Name: Mamoru/Yuki Author: Pipian Appearance: 14 years old, he usually wears casual clothes. He has brown hair and hazel eyes, and is about 5'4" and 140 lbs. However, due to odd circumstances, he turns into a girl, Yuki, with cold water. As a result, in girl form, he is a very attractive green-haired girl. She is considerably shorter and lighter than her male counterpart (about 4'11 ˝" and 114 lbs.) She has light blue eyes. She also happens to have a separate personality from Mamoru. Mamoru's personality has control whenever Mamoru is in male form and Yuki's personality has control whenever Mamoru is in female form. However, this does not mean that the other personality disappears, simply that it is also in the head at the same time, but cannot do anything but converse with the dominant personality. (You don't want to see Yuki and Mamoru arguing, believe me...) Always carries two thermoses. One with hot water and one with cold water. Mamoru's Background: Mamoru's parents, his mother a Nurse Joy, his father a Pokémon researcher, died while battling Team Rocket in the Orange Islands before he was 4. After his parents died, he was alone on one of the islands. He was born as a full-fledged boy (with only one personality), but at some unknown time in the past, possibly while he lived in the Orange Islands, he acquired his very odd trait of changing into a girl who had a separate personality, Yuki. He was initially confused and unhappy with Yuki's existence and did not like the girl body that he took at times (He never gave Yuki control.) After an attack on him by Team Rocket, who attempted to steal the few wild pokemon that chose to accompany him (not in Pokéballs.) Mamoru's personality was knocked out and Yuki took control and used an ancient, long since dead school of martial arts (Not unentirely similar to the Anything Goes School, minus the ki attacks.) Yuki then kept control for some time while Mamoru was still out, and mentally fixed it so that Mamoru would always have control of the male form and Yuki would have control of the female form, unless otherwise passed off through meditation of the primary personality or a knock out of the primary personality. After Mamoru woke and found himself the secondary personality, Yuki then switched to male form so that he could have control. Since then, Mamoru and Yuki have grown to live with each other, and now consider each other friends. He managed to befriend a pink Lapras (Born on Pinkan Island) that had been left for dead by its school on the island that Mamoru was stranded on. Mamoru nursed the Lapras back to health, and the two left the island with the other wild pokemon that Mamoru had befriended. Headed for the legendary island of 'Cinnabar' that the Lapras spoke of, the motley band got caught in a hurricane and were wildly blown off course and eventually landed in Olivine City. By this time, he and Yuki were 11, and they were technically legal age for Pokémon trainers, so their washing up on shore was not considered unusual. However, they decided to enlist with Jasmine for boarding and Pokémon training. Jasmine gladly took them in and noticed the wild pokemon that followed Mamoru. She told the Pokémon and Mamoru about Pokéballs, and the Pokémon gladly agreed to be captured and trained by Mamoru and Yuki. By this time, Yuki was now daily practicing katas to keep her martial arts skills up, and did so before bed every night. Now, 3 years later, Jasmine has sent them off on a trip to learn about any new shiny Pokémon sightings from Mr. Pokémon. Yuki's Background: Yuki, of course, has lived through most of the same things that Mamoru has, but her background is a mystery. She knows more than she lets on, but refuses to reveal her past. How did she get into Mamoru's mind? Mamoru's Hobbies & Talents: He has his trait to turn into a girl, Yuki, when splashed with cold water. He has great survival skills. Yuki's Hobbies & Talents: She has her trait to turn into a boy, Mamoru, when splashed with hot water. She has great survival skills. She is quite adept at Pokémon training (she picked it up quite quickly) and knows the ancient deadly martial art known as Toki Yugami Bugei (Time Distortion Martial Arts) and various other martial arts moves from the Ro Kon Do (Fire Spirit Martial Arts) and the Pu Ku Rin (Art of the Silent Song) Mamoru's Personality: Somewhat initially hostile to people he doesn't know (Having never socialized much) But nice to those he knows and his Pokémon. Is sensitive to people making fun of his curse/trait. Yuki's Personality: She is nice if you are nice to her, but if you make her mad, be prepared to pay. She will stoop down to illegal tactics if she needs to. (i.e. robbery, arson, even simply lying. But not murder) Mamoru's Birthplace: Valencia Island Yuki's Original Birthplace: A mystery. Only Yuki knows. Home Town (Currently): Olivine City Mamoru's Aim: To go and find the information that Mr. Pokémon has and return it to Jasmine. Yuki's Aim: The same as Mamoru, but she also has her own plans, regarding revenge against people from her past. Allies: Each other, Jasmine Enemies: Team Rocket (For trying to take Mamoru's wild Pokémon friends. Mamoru has repressed the memory of his parents having died, and has essentially forgotten it... So far... As for Yuki, they tried to kill her, so she has a grudge against any member that comes along her path.) and Yuki's enemies from her past. Pokémon: (Mamoru prefers to use Water and Ice types, Yuki prefers Steel and Dark types and Eeveelutions) Umbreon (F) (Luna): Yuki found her as an Eevee on the island that she and Mamoru were stranded on. She quickly evolved into an Umbreon. She learned Thief mysteriously one night when Yuki was forced to steal a Sharp Beak from a Pidgeotto. Does not obey Mamoru. Knows Thief, Quick Attack, Pursuit, and Sand Attack Wigglytuff (M) (Mallow): Yuki recieved it from a passing trainer who disliked it. Knows Thunder Wave, Rest, Double Team, and Double-Edge Lapras (F) (Tide): Mamoru found her while he was stranded on one of the Orange Islands when he was 5. She is a Pinkan Island Lapras. Knows: Surf, Blizzard, Body Slam, Sing Ditto (Metamorph): Mamoru found it washed up on the same shore when he was 7, It had transformed into a Gyarados, so he didn't know until later that it was a Ditto. Knows Transform (Obviously) Staryu (Garnet): Mamoru found it washed up on the Olivine City shore when he did. Does not obey Yuki. Knows Swift, Recover, Water Gun, and Harden