Name: Jack OATS Author: Jom Tones Email: Appearance: Jack looks like a film noir detective - he wears a smart suit (including white shirt, waistcoat, braces, pinstripe trousers, a long beige trench coat and one of those hats). He has a clean shaven generally good looking appearance but the chances are you wouldn't remember what he looked like if you thought back. He drifts between expressions of certainty and uncertainty depending on whether he's familiar with the circumstances he's in. Biography: Unknown for the time being. He doesn't like talking about his past. Personality: He can't do anything unless someone else has done it already. He feels very uncomfortable doing anything new. He uses what he knows about detectives to fuel his own dialogue - he preempts what people are going to say, assuming they have exactly the same mentality as he does. He gets flustered when people don't play along with the act. He has quite a short attention span and is likely to get bored unless constantly doing something. Pokémon: At the moment a Persian. Ambitions/goals: In the short term it's either to find some work or complete a case, (not something he's very good at considering his attention deficit). In the long run I suppose he needs some degree of fulfillment. I think he'll find this when he discovers his actual personality. Until this time, assume he's a stereotype private detective who only has a vague idea of what he is doing.