Name: Nathaniel 'Huck' Forrester Author: Jom Tones Email: Age: 14 Appearance: Average height, blonde hair and blue eyes, pretty non-descript. He's a bit of a pretty boy and worthy of a little attention, but he's nothing really special. His clothes are trendy - nice jeans, short sleeved shirts, t-shirts with witty logos, vans trainers etc. Biography: For the most part he's lived a pretty wealthy life in the suburbs of Rustboro. His parents, apart from being secretive about their work were as unlike him as is possible to be. They were grumpy, sallow, unsavoury people and he had to love them for what they were. Just after his thirteenth birthday though, he was sent to live with his Uncle, his parents seemed to have disappeared. Later, he was told they were dead. He knows nothing about what happened to them and is still pretty driven to find out what actually occurred. He was recently pressed into beginning his own career as a trainer, forced into it by his uncle who wanted to get rid of him. This didn't last very long because he fell in with a bad crowd, the last they saw of him was when he was coerced to steal something. Personality: Considering his past, he's surprisingly well balanced. From an early age he made a conscious effort to be completely unlike his parents, this meant he was automatically a nice person. He's a bit silly at times and prone to act before he thinks. His heart is definitely in the right place though. He is an awful Pokémon trainer, always encouraged kindly by trainers he meets - he still knows he's a barrel load of shite when it comes to all things Pokémon. Dissatisfied with his farce of a life as a trainer, he's constantly looking for new kicks. Pokémon: Bellsprout, Wingull, Numel, Azurill. Ambitions: 1) To not catch them all, 2) To find out the truth about his parents.