Character: Marcia Author: Rob E-mail: Appearance: Standing six feet tall, Marcia looks like a very imposing woman. Her shiny blue hair is shoulder length, and she cuts it herself to keep it that way using a long skinning knife she carries. Her compassionate eyes are dark brown, but don't shimmer like the eyes of youthful and innocent people do. Her apparel is a white dress with a skirt that ends just above her knees and heelless white shoes. On a black belt, she keeps her skinning knife in a sheath as well as a few pouches full of bandages and other healing supplies. She is 27 years old and currently works in the Violet City Pokemon Center in Johto. Personality: Marcia tries to be kind to people she meets but finds it difficult sometimes since she used to be really mean to just about everyone. She's not joyful all the time the way pretty much all the Nurse Joys are. She can be very cold to some people and has a hard time making new friends. She hardly ever smiles, except when she really means it. She also doesn't get very angry at people... or at least doesn't verbally express it. She stays quiet most of the time, saying very few words. Items: On the right side of her belt, there is room for three Pokeballs. Three Pokeballs rest there, but only one of them currently has a Pokemon in it. She doesn't like to carry around too many Pokemon, so she is likely to release a Pokemon if she doesn't have space for a new one. Also on the right side of her belt, a sheath houses a long skinning knife. She uses this knife for self-defense, whacking her way through bushes, and as mentioned earlier, cutting her hair. Inside the pouches attached to her belt, in addition to bandages and healing supplies, she keeps a strange-looking rectangular Pokegear, important documents, and any cash she might be carrying. History: Marcia was once known as Minax and as Marcie before that. She was a little girl growing up in Pewter City. All her life, wanted to become a Pokemon Master, but her parents were very troubled. Little Marcie was always ignored and left alone to do whatever she pleased. When she became ten, she got a Pokemon license on her own from Flint, the Gym Leader at the time. With her license, she wandered into Mt. Moon, where she captured Zubat, her very first Pokemon. She used this Pokemon in a match against the Gym Leader's son, Brock, who had a crush on her, but lost and became afraid to challenge the boy's dad for a Boulder Badge. Less than a year after this, a gang of evil kids stole her Zubat from her and beat her up every day after school. This continued until she was 15, when she met up with Team Rocket, who was willing to take her in. Team Rocket gave Marcie back her Zubat after raiding the gang's warehouse. She gave herself a new name after being in Team Rocket for five years: Minax. Her hatred built up so much that Team Rocket became too restricting for her. She wanted full revenge on all Pokemon for the way her crummy life had turned out, and all Team Rocket cared about was stealing them. Minax killed many Pokemon between the ages of 20 and 25. Her life started to change around the age of 22 when she got a baby Chansey. She cared about her Zubat and Chansey so much that when she found out her Pokemon weren't truly happy, she stopped murdering and stealing Pokemon at age 25, left Team Rocket, and went to study to become a nurse. Minax changed her name to Marcia, feeling that she is finally an adult, and now works at the Violet City Pokemon Center, helping people instead of hurting them. Current Objectives: Marcia heals Pokemon at the Violet City Pokemon Center and encourages their trainers to follow their dreams. She is a very talented craftsman, possibly the only art she learned from the time she spent in school in Pewter, and will use her knife to make beautiful crafts when she's not working. Current Pokemon: Crobat - This is Marcia's first Pokemon, the one she feels the most attachment to. She would never even think about releasing him, and would do anything to protect him. He is very loyal, even though he spends most of his time in his Pokeball. Marcia doesn't use him much, even though he is the only one she has most of the time other than her Blissey. In fact, it took him more than five years to evolve into a Golbat and more than five more years to evolve into a Crobat. He has a voracious appetite, and enjoys sucking the blood of dead Pokemon - something he rarely does now. When outside of his Pokeball, he perches himself on Marcia's shoulder. Omelette the Blissey - This is another Pokemon that Marcia is really attached to. She has known this Blissey ever since she was a baby Chansey, who is the child of another Chansey called Bubblegum who belonged to a Team Rocket member called Maria. One day when the young Chansey started crying, Marcia promised Omelette that she would make sure she wouldn't have reason to cry ever again. Because of this promise, Marcia changed her lifestyle to one that her adult Chansey would be happy about the moment she found out that Omelette wasn't happy with the way Marcia was living her life. She evolved into a Blissey soon after Marcia graduated from nursing school and got her job to show Marcia just how happy she was that her trainer stopped murdering and stealing Pokemon. Allies: She doesn't have any real friends and lost the superficial ones she had when she left Team Rocket. The Violet City Pokemon Center's Nurse Joy is her boss. Enemies: She doesn't have any enemies except a Ditto named Doppler, though other people have made her their enemy during the years she was known as Minax. -Marcia (NS: By the way, this is the two year anniversary of this character! I posted the WG for "Minax, the Malicious Pokemon Murder on May 13, 1999.)