Name: John Screibb Author: Saint Paul ( ht: About six feet or so wt: 195 lbs. eyes: Green Hair: Black Age: 19 Description/History: A tall (more or less) lanky kid with a shy demeanor, he could be imposing, if he actually tried. John doesn't say a whole lot, he only really talks when there's a point to it. He's been a student under Chuck in the Cianwood gym since he was old enough to start training pokemon, and as such he's trained in several fighting styles, he is rather hesitant to use them however. He was more than ready to start his journey to become a league champion, but in order to do so he had to beat Chuck, it took him nine years (almost to the day) to do that but thanks to the evolution of Savage, he was able to accomplish this, earning him a Storm badge, a Blackbelt for Savage, and an end to his apprenticeship under Chuck. Because he's spent so much time in Cianwood and in the Gym itself, John has found himself (much to his own chagrin) to be fairly ignorant when it comes to the outside world, especially when it comes to the non-physical world i.e people with Psychic abilities. He knows next to nothing about Hoenn and it's native pokemon, and the only type of pokemon that John really knows how to raise are fighting types. Clothing: a pair of comfortable blue jeans and a black polo tee shirt. a pair of red and black fingerless gloves and wrist guards. His rather shaggy hair is kept out his eyes by the bandanna Chuck gave him when he left. He wears his storm badge on the back of his right hand glove behind the knuckle of his index finger. Pokemon: Savage: (in Pokeball) Species: Primeape (male) Item: Black Belt Ability: Vital Spirit Moves: Focus Energy, Submission, Cross Chop, Reversal, Rage, Rock Break Given to John when he first joined Chuck's gym, it's actually pretty mellow for the most part, until it gets into a battle situation, then it fights like a raging tornado. Tidal (in the MacGuyver Ball or M-Ball) Species: Poliwhirl (male) Item: none Ability: Water Absorb Moves: Water Gun, Belly Drum, Double Slap, Bubble John caught Tidal aboard the S.S. Tidal, so he decided to name him after it. He's a headstrong fighter who never gives up the battle. He has a few anger issues, which result in him wanting to attak John or whoever is nearest him whenever Tidal is let out of his pokeball. John hopes to one day help Tidal with his anger. Narya Species: Torchic (female) Item: None Ability: Blaze Moves: Ember, Rock Slide, Scratch, Growl Narya was given to him by Prof. Birch. He's not sure why Birch gave her to him, but he figures having a fire type on his team can't hurt. Mission: Before he left the Cianwood Gym Chuck told him about a strange pokemon in Hoenn that has both Psychic and Fighting attributes. John is interested in seeing how these two seemingly opposite types mesh and wants to learn to train the kind of pokemon that can seemlessly blend both body and mind. Allies: Chuck and the rest of the Gym trainers there Enemies: None, Badges: Storm Badge, Mineral Badge