Name: Jeffrey (Jeff) Raiser Age: 12 Eyes: Chocolate Brown Hair: Chestnut Brown and kind of ruffled Height: 4' 11" Weight: 95 lbs Personality: Generally an almost hyperactive child, Jeff has much of the childlike naievity that any rookie trainer has because he lacks a working knowledge of anything outside of a Day Care setting. He can also at time exhibit a boundless enthusiasm for things. Appearance: He generally wears plain and comfortable clothes. Currently he has a pair of navy blue pants and a grey shirt. Closest thing he carries to a weapon is a fairly standard-issue bottomless backpack -- they must get heave after a while Bio: The youngest brother of two pokemon breeders, Jeff only got to hear about everyone's adventures and dream about the adventures that he was going to have. He spent much of his time working around the Day Care, most notably feeding the ice-type pokemon due to his brother's ... aversion to ice. His first pokemon was obtained in a similar way to his brother's in the fact that it was hatched from an egg. It hatched into a Marill, born with the gift of song -- Perish Song. Over the next couple of years, Jeff hung around the Day Care, doing chores and bonding with his Marill, a Female he named Mary. Recently he went on the SS Tidal cruise with his father and his Kadabra, a male named Pocus more adept at throwing punches than Psychics. While it was a bonding experience for both father and son, it ended in Littleroot when Mike, Jeff's father told him he could start his journey here. He picked up a Treecko in Professor Birch's laboratory after being hypnotized by a poster of a Grovyle performing its Leaf Blade attack. Goals To win a few badges, possibly show up his brother once, at the moment Jeff hasn't given it much thought. At the moment, he's looking for his brother to milk some advice from him, and perhaps see the latest "wicked cool move" that he's learned. Family: Bob -- Brother Trainer, Breeder, Hybrid Marie -- Mother Mike -- Father Both expert General Breeders. Own and Operate the Raiser Day Care on Route 34, near Goldenrod. Pokemon Name: Marill (Mary) Level: 16 Ability: Thick Fat Moves: Perish Song, Defense Curl, Water Gun, Rollout Raised from an egg, Mary is Jeff's sidekick. She tries to help when she can, and stays out of the way when she knows she can't. Prefers riding on Jeff's head when she isn't alongside him. When Mary sings her Perish Song, it soung like a Marill bred with Sing, only the melody sounds more haunting and foreboding Currently it is unknown if Mary's Perish Song will affect hybrids or not. Name: Treecko (Bob) Level: 7 Ability: Overgrow Moves: Leech Seed, Pound, Leer, Absorb More laid back than the average grass-type, Bob would rather stay in its pokeball or sit and admire the greenery. This particular starter eneded up being bred with Leech Seed but since the Professor didn't know, he never told Jeff. He will fight when called on though, and fight to the best of his ability, typical of a starter pokemon.