Author: Chet "Tech" Weaver Contact: see sig Updates: March 2, 2004 - Altered Lynkeru's appearance. - Added Shiny Unown Ehm to the Pokemon list. Character name: Lynkeru Appearance: Lynkeru is about ten years of age. She is short, has red hair, tan skin and brown eyes. She wears a pink, camo-pattern t-shirt, black pants with a studded belt, a black wrist band, black collar, pink hair clip and red high-top sneakers. Personality: Lynkeru dislikes using Pokémon. She believes any battle worth fighting is worth fighting with swords. Having met and defeated powerful monsters in her own land, there are very few Pokémon that Lynkeru wouldn't mind matching steel with. She is resourceful and can use whatever is on hand to defeat the enemy. Pokémon: Lynkeru doesn't use Pokemon to fight with normally, but she has recently acquired the Shiny Unown known as Ehm. Ehm has a special ability to Make stuff out of other stuff, which I like to call "MacGuyvering." Personal History: When Lynkeru was a baby, her mother took her into the forest to escape from a war that had beset the land. Her mother soon died and she was raised by a race of immortal, child-like elves that lived in the forest. One day their guardian Tree Spirit summoned Lynkeru and sent her on a quest to find a special seed. It was a long quest, and by the time she had returned the Tree Spirit had died. During the quest she had learned that she was not one of the child elves but of a mortal race of female elves and would eventually mature, unlike the child elves who stayed children forever. Knowing she couldn’t stay with them anymore, she planted the seed at the base of the tree and left to find a new home. Some time later, she met a friend of hers as he was continuing his search for another friend of his. They set off together on this journey, which turned out to be quite an adventure when an old evil reared its head. They defeated it together, learned a few secrets along the way, and even met that other friend. After that adventure, she was racing them home when she found herself lost and wound up in the world of Pokémon. Soon after entering the Pokémon World, Lynkeru was attacked by a man from Team Rocket who stole most of her stuff, slapped one of her magical transforming masks on her and tossed her into a river. The form the mask gave her wasn't capable of swimming and Lynkeru would've drowned if it weren't for Yolei. Yolei was a Pokemon trainer on the trail of a young man she was in love with named Ken Giovanni. The two of them joined each other's quests in hopes of getting Lynkeru's stuff back and sending her home. In the process they accidently released twenty-six shiny Unown onto an unsuspecting world. These Unown had dangerous powers of manipulation, both of mind and of time, so the collective mind of the Unown offered them three wishes if they were all returned. Joining them in this quest were Tetsuo Yagami and cursed Mamoru/Yuki. During this quest, Yolei gained the ability to predict the future with the help of the Unown she carried with her. Yolei was unable to change the outcomes of many of the visions, including one that dealt her an emotional blow. Even though she knew what would happen would ultimately break her, Yolei was compelled to confront the mysterious Rocket, the same one who stole Lynkeru's stuff and had become their nemesis, in Mahogany. The Rocket turned out to be Ken, apparently the nephew of Giovanni himself, and Yolei was sent into the depths of despair. Ken was ultimately defeated and Lynkeru's stuff was returned. Yolei and Lynkeru returned to Yolei's home town of Cherrygrove City. Yolei remains there, still recovering from her trauma and unwilling to train her Pokemon. Tetsuo remained with her for emotional support. As per Yolei's request, Lynkeru and Mamoru/Yuki returned the Unown that they had to the Ruins of Alph. Lynkeru and Mamoru/Yuki now continue their quest to find the rest themselves, but Lynkeru has left much of her stuff with Yolei. Objective: To find the remaining Shiny Unown and using them to return home. Allies: Indi the fairy, Yolei, Mamoru/Yuki, Drake the Dragonite, Mimic, Tetsuo Yagami Enemies: Ken Giovanni the Masked Rocket Equipment: Twin sabres - Two Arabian-style swords, used two at a time not only to strike opponents but to block attacks as well. Thanks to Yuki, she can now retrieve these from hammerspace at anytime. Ocarina - A musical instrument that has certain magical effects when the right song is played Zora Bikini - A magic swimsuit that allows Lynkeru to breath underwater. A somewhat modest two-peice made from a shimmering blue material. It was a gift from her boyfriend Carohn, a member of an aquatic race of humanoids. PokeGear - Borrowed from Yolei. It has been programmed to locate Shiny Unown. PokeBalls - She'll only use these if its absolutely necessary. Anything caught with them will most likely be automatically sent to Yolei since they're her balls. Other notes: Lynkeru is accompanied by Indi the fairy. Indi flies around a lot, taking close looks at various stuff and sometimes drawing Lynkeru's attention to them. Her voice is too high for anyone but Lynkeru to hear audibly and she occasionally rests on Lynkeru's hair clip.