[PW!][WG] Jutta Author: Dr. Thinker Name: Jutta Juitar Age: (Real Age) 20,0000,000,000 years old. (Looks) 10 years old. (Claims to be) 12 years old. Hair: Red Hair Eye: Vulcan-like red eyes. Height: (Human-version) around 5 1/2 ft. (Dragonite) Around 11 ft. Mouth: Nothing usually about expect for her two of upper front teeth looks like fangs. Body: Jutta is body is between a fatty-looking nerd and a thin cover girl. She is usually covered in a pink blouse and pink shirt. Around her neck is a strange necklace. Her pink sneaker seems to make her height a few inches higher the normal. Jutta hates "Unknowns" and claims the "God Birds" are caused for a "tragic fate". But that's not the normal Jutta. That's what she wants the human to think. Her real body is a blue Dragonite. She usually keeps her Dragonite form a secret. Feelings: As Jutta, she acts like a valley girl. She tries to keep people from expecting and discovering out her secret. To her Pokemon, she had told her own story to her. As the Dragonite, she usually fly (Gold/Sliver games) or swim (anime) she usually either destroy the Pokeball or our battling the ball away, but if she's tired, she formats quickly between her two formation and speaks her langue of her true calling. If a human mentions he or she thinks she an Atlantis, she gets a blush or her Dragonite's eye goes crazy. She might tell the human how Atlantis sunken into ocean and according moved deep under Mt. Sun. (A mountain near Violet City.) In she watches the movie of based on Atlantis, she is giggles (if it's movie is a fairy tale like "The Little Mermaid") or it's serious she may say something in Atlantis. (Such as "Atlantis: The Lost Empire") SPEAKING ABOUT "ATLANTIS": She usually blames "Plato" for getting the story wrong in the first place. According to him that "single in a day and night Atlantis disappear from the face of the Earth". In fact, it was more then a day and night. It was a "The Terror Week" in which a vile Atlantis toke the two jewels of Gauraiha. (The God and The Goddess) Gauraiha ghost warload (Unnowns) called on the god bird to call destroy Atlantis. The jewels weren't found with in a week, so Atlantis sunken. But Atlantis used DNA on them to match a one of Gauraiha's toughest solider, the Dragonite. So her race become under. Some Atlantis keeps on eye on the usually patrolling the waterway of the world as Dragonites. There was the larger then the usually 3 and 6/8 Dragonites that existed. They successfully moved their island under a portion of the mountain of one of island that we still left. Those islands that were left become part of Kanto/Johto and Orange Islands regions of the Pokemon world. One of the more famous escape of the "Terror Week", in which some Atlantis decide on taking boats out of it, was Martinarix Merlin, who is still around as Merlin Matthenton, who is usually keep on eye on special Dragonite. He is also recording of famous myth of world. She not her Pokemon-self during gym matches, but if some cheats or is a member of Team Rocket, you may up against her Dragonite self. ALTANTIS SPEAKING IN PW: Since sometimes in both forms, Jutta might mutter some Atlantis. Atlantis can't be decoding by any means, but I give what logically human saying that usually goes with it. It will appear between two-pound sign, for a sample look at these the following lines. "Oh, #great#. I #must# had been very #tired#." muttered Jutta "Why you little #demon#" shouted Jutta. Jutta asked, "#Why me? #". MISSIONS: To find what happen to the two Jewel of Atlantis, #Destruction# and #Creation#. To try to keep the humans that found out about her true self to a good low number. She wants meet similar but different Poke-humans to her and become their friend. To destroy Team Rocket, and recently discovered, Team Aqua and Team Manga. ALLIES: Merlin Matthenton/Martinarix Merlin (Johto) Morgan Leusflu/Morgan Le Fay (Kanto) Professor Oak (Kanto) Professor Ivy (Orange Islands, Kanto) Professor Elm (Johto) Professor Brich (Heonn) Bill Door (Kanto/Johto) Lenette Messtron (Heonn) Misty (Kanto) Pyrce (Johto) Wallace (Heonn) The Lengendy Pokemon (All) BADGES: Hive, Thunder, Stone (Note about Misty, Wallace and Pyrce, since all of them use Water and Ice Pokemon. They are told after a battle that she is from ALTANTIS.) ENEMIES: Team Rocket, plus the recent discovered Team Aqua and Team Manga POKEMON: Her Pokemon knows that she is Atlantis. She told them the history of Atlantis and it's destruction. To her, they remind her of different hero and villains secret identity from Earthlings comic books. She got her Pokemon balls of the Spy Masters of Atlantis. MAIN TEAM: Pysduck LV - #21 (Peter) Peter is a wondering type with a bit of Spinark's poison in it. His mother was a Pysduck and his father was Tentracool that be born with a Tentracruel matted with a Spinark. Peter mind usually wonders and accidentally launches CONFUSION or DISABLE attack at the enemy. He sounds like the nerd, Urkel from "Family Matters" - Water Gun - Disable - Poison Power - Confusion Pikachu LV #22 - (Barry) Barry is a very fast talking Pikachu. Another Pikachu asked a passing Butterfly to put him to sleep, so Barry can talk a rest. Barry wants to beat that Pikachu in a Pokemon match, thought he's usually put up to Water Pokemon that Barry just likes to show-off his skill. He enjoys annoying Bruce, who doesn't even know how to had fun. - Thunderbolt - Mean Look - Flash - Double Team Dewgong LV #31- [Clark] Dewgong is her most used Pokemon. Dewgong even helps her out in her Dragonite form. Dewgong is pretty normal for a Dewgong. -- Water Gun -- Confusion Ray -- Recover -- Blizzard Ivysuar LV #30 --[Daina] Following Clark in level is his princess Pokemon. Her mother and father are rulers of Johto's Venussuars, Ivysuar, and Bulbsuars. Unlike the Kanto's tribe version, they don't mind if a Pokemon evolved later. They usually call non-evolving the "Late Springer" who is mostly like to turn into their high form either a month later. Ivysuar loves to annoy animal-looking Pokemon. This had given this Pokemon as a rotten princess. Some Pokemon who heard of her by avoid battling her. -- Vine Whip -- Solar Beam -- Growth -- Razor Leave Numel LV #25 -- [Ron] Jutta doesn't know much about this Numel. Numel has only remarked that he hated the name, Prof. Oak give him-Johnny--unknown that Jutta and her Pokemon group were arquing over the name. -- Tackle -- Howl -- Ember -- Growl Mightyena LV #27 -- [Hades] This Pokemon's father was the same Poocheya/Mightyena that Max Smith befriend some years ago. When a Xatu found Hades's family, he was told by the Xatu to help Jutta find Altantis's orb. -- Tackle -- Bite -- Howl -- Growl NOT ON THE TEAM: Tentacool (LV. 5) -- [Harry] This is a Tentacool that somehow got into Jutta's stomach. Unlike a real Ocptous, Tentacool are know to restand smotach acid of any species--human, animal or Pokemon (including Dragonites), and Jutta give birthday to Harry. Somehow, it aslo r ubbed up against, and making a lighting shape scar similar to the one that J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has, off-center and looks a razor make it. It's not in center like the book or the left like the movie--the scar is on the right. He is being raise by Rilli. -- Wrap -- Leer -- Posion Sting Ditto LV #29 -- [Linda] The Pokemon in the dark or ghost types may be taught a few tricks by Linda, Jutta's Ditto. She usually used his sneak to try to con people out of believing that Jutta is a Dragonite or person from Atlantis. She likes to wake-up Jutta with strange transformations that make her giggle insanely (A Ditto with a head of Pontya) or get punched (a very spooky Haunter). She loves details, so for a sample,if her was a Dragonite, he speaks Old English and when he's a Spinark, he speaks like a nasty witch. To Jutta, her normal Ditto voice sound like a confused adult. Likely, Misty's Pysduck, she can pop out when things are boring as heck. She is trying to successfully create Tentacool's arm and helped Rilli with Harry. - TRANSFORM Zubat LV #24 - [Bruce] Zubat is a very dark because a Team Rocket member murdered his old trainer and his girlfriend and second he learned from a Nurse Joy that can't grow into Golbat. He sometimes thinks of him as a Vampire bat and tries to change into human shape. Zubat thinks that she is either some who escape a metal hospital or an alien that thinks Atlantis existed, but he doesn't mind Jutta using him. He's keeping a eye on both Linda and Harry for Jutta - Leech Life - Confusion Ray - Bite - Sleep Power OTHER NOTES: FALSE SKIN: Jutta false skin feels like real human skin, and it's cut by knife or razor will make a scar. It knife or razor is very sharp, Jutta's skin will bleed a red blood (gotten from people who sank in the Titanic crash. The strange necklace, she wears her off-button for the skin. It appears around her tail, when she in her Dragonite formation.