Character: Mimic Author: Adrian Tymes (handle used on a.g.n.p) E-mail: Appearance: A shapeshifting Ditto, and thus capable of being anything - including a trainer. More often than not, not in a Ditto's default form. While Mimic does know English, Mimic has had little opportunity to practice speaking until recently, and thus will usually speak in pidgin English. Personality: Helpful to those who help Pokemon, especially to those who help Mimic. A bit of a prankster at times, especially to those who incur Mimic's wrath (for instance, Team Rocket). Objectives: Mimic has a nearly perfect memory, and thus can be anything Mimic has ever seen. Mimic has never seen an actual Mew, or any of the Legendary Birds, and so would like to see them in order to be them. Beyond that, and a minor (but hardly overriding) desire to shut Team Rocket down, Mimic just wishes to be the best, like no Ditto ever was. Current Pokemon: Self (none carried yet) Allies: none Enemies: Team Rocket Other notes: Having been originally trained by Team Rocket under brutal conditions, Mimic has an aversion to *all* trainers. While Mimic will help a kind trainer, and knows that few trainers are as bad as Mimic's original trainers, Mimic will resist any Pokeball capture attempt as if Mimic's life depended on it, even for as long as it takes to escape the Pokeball (if it comes to that).