Character: Kitsu Nidon Age: 16 Gender: Female Species: half Ninetales (Four-and-a-halftales?) Appearance: Kitsu can change between four forms: Human, hybrid, Aenarian, and Ninetales. human: Her beauty almost seems like an exaggeration of itself, and for good reason. Silver hair, exceptionally fair skin, and subtly generous curves beneath a simple white sweater and pale-blue, ankle-length dress. hybrid: Has nine tails with white fur and long, white hair, but is otherwise human. She is quite thin and sleek, and wears a white fuku with armor-like pads underneath when in combat. A bisento with a ribbon on it rests over her shoulder. Aenarian: About a foot or two taller than her hybrid form, Kitsu is a humanoid, white-furred Ninetales in whatever clothing she happens to be wearing at the time. Her mane is long and white, cascading down her back freely. A bisento with a ribbon on it rests over her shoulder. Her feet and legs resemble the hindlegs of a Ninetales, while her paw-like hands are articulate enough to effectively wield her sword. Ninetales: An elegant Ninetales with white fur Personality: She is of even temperment, not as easily to anger as her half-brother, Keaton. She's nice most of the time, but when she is angry she can get vicious, even sadistic, though she prefers a more subtle approach to vengence. Her style focuses more on misdirection and trickery than brute force. She often tries to hide her emotions, although she allows them to surface around those she loves. She looks down upon promiscuity and pre-marital sex in general, even if her body aches for intimate contact. What irritates her most, of course, is being the butt of a joke, especially if she thinks its going to far. Nature: Mild Techniques: Double Team, Attract, Confuse Ray, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Mimic Ability: Flash Fire (once hit by flames, user's Fire power increases and they cannot be harmed by flames) Notes: Kitsu uses the Mimic technique in conjunction with the Transform technique of her friend Aerie to acheive human form. Aerie's romantic interest in Kitsu is what makes her look more attractive than she normally would. Her change of attire between forms, however, is achieved via "Super Quick Change," a technique employed by cartoon characters that involves dramatically ripping off one outfit to reveal another underneath. Until then, the second outfit remains undetected beneath the first, regardless of the size and shape of either garment. Pokemon: Scyther Nature: Careful Techniques: Curse, Fury Cutter, Safe Gaurd, Double Team Ability: Swarm (increases the power of Bug attacks when in danger) Magnemite Nature: Adamant Techniques: Teleport, Thunder Wave, Flash, Thunderbolt Ability: Magnet Pull (Steel Pokemon may not leave combat) Magnemite was trained primarily for escape purposes. Equipment: Kitsu is armed with the Hellstrike Bisento, a powerful polearm with a broad-curved blade on the head. A ribbon is tied to the head bearing the insignia of it's former owner, the legendary Aenarian lady warrior Vulnona Fuenard. Unbeknownst to Kitsu, the Hellstrike is cursed with an uncontrollable and devastating power. Character: Keaton Nidon Age: 18 Gender: Male Species: half Tauros Appearance: Keaton can change between three forms: Tauros, Aenarian, and hybrid. Tauros: An average-looking Tauros, though with slightly more intelligent-looking eyes. Aenarian: A massive, humanoid Tauros in a well-tailored, red samurai-style robe that leaves the chest open to reveal the thick, brown fur underneath. His feet and legs resemble the hooves and hind legs of a Tauros, while his hands are black and hard like hooves. Carries a sword on his back. hybrid: About as large as humans his age can get and built almost literally like a Tauros. Has wild, brown hair, horns, tails, intense eyes and silver gem on his forehead. Also wears a samurai-style robe that just barely fits, showing off the thick, brown fur on his chest. Carries a red sword on his back. Personality: In short, bull-headed. Attempting to change his mind is like attempting to redirect a brick wall. Is quick to anger and is very protective of his half-sister, Kitsu. However, he is not as dumb as some people would expect and is often times open about his emotions. Nature: Rash Techniques: Strength, Rock Smash, Frustration, Pursuit, Hyper Beam Ability: Intimidate (lowers opponent's strength) Pokemon: Heracross Nature: Hardy Techniques: Curse, Earthquake, Endure, Horn Attack Ability: Guts (Strength increases when inflicted with status conditions) Electrode Nature: Naive Techniques: Explosion, Teleport, Flash, Thunderbolt Ability: Static (My paralyze others when physically attacked) Equipment: Keatons swords has been enchanted with a magic glow that helps him locate other Aenarians. He also has a special stamp that places a magical marker on people that acts as a beacon for a retrieval spell. Goal: To locate the Aenarians stranded in this world. Allies: Aerie, Smasher, Amber Foxwing, Jason Bard, Vixxen, Bob Raiser and his family, Jordan, Mimic (by association with Aerie), that werewolf assassin I can't remember the name of, Alex Masters, Cassandra Gale, and other members of the Search Party for Smasher. Enemies: The followers of Rossiter, Team Magma. Background: Kitsu and Keaton hail from a world known as Aenaria, where the people are humanoid Pokemon of various types. Specifically, they are a prince and princess of the country of Nidon. Ruled by King Nidon, it was among the largest and most powerful countries on Aenaria. However, the world itself was destroyed by an evil dictactor, a Sableye wizard named Rossiter. The weapon Rossiter used caused a chain reaction that not only destroyed the planet but sent its inhabitants across the multiverse. Rossiter found Kitsu and Keaton in our world and attempted to steal their souls and replace them with those of his fallen comrades. The attempt was partially thwarted by Kitsu's fiance, Jordan, and they awoke with partial memory loss. Somehow, they also gained the ability to switch between Pokemon and near-human forms, with their true Aenarian forms locked out by Rossiter's meddling. They were driven by an unknown force to seek out what they recalled was a gypsy that had cursed them to become were-Pokemon and to lose control under full moons. Jordan watched them from the shadows, aware that they were under the impression that they were originally human, and tried to stall their progress while he tried to defeat Rossiter on his own. His efforts were ultimately in vain, as the half-sibling duo made their way into Rossiter's pocket-dimensional stronghold in Ecruteak's Burned Tower. After fighting their way into his inner sanctum, Rossiter was able to complete the process he started several months ago and ejected Jordan from the tower. With the help of extreme Pokemon trainer Adam "Smasher" Samson and Kitsu's best friend, the incomparable half-Ditto Aerie of our world, he was able to rescue Kitsu and Keaton, returning to them their souls and memories. Rossiter was then seemingly mauled to death by a horde of angry, former zombie slaves and the "pokedem" collasped in on itself. The happiness was short-lived, however, as one of King Nidon's wizards arrived to take Jordan on a quest to find other Aenarians trapped in other dimensions. Keaton was charged with the task of seeking the Aenarians in this world and marking them so they can be retrieved when the new homeworld is found, and Kitsu was to stay where she was as long as she was safe. Kitsu got to stay with her best friend, but she was separated from her lover yet again. Kitsu was partially responsible for the incident at the Silver Conference in which Smasher explosively ejected from the stadium and into the Hoenn region. She joined the search for him and lost her sword (among other items) escaping a Team Magma base. The sword was replaced by an aging Aenarian blacksmith named Wildfire who gave her the Hellstrike Bisento, a powerful weapon once owned by the legendary Vulnona Feunard. -- Chet "Tech" Weaver AIM: PanGatomon MSN: eMail: zeroohki at netscape dot net Yahoo! Messenger: tech_weaver ICQ: 122744531 Webcomic: My Adventure Quest character: You can play Adventure Quest at Sometimes, I notice someone has posted a reply to one of my messages and I think, "Oh, great, what did I say this time?"