Name: Karl Weiser Author: Steffan Alun Email: iceduckathotmaildotcom Appearance: Thin face, pointed nose; for aerodynamic purposes, presumably. White hair; because white hair is cool, seriously. Green eyes, so he's not an albino, and therefore looks like a freak. And not a cool freak either. Baggy jumper and longer-than-average shorts; for those who can't decide whether they want their clothes too big or too small. Wears a small, 24-carat gold cube "PokéBall" on a chain, given to him by his father. Waste of money, of course. He's five-foot-eleven-and-a-half, so that he looks lanky, but without the added coolness of being six foot. Biography: Lived in Cherrygrove with his candlestick-making father his whole life. Defeated Falkner for a badge and hooked up with human-Pokémon hybrids. Because, y'know, genetically altered people don't make fun of your hair, nose, eyes and height. Returned home after the gang made it to Goldenrod. Discovered that his father had sold a piece of furniture that contained his old notebooks, Karl set off again, and now he's GOING TO HOENN! Personality: Shy and dull. Meat: Karl's a vegetarian. As if that makes a difference to the amount of animals in the world. Pokémon: NOMAK (Farfetch'd) Peck/Swords Dance/Leer/Fury Attack Nomak was given to Karl as a pet when he was born. He speaks only one syllable at a time, making exceptions only when excited or has TONNES to say. By tonnes, I mean a standard Dickens novel. That takes TWO syllables. Nomak's sarcastic, and doesn't respect Karl much with regards to being a trainer. ICEDUCK (Psyduck) Ice Beam/Tail Whip/Confusion/Disable Iceduck was given to Karl the day he set off on his adventure. He's dyslexic, and the silent P in his name baffles him every time. Puh-sy. Phie. Iceduck likes Karl. Stupid duck. ESS (formerly S-shaped Unown) Hidden Power The only Pokémon Karl's ever actually CAUGHT; Ess was caught in the Ruins of Alph prior to fighting Falkner. Currently, Ess is a squiggle-shape, since Nomak deformed it with his leek. Ess loves Karl passionately, but never speaks to him. It has been known to communicate telepathically with others, however. Ambitions: He currently wants to retrieve his notebooks. He's also working on his confidence.