Character: Goro Serizawa Author: Jorge "MechaGojira" Labrador Birthplace: Saffron City, Kanto Age: 27 Goro is of unknown Asian ancestry, and is of average height. He has plain black hair which points forward and comes down to sharp, angled sideburns. He usually wears a short or long sleeved buttoned shirt when he's not working, otherwise he will be found in a long sleeved shirt, tie and black pants. His brown trenchcoat shows signs of age. It is old and worn, with few stains and even burn marks near the bottom. Backstory: Goro is a detective who once worked for the Celadon Police Department, but has since become a freelance detective, thanks to a run in with a gang of Steel pokémon trainers. On an investigation of a pokénapping, Goro and his beloved Growlithe fell into the clutches of the gang now known as Metal Earth. Growlithe was critically injured and paralyzed by the thugs in a savage 3 on 1 battle. The pair blacked out. Goro and his Growlithe were both experimented on by the group, but they managed to escape before their minds were tampered. After escaping, Goro found himself in possession of a strange belt which his captors had placed on him. The belt widened toward the center where it had a round red "pod". Within the pod, three lines swirled towards the center, which looked like it could spin somehow. He had no idea what it was or what it could do just yet. Goro would soon discover the extent to which he and Growlithe were modified. Additions were made. Simple mechanical additions to their bones and muscles, probably a test for something Metal Earth had been planning for themselves. However... These modifications were making Growlithe ill. They had somehow destroyed his immune system, and the implants were killing him from the inside out. Growlithe passed away after several months of agonizing pain and illness, and Goro took it upon himself to personally avenge him. He wanted to ensure that no other pokémon would have to endure the same fate as Growlithe and that no group would ever again experiment upon unwilling victims. Realizing that this was impossible if he was taking orders from the PD, he left the force and went freelance. His investigations closely followed the small gang, and as he studied them, he also learned more about the experiment: He and Growlithe were to be made into mindless experiments , a testbed for their weapons and gang tactics. He was also a test for the Henshin Belt. Several were made by an unknown party at Silph Co, loosely based on their Pokéball. The Henshin Belt could "transform" a person into a powerful fighter. The idea was that the belt would "store" weapons, armor or other items, and release them when the belt's owner wished. Goro soon discovered that with the proper motion and a cry of "HENSHIN!" he could have access to his belt's power, and perhaps level the playing field against the fiends. The Henshin Belt not only envelops Goro in a thinly armored body suit, but in conjunction with his internal modifications increases his strength and agility greatly. Calling himself Dynamask, Goro was finally capable of attacking Metal Earth directly, digging for clues by day, and beating answers out of thugs by night. He has since become a protector of the innocent, but his focus remains on avenging Growlithe. Goro recently found journalist Dan Ando and asked him for help in investigating and exposing Metal Earth's crimes, hoping that increased public awareness of the gang may hurt them, or even force them to disband. Even with this investigation, Goro continues his routine of being Goro Serizawa by day and Dynamask by night. Dan is unaware of the fact that Goro and the vigilante who is attacking Metal Earth thugs are one and the same, however, and maintains his strong skepticism, believing that Dynamask is an urban legend. Dynamask's Costume: Goro has modified Dynamask's costume over time, and it now consists of a black, full-body suit with a white stripe down each side, with a pair of red boots, red gloves, thinly padded chest armor and finally, his Henshin Belt around his waist. The costume is topped off with a black and gray mask with large, red, insectoid eyes and two small antennae, which shows only Goro's mouth. Special Abilities/Powers: This entire time, Goro has developed several fighting techniques, which, in addition to his mixed martial arts style, can make for a deadly fight. One technique is his Dynamite Punch, where Dynamask leaps into the air and comes crashing down into his opponent with a clenched fist. Another is his Dynamite Kick, where he again leaps into the air, rotates twice and crashes down with a fierce boot the face. Goro's Pokémon: Goro rarely has trainer battles, but his pokémon serve as both excellent detectives and Dynamask's partners. When he does have a trainer battle, however, his fierce determination is the asset that brings him victory more often than not. Ledian (Lv 20) Agility Comet Punch Swords Dance Pinsir (Lv 17) Vicegrip Harden Seismic Toss Magmar (Lv 20) Smog Fire Punch Flamethrower Butterfree (Lv 18) Confusion Toxic Stun Spore Sleep Powder Friends: Dan Ando Enemies: Metal Earth, all oppressors of the weak and innocent Goals: Destroy Metal Earth, and ensure that gangs of criminals never gain enough power to harm innocents.