Character: Marvin the Magnificent Author: Rob E-mail: Appearance: Marvin is a somewhat short 47-year-old magician. He is only 5'7", and this makes him look chubby, where a taller man wouldn't display the fat. He has thinning brown hair with silver linings, a clear indication of his mid-life crisis. His blue eyes still look youthful and innocent. He wears an expensive sapphire blue tuxedo, always matched up with a cheesy ruby red bow tie with a Sea Ruby Badge pinned on it. He also usually wears a leaf green top hat with fire red trimmings on it. Personality: Marvin is a very awkward gentleman who doesn't know how to properly behave around people. He treats everyone like they are members in an audience, even when walking the streets, most of the time by telling them cheesy jokes. In the past few years, his desire to meet a significant other has escalated. This has caused him to be inwardly quite perverted, but due to his reserved nature, he usually represses his perverted nature and will hardly ever act perverted around people. Home: Marvin owns a one bedroom one bathroom apartment in Goldenrod City, located at the eastern end of Rail Road. The apartment's living room, decorated exactly like the interior of a caravan he used to call his home, is very ostentatious, painted in all the colors of the rainbow. This room houses many props, including various boxes of different shapes and sizes, magic wands, flash paper, ribbons, special handkerchiefs, and much more. A very powerful computer is found in one corner of the room. Inside the bedroom, in addition to one bed, there's a rotating clothing rack containing a variety of costumes. Marvin is currently a fugitive from Johto and doesn't have access to his home. History: Marvin grew up wanting to be a magician, so he stayed in school and didn't become a Pokemon Trainer. When he graduated from college, he tried to become a magician, but lacking funds for props, he failed. Marvin had to settle for a job as an accountant. At age 35, his mid-life crisis began and he quit his job to became a magician. He bought props and a caravan using the money he earned as an accountant. On a trip to Cinnabar Island at age 36, he purchased the Ditto Sisters, Xerox and Famifax. They were being auctioned off at the Cinnabar Mansion after having been genetically altered to remember past transformations, and Marvin, figuring that they'd be good assistants for his act, made a $200,000 investment on each of them. The Ditto Sisters became very close to Marvin during the years that followed and started to consider him their parent. For three years, Marvin, Xerox, and Famifax traveled all around Kanto, performing illusions in the cities there. At age 39, Marvin's mid-life crisis intensified and he decided to go to the Orange Islands in an attempt to become a Pokemon Master so that his magic act would gain publicity. He bought a boat, transferred the contents of his caravan into it, and spent a couple of years on the Orange Islands. While he was able to perform great magic shows on the islands, he only earned one Gym Badge, which is pinned to his bowtie at all times. Hearing about Johto, he sailed to Olivine City, where he bought an automatic van, transferred the contents of his ship into it, and performed magic shows all around Johto for another couple of years before finally settling down in the entertainment capital of Johto, Goldenrod City, where he bought his apartment. He performed various magic shows there with the Ditto Sisters for three years. A month after he turned 46 years old, during the most spectacular magic show he ever held in Goldenrod City, a little girl named Terri had her Zigzagoon steal three Shiny Unown he had at the time. The girl's Pokemon also stole money from members of Marvin's audience. Marvin, being the prime suspect, started tracking Terri, hoping to prove to Goldenrod City's police force that he's not a criminal and hoping to reclaim his Pokemon. Shortly after stealing the money and Pokemon, Terri sailed to Littleroot Town in Hoenn. Marvin and the Ditto Sisters went there, and the Ditto Sisters decided to stay in Professor Birch's Laboratory, each for their own reasons. For the past year, Marvin's been wandering through Hoenn, looking for Terri. He's also attempting to earn all the Hoenn Gym Badges, finding Hoenn's Gym Leaders easier to defeat than the Gym Leaders he encountered in the Orange Islands. Current Goals: Marvin wishes to get his three Shiny Unown back from Terri, the girl who stole them. He also hopes that by arresting the thief, he can prove his innocence to Goldenrod City's police force and return to his apartment in Johto. While in Hoenn, Marvin decided to attempt earning all eight Hoenn League Badges, still assured that he'll gain fame by becoming a Pokemon Master. Marvin continues to enjoy performing magic, so when he sees tourists gathered somewhere, he'll come up with a magic show to perform. He's still looking for an assistant he can share his life with since he's depressed that he's a 47-year-old man who's never been in a romantic relationship. Pokemon currently on Marvin's team (as of 4/30/2004): Pokemon: Exeggutor Type: Grass/Psychic Nature: Quirky Ability: Chlorophyll (When sunny, Speed doubles.) Level: 30 Moves: Hypnosis, Reflect, Leech Seed, and Stomp History: Marvin caught an Exeggcute in the Safari Zone when he was traveling through Fuschia City after he bought his caravan. He thought it would be fun to have an Exeggcute, since they was rumored to be magical Pokemon. He was disappointed to find out that Exeggcute are not magical at all. When he bought a Leaf Stone in Kanto to evolve the Pokemon, four out of the six of them disagreed, so they remained as an Exeggcute for a while. On the Orange Islands, after failing to earn a Sea Ruby Badge twice, Marvin tried convincing the Exeggcute to evolve. One of the Exeggcute that dissented before changed his mind. The other three remained unwilling to evolve, but the one who really wanted to help Marvin lept onto the Leaf Stone, evolving them all into an Exeggutor. As a result, two of the Exeggutor's heads are happy and obedient, but one of his heads is angry and another is sad, so those two heads are disobedient. Despite the quarelling between the heads, Exeggutor did help Marvin finally earn the Sea Ruby Badge. Pokemon: Octillery Type: Water Nature: Rash Ability: Suction Cups (Stays put when Roared at or hit by Whirlwind.) Level: 28 Moves: Octazooka, Bubblebeam, Psybeam, and Aurora Beam History: After settling down in Goldenrod City, Marvin heard about an annual Pokemon Swap Meet in a neighboring town. He took a Lickitung he had caught in Kanto's Safari Zone and traded it to a boy called Benny, who was looking to find a mate for a Lickitung he got in a trade years before, for this Octillery. Benny claimed he was a rare Pokemon, but Marvin was more interested in the fact that a Pokemon with many arms was more likely to be a better assistant than a Pokemon with a long tongue. Marvin tried training his Octillery to move props and shuffle cards, but he didn't always listen to his new trainer. Now, Whenever Marvin commands Octillery to perform some menial task, Octillery rebels either by not performing the task or attacking his Trainer. Octillery only does what Marvin tells him to when battling, since he considers battling an honorable task, not a menial one. Pokemon: Torchic Type: Fire Nature: Mild Ability: Blaze (When about to faint, the power of Fire attacks rises.) Level: 12 Moves: Quick Attack, Scratch, Focus Energy, and Ember History: Raised from an Egg by Professor Birch, Torchic is normally a very friendly and loyal Pokemon. She was born with the "Quick Attack" move since both of her parents knew the attack. Though not easily frightened, she has a few specific phobias. She's terrified of the dark and has recently developed a fear of getting hit by lightning. Torchic looks forward to evolving, partly so that she can better defend herself against foes and partly so that people stop critizing Marvin for training a Pokemon normally reserved for ten-year-olds. Pokemon: Mawile Type: Steel Nature: Lonely Ability: Intimidate (An opponent's Attack power lowers due to fear.) Level: 16 Moves: Astonish, Fake Tears, Bite, and Sweet Scent History: Mawile was born with a gigantic steel maw protruding from her head. This was considered a bad omen by many of the Mawile in Granite Cave's Mawile Village, so they shunned her during her development, especially since her maw grew even larger as she got older. After both of her parents were caught by Trainers while running errands in the Cave, she was left completely alone. One day, while burrowing through the ground, she ran into Marvin and saved him from some Team Aqua members who were pursuing him. She let him hide out in Mawile Village and let him help himself to whatever he wanted. The Mawile Council was outraged by this and banished both Mawile and Marvin from ever returning to the Mawile Village. Grateful that the banished Mawile treated him so nicely, Marvin promised her that she could live in his apartment when he returns to Johto. Currently, Mawile lives in a black Luxury Ball she earned in a Coolness Contest on the S.S. Tidal. She considers Marvin her best friend and helps him with whatever he needs. Pokemon currently in Professor Birch's Lab: The Ditto Sisters (Xerox and Famifax): Both of them are able to speak English and remember what they've transformed into as a result of the experiments conducted on them in the Cinnabar Mansion. They both entered puberty after settling down in Goldenrod City. This is not apparent on Xerox, but Famifax is so hormonally charged that she takes whatever opportunity she can to hook up with cute guys. They're both currently living in Professor Birch's Lab for their own reasons. Pokemon: Xerox the Ditto Type: Normal Nature: Careful Ability: Limber (Cannot be paralyzed.) Level: 22 Moves: Transform History: This purple Ditto is more reserved than her sister. She's very serious most of the time and is usually in her normal Ditto form, only Transforming when necessary. She is highly intelligent, but the only psychic abilities she has are empathy and weak telekinesis. During her travels through Kanto and the Orange Islands, Xerox read a wide variety of novels and other genres. While traveling through Johto, she read recent scientific journals since she wanted to know more about the science behind experiments that were conducted on her in the Cinnabar Island Mansion. Upon settling down in Goldenrod City, Marvin bought her a computer and she spent many hours researching various subjects on the Internet. Currently, she's performing field research with Professor Birch, using the computer in his Lab and reading the many books in his Library for fun and education. Despite her high intelligence and independent spirit, Xerox is highly loyal to Marvin and tends to call him "master" when talking to him. After reading so much, she's become far-sighted. When reading a book or staring at a computer screen, she wears stylish Scope Lens glasses that Marvin got as a mysterious gift from a girl in the Goldenrod City Department Store. Pokemon: Famifax the Ditto Type: Normal Nature: Naughty Ability: Limber (Cannot be paralyzed.) Level: 20 Moves: Transform History: She is a pink Ditto. The Ditto Sisters are fraternal twins, not identical twins. She is a wild and crazy Ditto and just loves showing off her Transforming skill. She enjoys pretending to be female humans, particularly blonde, pink, or strawberry blonde haired girls, but she also likes transforming into cute Pokemon. Her voice is squeaky and high-pitched, but that doesn't stop her from talking. When younger, she spoke English quite poorly, but her language skills have improved over time. She now sounds like a valley girl and occassionally adds the letter "s" to the end of words. She enjoyed meeting cute guys when she was little, but now, as a result of puberty, Famifax is so hormonally charged that she takes whatever opportunity she can to hook up with cute guys she meets in Goldenrod City, be they human or Pokemon, intelligent or not. Another result of puberty is that she now rebels against Marvin more often, but she never attacks him violently, something she's prone to do with others. Famifax almost always wears a Pink Bow that Marvin bought for her at the Goldenrod Galleria, not to power up Normal attacks, but because she thinks it looks cute. She's currently living in Professor Birch's Lab, enjoying the time she's spending with the Professor's handsome green-haired male assistant. Allies: Darian McCain, Mimic the Ditto, Drake the Dragonite, Kitsu, Keaton, Lynkeru, and Mamoru/Yuki. Enemies: Terri, the girl who stole his Shiny Unown, and Diva, a rude singing Smoochum who speaks English and doesn't like Marvin. Diva is currently owned by Roxie, a green-haired biker who Marvin isn't fond of since she tried to steal his Shiny Unown. Other Notes: Marvin once traveled with a Mr. Mime named Bozo who was looking for a home. Bozo found a home on the Pokemon Showboat that sails around the Orange Islands, where he continues to be a mime, refusing to have the voice actors put words in his mouth. He's annoyed that the Mr. Mime on the boat before him says his own name, but Bozo's able to put up with him since he's in love with the Jynx on the boat. Marvin also owned a multi-colored Spearow from Pokemon Island during his trip through the Orange Islands, but Xerox made him return the illegally caught Pokemon to Pokemon Island before heading to Johto. Marvin traded a Lickitung he caught on his second visit to Kanto's Safari Zone for an Octillery at Johto's Pokemon Swap Meet. Marvin also owned three Shiny Unown at one point - an N-shaped one he called Fire Wand who had Fire as a Secret Power, an L-shaped one he called Tickler who had Ice as a Secret Power, and a J-shaped one he called Blower who had Flying as a Secret Power. These Shiny Unown were stolen from him by a little girl named Terri and Marvin's trying to get them back. -Marvin