by psychiatrists, but she still hasn't gotten better. During the eight years, she's only made a few acquaintances with the patients there, but she finds it hard to get close to anyone. Current Pokemon: Roselia - Thinking Roselia's rose hands were regular roses, Elsa almost plucked them the day they met. Realizing her mistake, Elsa quickly apologized. Prior to meeting Elsa, Roselia had grown very distrustful of Pokemon Trainers, thinking they were savage brutes who simply caused havoc, so she was surprised by Elsa's apology. Despite how much she distrusts humans, Roselia would love to work alongside a Trainer provided the person is kind, compassionate, and understanding. Hoping that Elsa is this Trainer, but skeptical about her intentions, Roselia is now following Elsa to see if she's the Trainer she's been waiting for or if she's too good to be true. Moves: Absorb, Growth, Poison Sting, Stun Spore Ability: Poison Point (Poisons opponents who use physical attacks.) Mudkip - Elsa got this playful Mudkip from Professor Birch during the month that she doesn't remember. He's very loyal to Elsa - he follows her wherever she goes and does whatever she tells him to do. Moves: Tackle, Growl, Mud-Slap, Water Gun Ability: Torrent (Water moves become more powerful when Mudkip's weak.) Current Badges: None Yet Allies: She has no real allies, having not cared much for the company of the psychiatrists or patients who surrounded her in the Asylum. Enemies: None, though she's not too fond of her negligent parents.