Author: Chet "Tech" Weaver Contact info: Character: Keiko Kamen Appearance: Keiko is strikingly plain eighteen year old girl with freckles and green eyes. Nothing about her appearance particularly stands out aside from her being a nudist. Most of the time she is completely naked except for her belt pack and a hair clip she uses to keep her strawberry blonde hair behind her. The soles of her feet have actually hardened to the point where they are tougher than shoe leather due to her walking barefoot all the time. She's a little on the short side and her figure is less than admirable, but she does not suffer from poor body image and keeps her hair and skin in good condition. Personality: Keiko is a very friendly and charming girl who will go out of her way to help her friends. She'll do her best to comfort anyone who's feeling down, although being naked can cause some interesting side effects. She is empathic towards people and Pokemon, and she doesn't like to talk about sex. If its brought up, she gets flustered, claims its inappropriate, and tries to change the subject. To Keiko, nudity has nothing to do with sexuality and everything to do with personal freedom. She enjoys the freedom of movement nudity provides, especially when swimming as swimsuits tend to become heavy with water. While she will take any oppurtunity to hang around in her birthday suit, she will oblige requests to cover herself. Unless formality is an issue, this usually consists of either a towel or a novelty bikini cover and even then she may try to talk her way out of it. This is especially true if she thinks people are expecting her to do something obscene, which she won't. So stop worrying about it. Being around people who wear clothes doesn't bother her. In fact, when around non-nudists she'll be the only one who isn't uncomfortable. Wearing clothing doesn't bother her much, either, unless they're wet or its really hot out. When traveling companions express discomfort about it, she usually suggests they try it themselves. She may also challenge them to Pokemon battles to distract them. They are often surprised they get used to it after, on average, fifteen minutes. Bio: Keiko hails from Copper Island, just off the route between Dewford and Slateport, which boasts a notable nudist colony. Keiko and her family don't live in the nudist colony but rather in unassuming Copper Town nearby. Keiko actually picked up the lifestyle from her friends, some of whom lived at the nudist colony, at a young age. Her family was open-minded enough to let her continue, and so she spent most of the time in the buff. Equipment: Clothing - Yes, Keiko does carry clothing. In fact, she carries so much clothing its hard to believe her pack belongs to a nudist. She has an outfit for every occasion, including formal wear, foot wear and swimsuits. Towels - While these are occasionally used to dry herself off, they actually find more use as seat covers for hygenic reasons. Space Saver bags - You wouldn't believe how effective these things are at reducing the amount of space used by clothing and towels. And they're water-tight, too. Garbage bags - Believe it or not, nudists carry out more trash than they bring in. Sleeping bags - Let's face it, it's just too cold to sleep at night without one. Sunscreen - And lots of it. Applied at least daily and liberally. Interesting note: Clothing has an SPF, the darker the better, which can be extended by wearing sunscreen under them. Pokemon: Swablu (Skyler) Given to her by Copper Town's resident Pokemon expert, Professor Sikoumori. It didn't really occur to her until later that Skyler was a "Sky clad" Pokemon. Like most Swablu, Skyler is anal retentive and will clean anything that looks dirty or straighten anything that looks crooked. Moves: Peck, Growl, Sing, Secret Power Wailmer (Richard) The first Pokemon Keiko caught. Once she earned a Surf HM, she taught it to Richard in order to get off the island. Granted, she could've used the ferry, but she wanted to leave by Pokemon. Moves: Surf, Rollout, Growl, Hail Machop (Vampyra) Keiko was curious about why fighting-type Pokemon tend to wear clothing, so she caught a Machop. She's hoping to get the information once she finds a translator. In case you're wondering, Mega Drain comes from a Kantonian TM she bought off eBay. Moves: Karate Chop, Focus Energy, Bulk Up, Mega Drain