Undrhil@hotmail.com (Undrhil or Ken, whichever is easier to remember) Name: Lisa Yintil Author: Undrhil (undrhil@hotmail.com) Description: Lisa is a 16 year old girl from Goldenrod City. She has travelled all over Johto catching Slugma Pokemon. Her father works in the Goldenrod City Department Store sometimes. She met Trousle there one day while shopping for PokeBlocks at the "Vendor Fair" on the roof. She has a very warm personality and is open to being friends with just about anyone. Appearance: Lisa is a brunette. A gorgeous brunette. Imagine all the good looking brunettes you have ever seen in your life and combine them. That's Lisa. She is currently wearing a yellow swimming suit with a pair of orange shorts and orange flip-flops. Pokémon owned: Current Party 1. Slugma (Sluggie): Lisa's first Pokemon. Given to her by her father as abirthday present when she turned 12. Lisa has had a fascination with the Pokemon called Slugma ever since. She has avoided catching any aWater or Grass-type Pokemon just because of that fascination with fire-types. (Forall intents and purposes, Sluggie is level 70.) 2. Slugma (Unnamed): Lisa's current "trainee" Pokemon. This is the one that Lisa will put into battle first so that it can get some experience fighting. If the opponent pulls out a type which Slugma is weak against, she will swap out to Sluggie. 3. Slugma (Slimer): Lisa wants to enhance Slimer's Beauty with PokeBlocks so she can enter it into the ComComCom Pokemon Contest forthcoming. Since feeding her Purple PokeBlock to this Pokemon, it has gained a more beautiful sheen to it's fiery appearance ... at least, according to Lisa, it has. 4. Pikachu (Unnamed): Lisa caught this little Pikachu while on the road to Olivine City with Trousle. She hasn't come up with a name for it yet. * Pikachu knows Thunder Shock and Growl so far * Pokemon Owned: Boxed 1. Geodude 2. Vulpix 3. Spearow 4. About 6 Tauros 5. Girafarig (Gift from her ex-boyfriend before he moved to Hoenn*.) Equipment: 1. 10 Pokeballs 2. 3 Potions 3. 2 Super Potions Allies: Her father, Trousle, Goldenrod City Nurse Joy ("Believe me, living in a coastal town and training fire-type Pokemon, you *really* get to know the local Nurse Joy...") Enemies: She doesn't view people as enemies, only as non-friends. Everyone has the potential to get on Lisa's good side and become her friend. * - This means he will never show up in any of my posts, so there's no need for a WG for him. =)