Character Name: Jillian "Judd" Kirst Author: Pariah164 ( Appearance: Judd is a 17 year old female. Her build is average, with enough curves to turn heads, but also enough muscle to make people think twice about approaching her. she's about 5'9", and weighs around 114 pounds. She has thick, rusty red hair that never seems to do what she wants; the only control she has over it is to put it into a ponytail. She has dark gray eyes that look silver in bright light. Wears faded blue jeans, a ripped white T-shirt and black combat boots. When she feels like it, she wears her black leather jacket. She completes the ensemble with an all-knowing smirk. Judd carries a variety of items, using pockets and belts to their full advantage. She wears the standard PokéGear on her wrist, an MP3 player on her belt (which has Goddess-knows-how-many songs) , and a blue, circular object that looks like a makeup compact. This device is a specially-made "Kirst Edition" PokéDex. It allows her to transport Pokémon without being at a Pokémon center, get battle stats on her opponents (attacks, level, etc.), and, of course, record data on any Pokémon she encounters. On her belt, she has the MP3 player, PokéDex, Pokéballs, badge bag (tied securely), and a rope. Judd has no explanation for the rope. When asked, she merely replies, "It's just there." Background: Judd was born and raised in Vermillion City, so she had a natural affinity for electric pokemon. Her very first Pokemon, however, was a Vulpix. She trained it rather well, but the lack of any real parental figure (mother died, father was a drunk) led her to use her training for less-than-honorable means. Team Rocket eventually discoved the irrepressionable youth, and took her in when she was a mere 11 years of age. Judd liked the lifestyle for a while, and was actualy pretty good at it. She was almost too good. However, she soon began taking cookies from the cookie jar, or in this case, Pokemon from the Boss' personal collection. Persian, Electabuzz, and Vaporeon were just a few of the ones she swiped, then sold on the black market. She was never caught, but one day, her Vulpix evolved into a Ninetails, and Giovanni wished to claim it for himself. That was the last straw for Judd. Judd double-crossed Team Rocket in Viridian City, fleeing to Johto. Hoping to start a new life, Judd began to train the Mareep she stole from the Team. She began to collect badges after it had evolved into Flaafy, then nicknamed it Morgaine after it finally evolved into an Ampharos. She trained very leisurely, going to gyms and battling when she was bored. This laid-back attitude ticked off Claire, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader, and rejected Judd when she tried to apply for a trainer position at the Gym. Filled with a new determination, Judd began to capture and train more Pokémon, making a strong, well-balanced team that has become a force to be reckoned with. Judd now trains around Johto, fighting trainers that she meets, and hides from the few Rocket members left around the world. Personality: Judd is intelligent, but doesn't try to show it much. She is very introverted, and keeps quiet most of the time. It's the times she opens her mouth that usually get her into trouble. She tends to be sarcastic and cynical, but inside she cares deeply for the few people close to her, as well as her Pokémon. People accuse Judd of overworking her Pokémon, but she has a strong bond with each of her Pokémon, and will fight hand-to-hand with people who abuse them/hurt them/beat them outside of battle. Judd's strong will and desire to fight comes from years on the streets of Kanto, dealing and double-crossing trainers (mainly, the bad ones). She tends to be violent in thought and action; acting before she thinks is quite a common trait. Judd has a few bad habits, mainly biting her nails and twisting her hair. When trainers tick her off, she usually bites off a nail and spits it in their faces. When confronted, she is brash, blunt, and harsh. She doesn't like to sugar-coat what she thinks, making most see her as rude and obnoixous. Judd doesn't really care about her image either; once back in Kanto, she walked around town for days coated in blood and dirt from a brawl she had with a Rocket member. A nurse finally made her get cleaned up and healed. Totally despises tight spaces and pretty boys. Tight spaces since she's claustrophobic, pretty boys because they're, well, pretty boys. She prefers to train alone, forming a better bond with her pokemon. Pokémon: ~Judd's Ninetails, named Kit, is a reflection of her mistress, being brash and quick to thought and action, but also has enough power to back it up. She is quite intelligent, and agile in battle. (Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Body Slam, Hyper Beam) ~Judd's Ampharos, Morgaine, is the polar opposite of her mistress. She tends to have a polite, refined air about her, and always walks with her head held high. She fights bravely in and out of battle. Fiercly loyal to her mistress, she always give 110%. (Thunder,Thunder Wave, Fire Punch, Flash) Allies: Nobody as of this writing Enemies: Team Rocket Notes: Well, my first PW! Character... please, feedback is appreciated. ~Pariah164