Name: Jason Bard Gender: Male Age: 24 Background: Came from a fairly well-to-do family. His talents for both music and pokémon training were exquisite. He joined both of these together by creating a pokémon band. There are four band members (besides him), one sound technician, and one lighting director. After starting up his "dream band", Jason discovered the meaning of "copyright infringement" first hand. A year or two of running and playing later, a team of ninja-lawyers ambushed him, and he spent the next 5 years working off the debt. Now, with the suing party murdered (he had nothing to do with it) Jason is back out on the road and in the way of trouble again. But now he is accompanied by his new girlfriend, Amber Foxwing, a half-Sneasel girl. They have both just recently returned from a trip to an onsen, doubtless a trip wrought with many interesting events, but they are known only to the two lovers...and anyone they might choose to talk about it with. Personality: Jason can back up any of his pokémon on any instrument pretty well, but prefers to sing instead. Has an amazing tenor voice and a knack for imitating voices perfectly. Plays songs by other artists (Doesn't have much creative power to write his own, but on rare occasions will sing something he wrote.) and is constantly on the move followed closely by POed syndicates with copyright lawsuits. I doubt even HE could explain why does what he does, he just follows whatever whim comes into his head, usually. DJ has mentioned his suspicion that much of what Jason does is involuntary...he could be onto something there. He's generally a clever guy, but his lack of an attention span and overall goofiness tend to confuse him for an airhead rockstar. He has no athletic abilities worth writing home about, but he can hold his own in a fair fight pretty well. His favorite activites involve socializing with his pokémon, his girlfriend Amber (who he loves dearly), or anyone interesting he happens to meet. To quote his Chansey again, <You're lazy, absent-minded, and completely lacking in any skills not needed in performing.> That's pretty much spot on. When reacting to people, he usually goes with whatever's the funniest thing he could say. Then he goes with what apropos, but tends to slip in comments about whatever's on his mind. However, should anyone insult or hurt Amber or his friends in anyway, he will turn vicious and either try to protect her or attack her attacker. For their sake, they should hope it's the former. He tends not to display any emotion other than happiness, or anger. Could it be that this lack of emotional depth is a cover for some deeper painful past experiences...? Appearance: Hawaiian shirt, open to a white undershirt. Black spiked hair (Which is then bleached blonde), ocean blue eyes, and baggy jeans. Allies: Amber Foxwing, Mimic, Drake, Solo, Karl, Bob Raiser, Kitsu and Keaton. Goal: Become Pokémon Master (how cliché) and earn him and his band the recognition they deserve. Pokémon: Ella (Jynx) Plays wood winds and brass but specializes in reeds. Can sing soprano in perfect English, but only when Jason tells her what to sing. She cannot speak a word of it on her own. Can use her Double Team attack when she needs to play more than one instrument at a time. If you can understand pokéspeak, you'll hear her talking in tough girl accent. "Don't go there, girlfriend! You best step off before I lodge an Ice Beam up your candy ass!" She has her hair back in a braid that starts at the nape of her "neck" with green and neon pink streaks dyed through it. She is sarcastic and has a mild rivalry with Rivet. Her part of the competition is usually hurling insults or exclamations of hurt dignity. She plans the costumes and choreography for each of Jason's shows. Moves: Ice Beam, Doubleteam, Mean Look, Doubleslap Rivet (Charmeleon) Plays strings but specializes in guitar. Wears a helicopter pilot helmet (with visor) and worships the "Village Pokés". Can sing just like Ella but in bass. He owns an extensive comic book collection that, somehow, can be found anywhere he goes, even in his pokéball. He is also addicted to video games and anime. This addiction as earned him a profound skill at any card game, video game, etc. His voice, in pokéspeak, is a perfect match of an Italian gangster. His ego is through the roof. When he is near Ella, he can usually be found poking fun at her, among other things. Moves: Scary Face, Flamethrower, Slash, Swagger Miami (Marowak) Plays percussion and specializes in drum set. He has a red bandanna wrapped around his forehead, which he throws into the audience after every show. Drumsticks are weapon of choice in battle. He is very good friends with Rivet. They both immensely enjoy the attention they get from female pokémon, and flaunt it as often as possible. He talks, in pokéspeak, like a surfer dude. Miami gets a kick out of Rivet's egotistical attitude, and this only encourages Rivet on to greater heights of self-absorption. He is a rampant carbosholic, but this never seems to hamper his playing ability. Likewise, he is a sports fanatic, especially hockey. Moves: Bonemarang, Headbutt, Rock Smash, Strength Wolfgang (Machamp) Plays dual keyboard and specializes in synthesizer. Enjoys powerful instrumentals (i.e. classical) He is as snobbish as an English gentleman, and talks like one too. Anything that annoys him, he usually ignores or indirectly insults. Miami usually takes this role, and Wolfgang's obvious annoyance only encourages him. Wolgang is supernaturally organized and hates anything being out of place. He has an eloquent tongue and has gotten Jason out of many sticky situations, providing the problem could understand pokéspeak. Moves: Vital Throw, Leer, Foresight, Submission DJ (Chansey) Is the sound technician. He is an excellent listener and Jason's confidant. He prefers not to antagonize and is the disciplinarian of the group, although can be so without causing hurt feelings or coming off as harsh. He cooks all the dinners for the group, and does all the chores like washing clothes. He is in charge of lighting and special effects, assisted by Gigawatt. Moves: Bide, Softboiled, Hidden Power (Psychic), Minimize Gigawatt (Magneton) Transports equipment and provides all power. It also keeps track of the finances. It has almost no personality and "prefers" to stay in its pokéball whenever it's not needed. It speaks in binary language that, fortunately, Jason can understand as well as the rest of his pokémon. Despite its size, it is known by people who have seen it move as "The Fastest Magneton in the World." (Take THAT Electrode.) Moves: Lock-on, Zap Cannon, Screech, Swift