TRAINER NAME: Panopticon AGE: 10 HEIGHT: 7'0" WEIGHT: 349 lbs. BIRTHPLACE/PLACE OF RESIDENCE: Saffron City/none APPEARANCE: Panopticon, whose name means "all-seeing," is an intimidatingly large, brown half-cybernetic Velociraptor with black tiger-stripes. His pupils are black vertical slits. He has a pair of razor-sharp, roughly eight inch-long blades attached to each wrist, a row of steel spines running along his tail, and a six inch-long, chrome-plated sickle-claw on each foot. Held tightly to his back is his heavily armored command module - effectively a large steel box filled with circuit boards and wiring and with an antenna protruding from it. His brain is more computerized than organic. PERSONALITY: Panopticon's mostly cybernetic brain pushes his intellect far past that of most humans. He is cold and calculating, but not without a certain sick sense of humor. He is quick to kill anything that he considers a hindrance, but in the case of his primary enemies, he prefers use of slow torture to outright murder. ALLIES: Stevon Schpielbunk. ENEMIES: Kyle Richter, Jessica Sullivan, Doppler, Gads Trisan, Phoo, Silly Putty, Minax. MOST USED POKÉMON: Inferno (Charizard): Because of his rigorous upbringing alongside Panopticon, this ivory Charizard is exceedingly violent and utterly depraved. He has no qualms about killing people or Pokémon. While far more intelligent than his air of brutality would suggest, Inferno has very little to say to anyone. He will follow even the most specific of orders, but he is very easily distracted and can not handle more than one task at any given time. Moves: Slash, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Swords Dance. Proteus (Ditto): In his natural form he is a shiny black Ditto, with tiny yellow eyes. When he takes on the form of another Pokémon, the colors he becomes are always the complementary colors of the other Pokémon - if he copied the form of a blue Seadra, for example, he would become an orange Seadra. Panopticon finds it frustratingly difficult to control Proteus, mainly because Proteus's understanding of English leaves much to be desired. It is rare that this Ditto Transforms into what Panopticon asks him to. Moves: Transform. Regulus (Starmie): This Starmie is rather vain, and it is fiercely protective of its prismatic core. If an opponent manages to damage its core, Regulus goes into a frenzied rage and becomes completely uncontrollable. Regulus moves by using its limited telekinetic abilities to propel itself through the air. When his enemy is not a Pokémon, Panopticon occasionally uses Regulus as a shuriken. Moves: Surf, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Recover. Serpentor (Steelix): This iron giant was an Onix when Panopticon obtained him in a trade with a youngster. Serpentor has tremendous pride in his defensive power and is known to charge headlong into every potential battle, even when he has no chance of winning. His favorite trick is to use Explosion when a fight is not going his way. Moves: Explosion, Iron Tail, Earthquake, Curse. Shrapnel (Scizor): The bastard daughter of Jessica Sullivan, Shrapnel has a relentless drive to train and improve herself. This is not, however, her nature. She wants nothing to do with Panopticon or his mad quest for power, but she obeys him nonetheless, to spare herself from his beatings and verbal abuse. Moves: Slash, Steel Wing, Swords Dance, Agility. Trifecta (Magneton): Panopticon went through dozens of Magnemite and an entire case of Hidden Power T.M.s before finding a Magnemite with the ideal Hidden Power. That Magnemite has since evolved and earned the name Trifecta. As Panopticon hoped, Trifecta is the quintessential "mindless automaton." It has no capacity for disobedience or independent thought. Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Hidden Power (Ice), Reflect.